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Vice Prez Joe Biden

Drops the F-Bomb

3/23/2010 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And he did it on live television!

Before President Barack Obama's health care reform signing today, VP Joe Biden turned to the Commander in Chief -- and with the microphone on -- whispered to his boss, "This is a big f**kin' deal."

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs must agree. He just Tweeted: "And yes Mr. Vice President, you're right..."


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I knew you couldn't handle the facts    

Why did this Marxist force something down our throats that nobody wanted?

1645 days ago

I knew you couldn't handle the facts    

24. People talk about how dumb George Bush is...Biden is worse..

Posted at 3:46PM on Mar 23rd 2010 by Strunz28


What makes this even more scary is the fact that Biden is even smarter than Obama.

1645 days ago


I love it and I love Biden!!!

1645 days ago


I GOT my pills stashed in just in case.I`AM a muti-millionare far far right brain washer hear me hear me oh smit now I lost my RADIO ..... show way2 go HUSH DIMBO you lost ha ha ha FABIANS won human rights take time.FRANKIE D and FDR won DOA ...FABIAN`S forever fighting masonicas

1645 days ago


Awww, do the Repubs need a tissue?

Pretty damn funny quote, Biden.

1645 days ago


I cant believe you REPUBLICAN IDIOTS are acting like teenagers who didnt get there own way!! YOU had it for 8 yrs. alls BUSH got us into was a WAR we didnt belong in, not to mention the BILLIONS of dollars its cost us!!!! But you complain about the healthcare bill! GROW UP you idiots!!!!!! Yes, it is a BIG Fricken deal!!!!

1645 days ago



1645 days ago


I don't know about the rest of you, but, as a society, we all have to sit down and very take the time to think on why the f-word is such a big deal. Seriously, does anyone know why we cannot say it? Can anyone explain to be why saying it makes you classless? If I said the f-word, DOES A BABY DIE IN THE NEXT 5 SECONDS?
Here's a word that EVERYONE knows since they are kids - heck, I'm French Canadians, and I knew this word since I was 6 years old, so most of you Americans must have hear it before you could walk! Everybody knows its meaning, everybody knows that you can easily replace it with 'screw' without changing its meaning at all, as far as I know, the word got no historical reason to be hiding like it still is, yet here we are, in the 21st century, freaking out because a grown-ass man said it on live TV...

I DON'T GET IT. So if someone got an ACTUALLY VALID AND COMPREHENSIVE reason why we shouldn't drop the f-bomb on TV (none of that 'for the kids' nonsense please - they already know the word!), please post it here as soon as possible.

1645 days ago


This is actually too good. The states will sue the federal government claiming the bill is unconstitutional. This will end up costing the state & federal taxpayer tens/hundreds of millions. Ultimately my belief is the states will win and this bill will be repealed in whole or part. Net result will be millions (the U.S. can't afford) spent for little benefit.

Even Canada (which if you do the research has a pretty decent health care system) doesn't tax it's citizens by mandating everyone carry a health policy. Canada deducts fees for the health care system out of a payroll tax deduction and by default everyone is covered. Canada also has the ability to control costs which the U.S. doesn't which is how the program can actually work.

So team Barrack and Joe have not done anyone any favors with this legislation. They should have known their health care bill was unconstitutional and modified it in a way that would suit America to avoid this costly litigation. Instead they continue to demonstrate a selfish bias in everything they do without consideration for the American citizen.

1645 days ago


And these two are supposed to represent us to other nations? One does nothing but apologize for our way of life and the other is one step above being called a retard.

I'd rather have Tony Blair or Netenyahu (probably spelled wrong) running our government than these two clowns.

1645 days ago


The states can`t sue the fed..the fed can force the slave monger~SS into submission at the drop of a HAT.FABIANS rule the world and the masonic order is dieing off NOW we have our well fought for human rights.Right president GREAT JOB MOOKIE76

1645 days ago


Why make a big deal out of f**king?

I would say that we expect our elected officials to demonstrate some form of self control. If you choose to train your children to use it as a casual adjective, and you accept them using it, more power to you.

So do most people hold the President, Vice President, and other elected officials to a higher standard. Absolutely. Hopefully this will be the last term for team Barrack & Joe.

1645 days ago

tippy katz    

dear republicans:

1645 days ago


You had your SS masonics you are dieing off we are the FN FABIANS welcome to OUR WORLD

1645 days ago


he dropped the "f-bomb." big f*cking deal!

1645 days ago
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