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Sandra Bullock, Jesse James Lawyer Up

3/23/2010 7:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources tell TMZ reps for both Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have been interviewing divorce lawyers.

We're told Sandra's reps have been in touch with several high-end divorce lawyers. Our sources say Lance Spiegel, who handled divorces for Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear and Michael Jackson, is the frontrunner.

As for Jesse, we're told his business people have contacted several lawyers as well, but he will not be initiating the divorce. We're told his reps are asking the attorneys "if they'd be interested in taking the case" if Sandra files.

As for whether a divorce petition will be filed, one source simply said, "Something's happening."

As we first reported -- Jesse's Ex, Janine Lindemulder, has filed legal papers in their custody case involving six-year-old daughter, Sunny. Currently Jesse has full custody of Sunny. Janine lives in a halfway house, after being locked up for tax evasion.

She believes Sandra will leave Jesse and destabilize the home environment. We've learned Sandra will go to court on June 14 and seek at least partial custody.

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No Avatar


i read somewhere that Jesse has a really Big dong; maybe that is what hooked sandra; women no matter how pretty or accomplished always go for a big dong!

1638 days ago


I don't think Bullock is all that bright.

1638 days ago


I winced a bit when I first saw that they were a couple. But since I don't know either of them, who would I be to say she should or should not marry this man? And then, I saw the way he looked at her, and the sensitive way he treated other people which I did not expect of the stereotype of a heavily tattooed man that I carry in my head.... I hate what he has done to this woman. But as saddened as I am about what has happened, I can't bring myself to hate this guy. I hope Sandra's heart heals and she is able to try love again.... And I hope Jesse has learned a lesson that will last him a lifetime.

1638 days ago

Nancy Quinn    

She's a beautiful, intelligent woman!!! What does she want with a homely male whore???!!! She can do SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

1638 days ago


The disgrace, humiliation and severe embarrassment that these unfaithful men cause their faithful wives. Sandra deserves no criticism. She loved a man and he betrayed her in the worst most degrading way.

1638 days ago


Men are PIGS. Who in their right mind would cheat on Sandra Bullock??? ESPECIALLY with that skank? Sandra, get yourself checked for AIDS and move on.

1638 days ago


testing. This site has not allowed one single comment I have made today. if this one doesnt go thru I will never revisit this page again because its annoying as H

1638 days ago

Denise Wilson    

As a wife of a man for 20 years I find out he has been cheating off on for years. My heart goes out to Sandra as I still am feeling the pain and the fear of the hurt. As for the child, it doesnt matter that its biologically not hers she has been apart of raising this child and sounds as if she may be the only mother the child knows. Hard to walk away from that. Many including myself stay because of the children and no there was no fighting. I and the kids were surprised when he up and left and then all the infidelity. She is hurting desperately and why did this happen to her during the time of her well earned glory. That is what ticks me off. She is truly a good person in Hollywood and her time in the limelight is truly ruined by this trashy woman. yes Jesse is horrible but what people will due to become famous. Sick Lets leave her alone so she can heal her heart. It isnt so easy just to let go of the one you loved even though he destroyed her.

1638 days ago


Jesse was in over his head and finally went back to his roots. One wife was a Porn Star.. & his Mistress is .. well looks like a porn star. Sandy has too much class for Jesse & it scared him.

1638 days ago


Sandra please don't be one of those "I STAND BY MY MAN" idiots, once a cheat always a cheat...

1638 days ago

all dogs can bite    

It's incredibly hard enough to live your life without the paparazzi and the general public thinking they have the right to know your personal business.
You think you know stuff... you don't KNOW anything!
Maybe if you all paid attention to your own lives, you wouldn't have time to dissect everybody else's.

1638 days ago

Reggie Wagstaff    

Consider these things about Jesse: He is a recovering addict/alcoholic who has ties to outlaw motorcycle gangs, including the Hells Angels who only limit their membership to whites. Jesse's latest fling (did he bang any other chicks?) is COVERED in tattoos and she proudly announces that the "W" and "P" on the backs of her legs stands for "White Pride". Jesse's prized dog is a pit bull terrier, a breed associated with dog fighting and street gangs. Jesse is covered in tats himself, he did not finish a year of college, and his favorite pose is a sullen glare while standing around one of his bikes or cars. It does not take a genius intellect to see that Jesse has cultivated an antisocial persona, and that he favors fashion and attitude that aligns with gang/thug life. IS THIS GUY WORTH BEING WITH SANDRA BULLOCK? IS THIS GUY WORTH ANY MORE TV TIME?

1638 days ago


we were doing an antique show in Jackson MS; and Bullock (filming a movie there) came in early with 2 HUGE bodyguards to shop before we opened; she was a rude bitch; and had these two thugs push LADIES back that tried to talk to her; she is a low life bitch; dont go for the All American girl look; we were stunned at her rudeness.

1638 days ago


I feel so bad for Sandra. She seemed so happy with Jesse. I hope she can get over this and find love again. She deserves that in her life. Good Luck Sandra, I wish you all the best.

1638 days ago

Bob Gifford    

Sandra, get rid of the loser and next time find yourself a
good ol country red neck boy. You will not be sorry.
Stay away from the hi-clased high toned piles of crap.

1638 days ago
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