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Eyewitness: Dr. Conrad Murray Hid the Propofol

3/22/2010 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eyewitness: Dr. Conrad Murray TMZ has learned the man who called 911 at Michael Jackson's house the day he died told police Dr. Conrad Murray hid bottles of Propofol from family members and authorities.

The witness -- bodyguard Alberto Alvarez -- told cops he saw Dr. Murray running around the room hiding Propofol bottles in a closet near the room where the doctor administered the drug to Jackson.

Authorities found bottles of the anesthetic in what looks like a secret compartment area of the closet.

A source close to Dr. Murray told TMZ Alvarez made the statement two months after Jackson's death ... in the office of his lawyer, Carl Douglas ... when Alvarez was questioned again by cops. Douglas, by the way, is also a lawyer for the Jackson family.

The source says Alvarez' statement contradicts what he told cops the day of Jackson's death. The source says Alvarez never told cops at the scene about hiding Propofol.

The source notes ... and we have confirmed ... Dr. Murray told cops two days after Jackson's death where the Propofol bottles could be found.

As we first reported, one of the bottles of Propofol in the closet was empty with a large tear in the rubber stopper. Law enforcement sources believe Dr. Murray may have connected the large bottle of Propofol directly into the IV and a massive amount of the drug, they believe entered Jackson's system and killed him.

: We're also told Alvarez told cops during the interview in Douglas' office that he saw a milky white substance in an IV bag. As we first reported the IV bag in the room contained no traces of Propofol.


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The 911 call was actually made from diffrent location - not his home but from a hotel in BH - that the fact, so...1) Alvarez didn't make the phone call, and saw what he says he saw or 2) Alvarez did make the phone call and saw nothing one way or other there is something odd once again in all this story, but no surprise here - it's like that from the very beggining :)

1659 days ago


Well everyone commenting seems to be missing the point of this article. The point people is that this bodyguard may be lying. He only revealed this information in the office of his lawyer/Jackson family lawyer 2 days AFTER he already told police 1 story, that this bodyguard told police then at that 2nd interview that there was an IV bag with a "milky white substance" but the IV bag turned out to not have propofol in it! I think this bodyguard is only remembering this because he is being pressured by a Jackson family representative who is simply trying to make sure that there is enough evidence to convict Dr. Murray. I think Murray is GUILTY as hell of the charges because he is not an anesthesiologist and had MJ managed to survive, Murray would be still be guily of malpractice. As it stands, he committed manslaughter and deserves every minute of his sentence. As for this bodyguard, I hope his testimony does not provide any juror with reasonable doubt. He is lying and jeopardizing justice for MJ!

1607 days ago


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1522 days ago

michaels angel    

marge do us a fav go screw yourself you know nothing bout mj he was not a freak maybe you looking in a mirror at your self. mj was a very kind loving man if we had more men in this world like him it would be a safer an nicer world he gave to the world. the idiot media has been lieing for years bout him an if you tell a lie long enough people will believe it. no one knew the real mj. those boys came forward an admitted that mj did nothing the parents needed money an knew mj had it. mj didnt care bout money he gave it to the world he donated everything. he cared more for others then himself. you can blame his father for alot of things. people that hate on mj usually are jealous. facts are facts unless u know them then SHUT UP

1453 days ago

michaels angel    

you want to know who hid the drug? DING DING DING HELLO MURRAY he not a total stupid murder he placed them there before 911 was called. an you haters that are hating on mj why dont u go drown yourselfs. stupid idiots. your just a dot in this world that doesnt make a difference which is why your jealous of a good man mj our angel was taken from us an the people an murray who are the ones involved will pay one way or the other

1453 days ago


bash elvis cuz mj is the real king. the proof is in the numbers. look up how many people at the most was at their concerts mj wins an as sad as this is mj beats him at being the most famous dead too an that is sad one mj was a better person as well

1452 days ago

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Great site. This could probably have the refactoring tag added t it.

1449 days ago
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