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Vice Prez Joe Biden

Drops the F-Bomb

3/23/2010 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And he did it on live television!

Before President Barack Obama's health care reform signing today, VP Joe Biden turned to the Commander in Chief -- and with the microphone on -- whispered to his boss, "This is a big f**kin' deal."

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs must agree. He just Tweeted: "And yes Mr. Vice President, you're right..."


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I knew you couldn't handle the facts    

66. Can someone translate #61, I don't speak whatever that is. No wonder we are going to hell in a handbasket with that trash.

Posted at 5:02PM on Mar 23rd 2010 by clo


It's bad enough we have illegals speaking Spanish all over the place, but the majority of Democrats can't even speak English!! LOL!!!

1645 days ago


The effin VP is right...They have RUINED this country and effin Obama needs to GO! He is bar none the worst leader this country has ever had...VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!

1645 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

@70. 66. Can someone translate #61, I don't speak whatever that is. No wonder we are going to hell in a handbasket with that trash.

Posted at 5:02PM on Mar 23rd 2010 by clo


It's bad enough we have illegals speaking Spanish all over the place, but the majority of Democrats can't even speak English!! LOL!!!

Posted at 5:04PM on Mar 23rd 2010 by angels

Read more:

The worst part is that these spanish speakers at least understand each other, English is totally gone to crap, maybe Da Chief didn't speak and write out clearly and these morons just signed the bill! ahahaha... America the Who?

1645 days ago


We will be paying over $900 billion within 9 years. If you think this is the answer, you are sorely mistaken. Just wait until the Doctors start revolting! Kiss your freedoms goodbye people! He will run this nation into the ground.

I wonder if I could get Israeli citizenship? Hmmmmmm....

1645 days ago



1645 days ago

tippy katz    

Dear idiot republicans:
several years ago.
You weren't whining about how "socialist" and "communist"
it was then.
FACE IT. You are just SORE LOSERS who are too STUPID to see
that your IGNORANT TANTRUMS will just f@ck up this country more
than your jackass pres. bush did for 8 years.
But I guess that's what you want.
So you can live in some hazy red/white/blue fear
mongering, patriotic country song fantasy of life instead
of SOLVING THE PROBLEMS YOU ALL CAUSED, freakin' right wing tards!

1645 days ago


I thought he said the f work when I was watching the ceremony as well, regardless of that- politicians cuss get over it, it's not a big deal. However, the health care reform is a big deal, and for the ignorant people who say that it is "communism," stop opening your mouths without being informed. This bill allows students to stay on their parents insurance until they are 26, eliminates insurance company caps, prevents insurance companies from dropping people when they get sick, or have "pre-existing" conditions. If you have insurance through your company or on your own and have never been sick or had a family member become ill, you cannot understand the hardships people go through fighting with insurance companies. And for all you that are against this bill, why don't you take time to understand what it means. Stop listening to the scare tactics of the right wing politics, the same party may I remind you that has caused this country the greatest economic downfall since the great depression and yet the democrats get the blame, real classy guys. And if you think this comment is bad what about the Republican that yelled "baby killer"? Republicans are so worried about "the unborn child" whatever that means, and yet they do not want to take care of the people alive right now fighting illness. They were not even willing to compromise on the bill and yet the bill includes 200 amendments from Republics, they were not going to vote on the bill regardless if it was more bipartisan or not.This bill is not going to cause more women to go get an abortion, abortions are legal in this country and frankly I don't think a room full of dominantly white 50+ year old males needs to tell women what to do with their bodies. As far as the ignorant people that say "this is only going to help poor people and people on welfare," you idiots need to understand our tax dollars already pay for health bills when someone doesn't pay or cannot afford to pay, therefore we are ALREADY paying, if everyone was insured we would not have that problem. Furthermore, the majority of Europeans are quite content with their universal healthcare plans regardless of what Republicans try to say, and by the way socialism and communism are two different ideologies and in reality socialism is closer to democracy than what we have in this country today. Stop blogging, bitching, complaining and being angry, educate yourself, understand why the world around you is the way it is, the structures and politics and how everything is interconnected. You have no education and make absurd comments based on right wing rhetoric, everything in this country continues to be segregated, and polarized, the poor keep getting poorer and rich get richer while the middle class is disappearing. I find it amusing that the same Republicans that bailed out banks and auto companies think that health reform is too much government, that hilarious. And if you don't like "socialism" why is everyone required to get car insurance, home insurance? Why does the government provide public schooling? parks? police? firefighters? Maybe we should get rid of all of that too because it is too much government. Stop your whining people! Maybe you would be happier if Bush was back in office, hanging out on his ranch and making stupid jokes. Obviously this country needs help and now that someone has brought change it's too much for you people- wake up people, the time is now.

1645 days ago


In Obama presidential campaign he kept saying he would get affordable health care for everyone. He won his presidency based on not only this but other promises. He keept it. More people voted for him based on his promise on health care. Need I say more.

1645 days ago


I'd take an "eff" word rather than a vice-pres (Cheney) who profits off of the death of our soldiers through his cronies at Haliburton.

I'd rather have a vice-pres and prez who don't lie to the American public about the reason for war.

It's unfortunate the most recent heart attack didn't kill Cheney. Hopefully the next one will, and it'll be catastrophic one.

I can't wait to urinate on Cheney's grave when he's dead. Let him know what I really think.

1645 days ago

tippy katz    

Obama is succeeding because this is what
most people, what thinking people want.
get used to it.

1645 days ago


I agree with you totally Susan. The problem is, conservatives are not able to ready, and get most of their news verbally from idiots such as Rush Limbaugh, Coulter, and other hate-mongering morons.

Reading is a little beyond their level. You can tell these idiots just spout the same nonsense everwhere. To ask them to have one coherent thought of their own is too much..

Not a single one had a factual argument. I was laughing at some of the "welfare" accusations, it'll assist abortions, etc...

Read the newspapers once in a while you dumb neo-cons!

1645 days ago


Wow people who are not for health care reform are just hillbilly retards or rich.

1645 days ago

fly on the wall    

You republican dunces who want redneck idiots like Limbaugh and Palin to run the country let me tell you I am not on welfare and I dont have health care! I AM GLAD FOR THE HEALTHCARE BILL. IT CANT MAKE ME WORSE OFF THAN I NOW AM!! THREE CHEERS FOR OBAMA!!

Firpo Carr is a conman and Joe Jackson is an illiterate, child-beater! May he rot in hell. He helped kill Michael!

1645 days ago


What's the big deal!! It's not like he said it in the middle of a speech or shouted it from the rafters. Don't you people have anything else to worry about except for this crap. There's so many important things going on in the country and this is what you get upset about. Give me a break! Like no other politician (Repubs or Dems) ever got caught cursing before!

1645 days ago


God what a tool Biden is, and Obama is a liar. So where is the 5 days for us to read this bill before he signs it into law? On the growing pile with all his other lies. I was a fool for believing and voting for this bunch!

1645 days ago
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