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Jesse James -- 1st Ex-Wife Enters the Picture

3/22/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Sandra Bullock nowhere in sight, Jesse James' first ex-wife -- Karla James -- rolled by Jesse's Huntington Beach home this weekend for a quick stop.


It's unclear why Karla stopped by the home -- but according to several reports, she's been taking care of James' 3 kids ... 2 of which are hers.


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Why be so hard on the first wife?? "America's
Sweetheart" hooked up w/Jesse while he was married to his 2nd wife (Janine), and wife was pregnant!!!!! There's a lot of gross going on and Sandra Bullock's no angel either .... and whatever us gossip mongers hear only scrapes the surface, I'm sure. ......I'm going to go throw up now

1640 days ago


And the reason this one doesn't have her own children is...?

Sandra was Julie Andrews without the Sound of Music.

1640 days ago


Karla and Jesse were married for 11 years and he cheated on her with Janine. They divorced in 2002 and Janine & Jesse married in 2002. Sunny was born Jan 1, 2004. Jesse separated from Janine after she became violent [court papers]when Janine 6 months preg. Sandra met Jesse December 2004 with god-son. This woman, Karla, lives just 5 houses away from Sandy and Jesse and has even gone on vacation with them and all the children. She is not a skank but a hard working woman that got crapped on by her first husband. Happens. I give her credit for stepping up to the plate and helping out. Apparently she really like Sandra as Sandy good to her children and makes sure that Karla is welcome in their home -- not every wife would want the prior spouse around.

1640 days ago


Is that a man or a woman ?

1640 days ago


What a masculine face.

1640 days ago


This is his 1st wife and a mother of 2 kids that has done no wrong , why are ya all attacking her?

She has never been in the spotlite for bad so quit being mean , the 2 older children , DO NOT NEED THIS !!!

Will someone think of the KIDS for once ?

1640 days ago


hey guys we noe nuffin but this women(ex wife #1)
let her take care of her kids cuz guess jesse cant do dat since he 2 bz tryn 2 pay off the other sluts he been with ....

1640 days ago


Why is everyone talking trash about his first ex-wife? Cause she's not hot to some and everyone loves Sandra B. She did no harm to anyone. He left her for the porn star who he later married and divorced for Sandra and then claims he doesn't like her lifestyle. The first wife did no wrong, she helped Jesse with his career and has joint custudy of their two kids. She's helping out her family, I'm sure her kids love their little sister. She's not the porn star, she's not the nazi wearing striper mistriss and she's not an oscar winning actress, let's trash her and call her white trash just because.

And for the person who said Sandra should get custudy of the three kids, hell no. She's not their mother. If she wants kids have one yourself or adopt. Those children still have mothers and a father. It's not like the kids parents are dead.

1640 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

She looks like a cross between Heather Mills and British comedian
Peter Cook.

1640 days ago


I'm amazed about how easily people judge. Sandra Bullock must do anything in her hands to look beautiful and desirable, because, she's a Hollywood actress...This woman on the picture is only a common woman. Can you stop calling her a "dude-like kind of woman"? She's not a model, she's not obliged to look good. It's a mother and, probably, she's more concerned about more important things than looking good nowadays such as her children?...Oh, poor Sandra, c'mon! She knew his past and, anyway, she married him. Now she must be thinking it was a huge mistake and that's what happens to Hollywood stars when they think that their "hollywood touch" can turn a "toad" into "prince charming". Why didn't she get a glamorous man to stay with her? Well, I guess she thought that this man wasn't going to cheat on her because, she thought she was more than him...Wrong!

1640 days ago

Madam Obvious    

25. It would be wonderful if Sandra would have custody of those imagine that? ......all those losers don't deserve those kids.

Sandra has no right to Jesse's children and would not be able to claim custody of them without him. No court in the land would give her sole custody, as she has no familial connection to the children, and their mothers are still alive and could probably prove they are able to care for them. If Sandra wants children, she should find a more suitable partner to have them with, or she can always adopt as she has more than adequate money to organise an adoption a la the Jolie-Pitts.

1640 days ago


This was Jesse's first wife. She's not a porn star or hooker. She is the mother of his first two children. Jesse cheated on her with the porn star. stop the mean comments.

1640 days ago


Hmmm she's kind of harsh looking. A bit of a tranny look.

1640 days ago


She??? has a big a man.

1640 days ago

curb stomper    


1640 days ago
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