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Sandra Bullock's IMDb Profile Says 'Separated'

3/23/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

IMDb -- the Internet movie database -- now has Sandra Bullock's marital status listed as "separated" but Sandra's rep says they never authorized the change.

An IMDb employee tells TMZ, in order to change the marital status on someone's profile, the change must be approved internally by IMDb.

We do not know who submitted the change.

Bullock's rep says, "This was never authorized by anyone related to her."

BTW, on Jesse James' IMDb page, his marital status is unchanged.


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Is this really a story? I mean come on.

1673 days ago

I'll have what Lee's having.

1673 days ago


She needs to clean herself by bathing in her millions of dollars. You know those 100 dollar bills are cleaner than Jesse.

Team Sandra!

1673 days ago


It's probably some twenty year old dip shizky in their offices jumping the gun. You got the word from her publicist. That is her voice and we should all go by that. Just wait. They will reconcile and work on this marriage. Neither are young and foolish and both undoubtedly know that to cut and run leaves you absolutely NOTHING in life.

1673 days ago


Newflash, ANYONE can go on IMDB, sign up an account and change, add or delete info on anyone they want. I can go on there right now and delete her marital status.

1673 days ago


I'm a huge fan of Sandra...I even have Speed 2 on DVD! This is so personal and shouldn't be played out like this!

1673 days ago


Sandra's verified celebrity facebbok page has her status changed to 'single'.

1673 days ago

Pastor Sandie    

God has a reason for everything, and he sure don't mess up, so tell us what was your reason for messing up the best thing you ever had?

1673 days ago


11 months is way past the point of forgiveness-jesse's weak .and married 4 crying outloud-what betrayal! whata jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!she didnt deserve that!!!!doesnt matter if she was slacking or not-divorce first, then move on -geeze you have all the power 2 set a good example jesse and you failed -miserably.....weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1673 days ago


The delay in filing for divorce is looking bad for Sandra. What does she want to represent to the world? Being an abused wife? Because this is what he has done to her.

She has a million dollar career and if she wants to keep it she will have to maintain public respect.

Because US magazine is coming out with revelations of other women in her husband's life this can only get worse. Sandy, Kick him to the curb and if you want children, adopt some.

Pleeze, there is no marriage to save.

1673 days ago


as #2 mentioned, in the trivia section it says:

"Separated from husband Jesse James following the revelation of his 11-month affair with tattoo model Michelle McGee (15 March 2010)."

I bet that Nazi slut has something to do with it, next thing you know she'll have her own IMDb page. And if people don't stop talking about her she's going to get her own show and become more famous.

1673 days ago


I can understand both sides of this, I mean IMDB hears through the grapevine that both Sandra and the Turd are lawyering up. IMDB assumes that it means that their marrage is on the rocks and is headed full steam towards a divorce so in order to stay ahead of the pack they put that she is separated. Now wether its true or not is unknown at this point and yes they should have gotten solid proof of it before posting it but I understand why they did.

On the other side of the story, Sandra's people said that it wasnt authorized... it was never stated that said entry wasnt correct (and that was the right way to handle this). I wouldnt expect any big stuff to come from her side, at this point the smart move would be sticking to the "No Comment" response. If she is lawyering up and getting all her ducks in a row then she really needs to keep all her cards close to her chest especially if she and her people are expecting a nasty divorce.

1673 days ago


I've been on IMDB for years. It's an industry tool, and it is NOT easy to just randomly make changes.
Information has to be verified. It's actually kind of strict. Producers and agents have to be consulted,
artists have to confirm information.

1673 days ago


Acually #31, thats not entirely true. Ive added info and corrected stuff like birthday and height and added a project to a persons imdb page and the info was changed by the following day. They t butmight have been super strict in the past (thats not been my experience) but I guess they arent anymore. Of course I only correct or add stuff that I know to be true and not gossip.

1673 days ago


@ 16. Jesse - You sound like a real nice guy. "He has ruff edges but you can groom him"? That's like saying: 'Why don't you lie down in the middle of the road so I can run over you.' Why is it her job to groom him? He's a grown man, she's not his mother. Hell no! Love is a matter of decency and mutual respect - how about that? Some people just AREN'T worth it, and they're usually the type who love to be in relationships where they can exercise their poor self-esteem and self-loathing onto normal people.

I'm not done yet.

@ 21. - JLS ".. to cut and run leaves you absolutely NOTHING in life."

Well, sometimes to cut and run can be the sweetest thing, and can give you absolutely EVERYTHING in life - peace of mind, happiness, more time to spend with decent BETTER people, who actually deserve it.

1673 days ago
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