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Jesse James' Alleged Mistress #2 - Cop Fighter

3/24/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Smith -- a stripper who claims she had a wild two-year fling with Jesse James during his marriage to Sandra Bullock -- had two serious brushes with the law in the past year ... and even served jail time.

Sources tell TMZ Smith was busted last May for beating up a cop and resisting arrest.

Smith pled guilty and served 20 days in a California jail.

And just two days ago -- the same day she sold her Jesse James story to a tabloid -- Smith plead "not guilty" to a DUI charge.

Smith was arrested for that DUI last month and blew a .18 -- in technical terms, she was sloshed.


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Boy the worms sure come out the the wood work don't they. Do want you to these clowns; leave Sandra alone.

1613 days ago


I'll bet Tiger is breathing a sigh of relief that the heat is off of him for a minute.. Guys you have to start using your brain instead of your d***. Will you ever learn??

1613 days ago


Wow, surprise... Tiger Woods has a white cousin - Jesse James!!

1613 days ago

Madam Obvious    

Put a brunette rinse through this woman's hair and she'd look like Sandra's twin. He definitely has a thing for sex with masculine looking women

1613 days ago


Oh, and a lovely women she is a that.

1613 days ago


This one for some reason I don't believe. Why is she just coming out? Jesse might have slept with that cesspool (Michelle) but now all these women are going to claim they had an affair with Jesse just to make money. Maybe the only reason this woman came out with this story it's because she needs some money to pay the huge court fees for her DUI. Sorry Sandy stay strong because you're the only classy girl that can get down like a chola.

1613 days ago


This guy was a tool the minute he appeared on television. He was a whiney little man who thought he was all badass. He's nothing but a punk, and it's all coming down on him now...buh-bye loser..hahahahahaha

1613 days ago


His 15 minutes of fame are now 2 months of humiliation..very nice.I'll be there the minbute you call Sandra....( I only wish )

1613 days ago


She's a blonde version of Sandra.

1613 days ago


I officially hate Jesse James.

1613 days ago


Sandra Bullocks was rumored to be gay until she got married and she dated Matthew McConeghey, a real tip off. Jesse said as much to the stripper when he told her his marriage was "for publicity." Jesse was probably Sandra's beard.

1613 days ago

Maui Girl    

Oh Lord , here comes the flood of tattooed-up TPT (Trailer Park Trash) out of the woodwork, to reveal to the world they had sex with Jesse James while he was married to Sandra Bullock, too.

All I have to say is, this Jesse James definitely has a type of woman he likes -- and Sandra Bullock is not it. LOL.

Anyone who feels sorry for Sandra Bullock is stupid. She knew what he was and who he was - and she still made the decision to get involved and get married to this pig. Is Sandra's self-esteem so low, and her choices in men so slim, as to feel she had to settle for this total pig? Then to take on his baggage of ex-wives and kids? Please. Sell it to someone else. This is what she wanted. She got it. Now tell me why she's in hiding for 2 weeks over a decision she made herself.

I don't feel sorry for a 45-year old woman, millionaire and businesswoman who makes her own decisions. Doesn't mean it was a good decision (obviously). But it's hers. She has to stop hiding and fix her own mess.

End of discussion.

1613 days ago


Sorry to say, but the facts are that most men what a nice girl for a wife & Mother for his kids, but they want the bad girl in the bedroom. It's been like that forever & will never change.

1613 days ago


Jessie must have been into this one for the rodeo sex.

1) Mount Melissa from behind
2) Grab a handfull of hair from each side of Melissa's head
3) Say 'Ooooh you feel so gooooood Saaannndddrraaaa!'
4) See if he can hold on for 8 seconds

Even Jessie knows those cop beaters are the wildest rides. Excellent pick Jessie. Looking forward to the rest of your entourage to be disclosed in the coming weeks.

Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

1613 days ago


Sandra, you now have the OSCAR; you do not now need a Jesse!

1613 days ago
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