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Dennis Hopper

I'm Sick, I'm Broke

3/23/2010 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Hopper is extremely ill from his battle with cancer -- he weighs a little over 100 pounds and is nearly broke, according to new court documents obtained by TMZ.

The docs, filed by celebrity attorney Joe Mannis in Hopper's mega-divorce case, paints a grim picture of Hopper's life. One of his doctors submitted a declaration, stating, "It is doubtful that Mr. Hopper will ever recover sufficiently to be subject to a deposition."

Hopper says in the legal docs he is willing to pay estranged wife Victoria $5,000 a month in spousal support, and that's all he can afford. Hopper's CPA says Dennis' liquid assets total $300,280 ... plus another $10,900 in Hopper's corporations.

The CPA says in recent years, "Hopper has basically lived on income derived from new acting services." Because of his cancer, Hopper can't work, and in 2009 he earned $57,000 in residuals. Mannis says that's what Hopper will pull in this year as well.

Victoria has alleged Dennis is loaded because of art he has created and sold. Dennis counters in legal docs that in the last 9 years he's sold art to the tune of $1,895,000, but his expenses to create and store the art totaled $1,850,000 -- so he's saying the net profit for 9 years is a measly $45,000.

According to the docs, Dennis has been living off a $450,000 line of credit, but there is "no further borrowing possible."


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oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Dennis,make your last will and testimony to a charity u TRUST, family is disgustin when you are dying, I know!

1674 days ago


His wife was really young, around 22-years-old, and he was about 60-years-old when they married. Looks like a golddigger to me! He let his dong decide his choice of wife and now look what's happening.

1674 days ago


Perhaps it is time, now that it is recognized that women have supernatural powers, to abolish alimony. Its time for women to behave as strong and self-reliant as they always claim they are.

1674 days ago


Boy boys!! Quit blaiming women. If men would marry women closer to their age and ones who aren't just in it for the money they wouldn't have these problems would they? Do these old farts really think these young hot women ARE IN LOVE? Really? Larry King, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Hugh Hefner, etc.. The list goes on and on..Keep marrying young women because they are "hot" and you get what you deserve.

1674 days ago


I feel sorry for Dennis in his battle with cancer, but didn't HE sue his wife for divorce? Also, I wouldn't believe his claims about his assets -- he's a Republican, who will lie to protect the almighty dollar. I'm sure the good folks at Ameritrade (or whatever it is) won't appreciate its spokesman saying he didn't plan for retirement...

1674 days ago


Screw Hopper. He's a mental reject.

1674 days ago

Kimberly Clark    

Hopper is famous for his extensive art collection, how much would the art have to be worth to spend 2 million storing it? Sounds like he's trying to hide his assets. Most people with $300,000 in liquid assets would not consider themselves "broke" Sorry he's sick but California is a community property state. Wifey gets half of earnings during the years of the marriage. That means she gets half of the appreciation of the art during that period.

1674 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

I always knew that I would someday be richer than Dennis Hopper. Little did I know he would lose everything to make my dream possible.

1674 days ago

Mark Boston    

they divorced ? Damn ... I was a waiter at their wedding and could not help but notice that she was Many years his junior .... thats too bad.

1674 days ago

Mrs Patrick Campbell    

Dennis has fish-trouble!

1674 days ago


Don't believe you for a second, Dennis. You are hiding money from your wife, plain and simple. Just because you have cancer, doean't give you the right to screw over the woman you married. I'd like to see your tax returns for the last few years because I think you're lying about this.

1673 days ago


I guess some people have a different idea of what broke is. He makes 57,000 a year and has more than 300,000 in liquid assets and seems confident that he can pay his ex 5,000 a month. Maybe I've been reading a faulty dictionary but I don't believe that would qualify you as being broke.

1673 days ago


I feel bad for him. He is a right-wing conservative (not a moderate one like Eastwood). It make sense to me though. His life was about extremes. I certainly wish him the best. We all deserve to die with dignity.

1673 days ago


Hey, I'm sick and broke, too.Please send me money right away!

1673 days ago

Michael Thompson    

Please pass this on to Dennis.
I lived next to His Family when I was younger ( a very long time ago). David, Dennis and I used to wrestle a little and I would pull the hairs on His legs! I don't remember when eactly,but I remember when He went to practice at the Old Globe Theater in San Deigo. I would enjoy seeing Him or talking to Him again. For real.

1643 days ago
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