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'Bombshell' McGee -- Bizarre Fetish Queen

3/23/2010 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When she wasn't out hating minorities or breaking up high profile marriages (allegedly), Michelle "Bombshell" McGee had another hobby: Starring in some of the weirdest fetish videos ever made.

TMZ has learned McGee starred in several fetish flicks for in which she attempted to stimulate people who have a thing for giants ... and spiders ... and goo.

In one of the clips, Michelle smashes extremely tiny dolls with her toes. In another, she's filmed from a low angle in order to make Michelle look like a giant -- nothing sexual happens.

A third video -- by far the weirdest -- features Michelle and two other women getting stuck in some weird goo ... when a spider suddenly appears and scares them ... and that's it.

So ... yeah.


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Classy. Really classy.

1675 days ago


TMZ if you and all the other tabloid media keep covering this skank on an hourly basis you are giving her exactly what she wants, to be famous by being infamous. No sane person tattoos their face unless they crave negative attention. This scandal will ruin peoples lives and end a marriage and make this sick skank more famous than she could have ever dreamed. How 'bout a media freeze on this one. Total radio silence. Let her slip back into oblivian where she belongs.

1675 days ago


It's hasn't been a secret for a long time why men cheat. There are too many to list here, but one of the most obvious is "because they can". What isn't obvious is why men continue to marry high and cheat low. In this case the bottom of the barrel. I've heard of her referred to as "stunner", "babe", etc., and I wonder if these people have as low self-esteem as she does. "Bombshell"? Maybe a used up WWII relic that's been buried for 65 years. If she looks that corrupt on the outside, what do you think she's like on the inside? Even without all the filthy tattoos covering about, what, 90% of her body, she has the heart of a nazi, and should be treated as such. I've seen her "go whitepower" magnets on her fridge in that picture, and she can't explain that away. She's nothing but a trashbag. Sadly, I'm not surprised james was with her, I just feel badly for Sandra, but she seems very resilient, and eventually I think she'll bounce back, and find someone who's deserving of her.

1675 days ago


TMZ is'Bombshell' McGee's "HO"

Please stop giving this publicity seeker publicity!!!

1675 days ago


Uh... hmmm... Okay, too weird for me. I'm out.

1675 days ago


This critter has single-handedly redefined the meaning of "white trash". The world has hit a new low... a moment of silence, please.

1675 days ago


Come on TMZ - why on earth would you give this girl any boost? She needs to fade away NOW and her ex-hubby needs to go too. The only thing I was hoping from you is her CRIMINAL RECORD - she claims she spent some time in jail. Hoping you would set the record straight. There is also an open ended question about how many kids she's really had, since there are rumblings from Eastlake OH she had a child in high school! That would mean there is a third child unless Elijah is older than 12? We know now the girl lied about her nationality, her age, her education, her profession; she may also have lied about other things. That sort of story, like uncovering the White Supremist stuff is your strength. Broadcasting some website hoping to draw folks and make money off of her is despicable. Sure hope the IRS and San Diego authorities are taking a long look at her and the Health officials and Environment folks in CA who regulate Tattoo biz are looking at ex-hubby too. Both have done their best to make money in this. They deserve upclose scrutiny IMO not enabling.

1675 days ago


I know a guy who loves the whole tiny man giant woman thing... he is seriously screwed up (and a major hardcore far right conservative) ...Kind of like Jesse is seriously screwed up if he prefers her over Sandra.

1675 days ago


and those toenails are NASTY!!!!

1675 days ago


I never trusted that Jesse.

1675 days ago


HEY, TMZ...OK, established FACT...This piece of WHITE TRASH,nazi loving, UNEDUCATED, TERRIBLE TATTOO model. PLUG friggin' UGLY, Has been GIVEN MORE BANDWIDTH attention than she EVER, EVER deserved..CUT THE BITCH OFF, NOW!!!!...STOP publishing ANYTHING more
ON THE SKANKMASTER...She has had MORE than her share of PUBLICITY!!
I REALLY hope her son gets to see VIA the WEB what is PATHETIC P.O.S. "mother" was REALLY all about..Michelle SKANKMOMMY" McGee..Talentless, UGLY, nazi Sewer Rat...She WILL ONLY AMOUNT what IMPORTANCE in HER LIFE in what PUBLICITY she currently HAS obtained and NOTHING, NOTHING more...Piss in the WIND...Please TMZ disappear this SKANK from your ATTENTION, SOON!!! DISAPPEAR, SEWER RAT SKANK, DISAPPEAR!!!! YOUR are an ABSOLUTE EMBARRASSMENT to REAL WOMEN, EVERY WHERE..YOU AIN'T NO WHERE A WOMAN...She still here??? ....DAMN....PISS off BITCH....

1675 days ago


Sickening! Those nasty vulture talons on her crusty toes are making me dry heave.

1675 days ago


Seriously, how does she NOT slice up her sheets at night with those toenails? Jesse's chances of getting a STD and having his foot chopped off at the ankle are about equal!

1675 days ago


Grossest toenails I've ever seen. This skank nauseates me on so many levels that it’s hard to figure out exactly what is the most disgusting thing about her.

1675 days ago


Im sure everyone can agree when I say...I'm over this chick! Move on.

1675 days ago
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