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Michelle McGee -- The ABCs of Racism

3/23/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is what Jesse James' alleged mistress Michelle McGee calls putting children's block refrigerator magnets to good use.

"Go whitepower" is the message spelled out on her fridge -- for her two young sons to see.

You've got your chores, she's got hers.

McGee is in a child custody battle with her ex-husband.


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Anyone notice the Mexican beer "XX" in the front of the fridge?

1666 days ago


Mexican beer doesn't equal monkey beer. Last time I checked anyway

1665 days ago


this bitch is an incurable disease waitin to happen, Sandra anybody who would put his privates in a disease like that ain't worth your time or effort, get while the gettin is good, have complete blood tests for the next six months

1671 days ago


Okay this debate is going WAY OVERBOARD. First of all there isn't enough proof that that's her fridge. It could be any fridge that TMZ is using just for more hits on their site. HOWEVER. This whole: People should be able to express love for their race thing is totoally going overboard. There is NOTHING wrong with loving your race and whatnot. HOWEVER. There is a BIG difference between WHITE POWER and NAZI. I don't care about white people being proud of being white. That's nice. You're proud to be a certain skin color COOL. God for you. You think skin pigmentation is something to be proud of. But the difference is that you can be proud of being a certain race and who you are as a PERSON.

And then there's being PROUD of being a NAZI. EVERYONE knows that Nazis were probably one of the most evil war mongering groups ever. There is a difference. White people can be proud of who they are. Everyone should be proud of who they are. Hell you don't even need race to be proud of who you are. People should be more proud of what they've accomplished in life and achieved and done and be poud of THOSE things then SKIN COLOR. Skin is just trillions of dying skin cells that are being eaten by dustmites everyday. There's nothing to be proudful of having dying skin cells being eaten by dustmites >_> And people who are arguing back and forth about being proud of being black or white....

Why are you guys arguing about this on an article about some crazy chick who has 5,000 tattoos and is a Nazi? Does that mean that everyone on here are Neo-Nazis? I highly doubt that. I'm pretty sure NO ONE would be proud of identifying themselves as a Nazi. If you're proud of who you are. Then you wouldn't be on TMZ of all places professing your LOVE for your dying skin cells. Seriously what does that say about people? That we argue about who's dying skin cells are better then the other on TMZ of all place? Come on!! We came on this article to read about a crazy Nazi chick. NOT proclaim love for dying skin cells. Be proud of your culture, and accomplishments in life. Not something stupid or shallow like skin color. That's just stupid. Skin cells and dustmites are NOTHING to be proud of. However culture and what we've accomplished as PEOPLE. HUMANS. Is much more understandable. Geez.

1671 days ago

I knew you couldn't handle the facts    

Seliny19 --

I agree with most of what you said, but you left a couple of things out. I think you should lump the Black Panthers, NCAACP and nearly every rapper in America into the same category as Nazis. If you are interested in being fair, of course.

Also, you began your piece with saying there is no proof that is even her fridge, but yet you call her a Nazi anyway. Contradiction maybe?

1670 days ago


yes yes, but where is the Jesse James Hitler picture?

1673 days ago


Stat thirsty my friends

1673 days ago

WTF is the milk for the kids? I wonder what slop is in that pot. And who puts pots in the refrigerator.

Dumbass skank.

1673 days ago


Oh my God.

1673 days ago


HEALTH CARE PLAN: written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it but exempts themselves from it, to be signed by a president who hasn't read it and who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, all overseen by an obese .........surgeon general, and financed by a country that's broke. What could possibly go wrong????

1673 days ago


Call me crazy, but WHO is the person that took the picture? They could have easily re-arranged the letters (especially if it's an angry ex). We don't even know if it's her fridge for sure.

Not saying the Nazi photo shoot was justified though.

1673 days ago


1673 days ago


I wonder if Michelle was trying to blackmail Jesse, by making jesse look like a racist? Maybe asking jesse to give the hitler salute as a joke, and now it's payback time for not paying up. - michelle, and her blackmailing crew is making it impossible for her to stay with jesse. I suspect he was set-up, and Sandy should not be judged if she wants to stay with jesse. This whole nazi crap stinks like a set-up, and failed blackmail. Michelle, shame on you, and your greedy blackmailing friends.

1673 days ago


Well if that is her fridge I would wager to bet she sent the photos herself... Apparently she's trying to open her own strip joint and when Jesse wouldn't back her she sold the story. Sad huh? But then again we don't know if its her fridge. She is still the ugliest woman I've ever seen.

1673 days ago

Madam Obvious    

Lame. This could be anybody's fridge. Prove it's hers.

1673 days ago
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