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Michelle McGee -- The ABCs of Racism

3/23/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is what Jesse James' alleged mistress Michelle McGee calls putting children's block refrigerator magnets to good use.

"Go whitepower" is the message spelled out on her fridge -- for her two young sons to see.

You've got your chores, she's got hers.

McGee is in a child custody battle with her ex-husband.


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So....if she's white trash, then what is every black person that supports other blacks just because of the color of their skin??? Hmm.....

1674 days ago


I agree with others. Where's the proof this is her fridge and that she put those letters there?

Also, lots of people put pots in the fridge for various reasons.

1674 days ago


I have no problem with the skank being into the white pride movement, as i dont have a problem with the many many many black pride people on tv everyday, now the nazi outfit is just dumb as hell my big problem is the fact she messed with someones else's man and he her, people your idiots if your in tv, and think you can have an affair.

1674 days ago


Who cares, it's her beliefs. I mean come on if you are white, would you want to be black lol?
80% of blacks are criminal, or crack addicts. There animals, barely being human beings.
20% are great...2 out of 10.

1674 days ago


Funny how TMZ gives complete passes to all the racist banana eaters in Hollywood, yet this girl wears an f'n Halloween costume and they want to destroy her for it? Hypocrites.

1674 days ago


Even if that is her fridge, who cares? You have blacks that make rap songs about robbing, killing and raping white people and no one bats an eye.

1674 days ago


You can just tell this skank is total trash. Not because of the tatoo's but just how she carries herself in everything to do with her life, to include her nasty refrigerator. It just goes to show that a man will let his d**k lead him around by the nose, no matter the consequences.

1674 days ago

Hector Reyes    

Vitamin water: 50 Cent spokeperson
7 up: black spokeperson
XX: Mexican beer.

this bitch is stupid.

1674 days ago


Black people get to yell black power all they want... white people and the American way of life are under attack by the progressives and the socialist in chief. I don't like her tattoos and lifestyle, but I support her pride in WHITE POWER! Time to take the power back people.

1674 days ago


Wow. Looks to me like her ex husband is trying to make sure she goes down in a ball of flames. I'm assuming he would have been the one who took the picture and sent it in to the interested parties. Although another photo TMZ had posted the other day of him out front of hers/his home with his arm around her suggests otherwise. Hmmmm. This may also be his way of making sure he gets custody. Good for him. She ruined someone else's life, now it's her turn to have her life ruined !!
Good for him !!

1674 days ago

stan de man    

it is no different then hAVING a photo of malcom x ,chairman mao, farakhan,black power or black panther stuff on the fridge or on the walls..whats the dif. between black power & white power.?? is white power bad because it has the word "white" in it??..who's the racist bigot now ?? hypocrites.

1673 days ago


#15 - Her ex-husband has already said that she is a white supremist.
maybe not in so many words but if you look at past articles on this site,you will see what her ex has said about her. She frequently throws the hail hitler salute to her kids, which is something he disapproves of.
She has a swat stika on her stomache. And very doubtfull that this little girls tatts of "W" on one leg, and "P" on the other leg really mean what she claims it means : "Wet P***y" ! There is not a photographer out there that would risk there reputation by suggesting that they do a Nazi inspired photo shoot. It's clear it was her idea.
People are going to start coming out of the woodwork now on this.
She got her notority from this story, and I doubt that another mag is going to pay her, her asking price of 100,000 for the gory details of her sexapades with Jesse James. Dont think anyone is really interested that much. Everyone loves Sandra Bullock, and it would only add fuel to the fire, and embarrass her even more then she already has been embarrassed. If Jesse was smart, he'd lawyer up quickly, and put a gag order on her, and start friggen speaking up, or maybe even sue her for defamation of character. If anything in his life is to be salvaged right now, he needs to do something other then go for walks with his dog, and ride his chopper around town. Tiger did a hell of a number on his wife, and he did all he could to salvage that marriage, if it was salvagable.
Only he and Elin really know. But even if Jesse's statement of "a vast majority of Michelle's claims are untrue and unfounded", is true, then he really needs to speak up. She is only making him look worse and worse as the days go by, and continueing to make his kids life, his life, and Sandra's life a living hell.

1673 days ago


I don't like the Nazi thing, thats stupid, but I like the White power example for her boys. White kids are taught to hate themselves, their parents, grand parents, forefathers, etc... by popular culture. Parents need to combat that.

1673 days ago


There is a fine line between loving your own race, and hating other races. People don't tend to toe these lines well. That is why the NAACP, black panthers, and now this ink'd up hussy are all viewed as racists.

1673 days ago

eddie finger    

@ all in support of her. "your almost bred out"

1673 days ago
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