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Michelle McGee -- The ABCs of Racism

3/23/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is what Jesse James' alleged mistress Michelle McGee calls putting children's block refrigerator magnets to good use.

"Go whitepower" is the message spelled out on her fridge -- for her two young sons to see.

You've got your chores, she's got hers.

McGee is in a child custody battle with her ex-husband.


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I think it's great for people to have white pride as long as they don't hit or hurt any other race and that goes for the other races as well. Have pride but don't deny anyone theirs.

1677 days ago



Posted at 2:55AM on Mar 23rd 2010 by Bud Weiser
wtf is that even supposed to mean? You fat beer guzzler...

1677 days ago


cause her kid is of jewish backround and for that to be displayed is plain SICK...She is MENTALLY ILL...
I suppose she thinks its all ok with the NAZI pics and to have birthed a child of Jewish heritage also... SHE IS A WHACK, and needs to not be around her kids.

1677 days ago


I know plenty of good parents that have a few beers in the fridge, I'm willing to bet a lot of you do too.
Being proud of your race is one thing but the phrase "White Power" is associated with extreme racist groups.
The letters on the fridge could have been set up for the picture, so I dunno how far I would believe it...
On a good note and the only positive thing I have to say about this woman.... At least she has food in the fridge for her kids, but for like three bucks, she could go to a local store and buy a glad container that would be much more sanitary than that pot.

1677 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

. Call me crazy, but WHO is the person that took the picture? They could have easily re-arranged the letters (especially if it's an angry ex). We don't even know if it's her fridge for sure.

Not saying the Nazi photo shoot was justified though.
Posted at 1:58AM on Mar 23rd 2010 by puck

My thoughts exactly. Look at how the remaining letters are just dangling there not forming any words or sounds.

This smells like a set-up. I don't buy this 100%

And who could have taken it?? Hmm... McGee's ex-husband who also just happens to be in a child custody dispute with her... I wonder.

1677 days ago


I can't believe there is a pot in the fridge. Does she not have any tupperware?

Children are so innocent and to be brought up to be a racist or thinking that you are superior to others, is just tragic. I hate it that this skank is gaining fame and making $$$...all because she was a mistress connected to a famous person.

1677 days ago


I think it's her fridge. The empty boxes on the second shelf is enough proof for me.

1677 days ago


OK..Nice wheres children services to investigate this????They run to all the other actors houses...Its disgusting to think jesse cheated on sandra for 11months with a nasty piece of trash like this...he obviously didnt care much about his marrage otherwise he wouldnt have been cheating 3yrs in..sandras out making the $$ and his "has been"self is spending it with this lieing nasty racist pig who knew dam well he was married..great example to set for the kids.

1677 days ago


you are a stupid mf and you have no place in society
ur are truley a "Tea Bagger" nuts on ur face ah no one group
is in control GOD is a##wipe

1677 days ago


That post gose out to Big Deal

1677 days ago


The nazi sewer rat skank...I really feel sorry for her kid..JUST THINK when the kid gets access to a computer and learns to surf the web and HE HAPPENS to type in his RANCID mommy's NAME and BOY will he GET AN EDUCATION on what his mommy dearests REALLY about..Kid will be traumatized beyond belief... Really nice life SKANK you have your kid see about you... Ultra Skank and Jesse what a pair...LOSERS!!!

1677 days ago


. hmm , so many opinions here..

first, it takes two to tango, nd JJ definately tangoed.. equal guilt.

second, in this day and age, no woman (or fascimilie, or man for that matter) should ever be taken by the "we're separated, it's a rough patch, etc".. it simpley means "i want to cheat and i will say anything that i can, so i can". those that accept it are mental midgets period.
thirdly, that isn't a dance, it's very mildly erotic, hardly suggestive and clearly more a pose. she paid more attention to the camera than anything else.. it's almost like watching a 12 years old trying to dance for the first time.
the tattoos are her trying to hide herself from herself, sadly she will pay for that later. i see nothing wrong with a few tattoos, yes i have some, and no i am not trash... mine are tasteful, my husband doesn't mind them in the least and are not large etc, have meaning to me or i would never have gotten something for life.
there are amish in canada, but they are like the american ones.. no pictures, her claims of childhood are a lie, whic goes along with the tats to hide herself. she is a very twisted person who does need serious help.
i feel bad for the chilren on both sides, hers and JJ, sandra was a mature adult who was blinded by love clearly and will pay the price. JJ clearly needs soe help of his own to deliberately (he did choose to do this), mess up his life in such a way.

for thse who think tats are revolting, each person and culture has their own belief on tats, and for some tats are part of it (the maori come to mind) and maybe part of their religion. if it's not to your taste, that's alright, to each their own, but do show a little respect for others. i know it's easy to sit faceless behind a computer and say what you want, but it still shows who and what you are. someone who tries to force their view on anyone else, is still a bigot, no matter what they hide behind.

if and i'm definately saying IF, that's her fridge, and she let a pic like that be taken.. then i would say she craves attention.. both good and bad, any attention at ALL, to let that pic get out.

also.. after looking at her pics.. i cannot see her being 24, she's lied about hr religion, and those wrinkles say her age is another lie.. especially since one child s supposed to b a preteen.. but she ran away at 15.. but had high school pics, but is amish, but they don't take pictures... and on.. and on...

1677 days ago


I can't think of a better rep for white power than this bottom feeding skank.

1677 days ago


i like her. i think she did sandra a favor coming out. even with all those tattoos, she is very beautiful. i think she is going to be a sublebrity for a while.

also there is nothing wrong with 'white power'. i'm tired of having to put down white people to make up for the past indecencies of white people who are no longer living and whom i have never met. White people should feel proud, like just anyone should feel proud of their culture or color if they want.

1677 days ago


Ok bigger picture... What does this say about Jesse? Just another undercover WP racist. Glad he moved from the hood as he would have to answer some questions. Punk you need to come out and show your colors. At least she is willing to show her stripes.

1677 days ago
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