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Jesse James Huge Sexual Harassment Settlement

3/24/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a former high level, female executive with West Coast Choppers settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against Jesse James and West Coast Choppers for more than $700,000 in 2007, while he was married to Sandra Bullock ... according to documents.

The woman claimed between 2006 - 2007, Jesse James repeatedly made sexual advances, which allegedly included sexual acts.

The woman kept several suggestive emails from Jesse. In one email in 2007, which is included in the file, Jesse wrote to the woman, "Need anything before I split?" She responded, "Some Tums." Jesse replied, "I have some special fluid that you can drink and it makes it all better ...."

And, she claims after an oral encounter with Jesse, she kept a telltale Clintonesque T-shirt.

The woman quit in 2007 and hired Gloria Allred's law firm to represent her. No lawsuit was ever filed, but on September 27, 2007, the matter settled for $725,000.

In the settlement docs, Jesse neither admitted nor denied the allegations.


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All you rude haters need to divert your hate to the real sleeze bag...Gloria Allred the #1 ambulance chaser as well as the money hungry misfits at her sleeze ball firm.
She needs to go away and die!

1637 days ago


I feel sorry for both Jesse and Sandra! They married each other 5 years ago and we the general public don’t know what has been disclosed between the two of them. This out in the public circus that has resulted from Jesse getting involved with this Garage Magazine model is all based on speculation and accusations by a “tattooed, Nazi , Satan-worshiping dumb@#$$ whore” I have been biting my tongue and cannot hold it in any longer! The little bit of evidence that exists suggests that Jesse James the outlaw, bad-boy biker has some-how tricked his wife-America’s sweetheart (so all of us in the U.S.A.) and has had an illicit affair with the most hideous of creatures! And he all but has admitted to it. But I still cannot bring myself to judgment on this so called affair. I think we all need to sit back and wait for all the real evidence to come forth as well as to hear from Sandra about W.T.F.! Sandra knows why she married Jesse and I am sure she will get to the bottom of what really happened. And if not -she will tell what she believes! I really need to hear from her mouth the “reality” of this situation, not TMZ’s B.S. I know what I am saying is against just about everyone else that is chiming in on this, but I really need more facts to be able to cast judgment.

1637 days ago


According to Radar a woman named Deann McClung said .... “Jesse James forced me to have sex with him,” she said in the interview. “He forced me to have sex, kidnapped me, locked me up and threatened me. He ruined my life.”

*IF* this is true he's done....

1637 days ago


The first thing Sandra should do is see a Dr. and have a check up, those girls look like they'd do anything with anyone, who knows what disease they may have.Don't these men think of that? I'll be your monkey? He won't have to go far he already looks like a big Dumb Ape. I really feel sorry for Sandra Bullock, she loved his daughter and cared or her and now she lost her too. She should get out of that mess and down the road adopt a nice little girl and live her life, I doubt she will trust any man again and I don't blame her. I really wish her luck.

1637 days ago


have to love when she said JJ made attemps to get to her, but she saved emails, text messages and lets no forget a tshirt after she blew him

get real women what the heck did Sandy or any of you think when she married this guy, he was known to have been with many porn chicks and now your feeling sorry for Sandy, she should have known better. No man just changes like that. WTF was she thinking

1636 days ago


what did she ever see in him??? he looks like the creepy guy who stands a little to close in line at the gas station and stares at women...hopefully her eyes are fully open now and she will find someone worthy...ewwww.

1636 days ago


What have these women got against properly doing their laundry? Should one trust a person who puts away and actually keeps for years to come dirty, stained, stenching clothes? Ugghhhhhhhh!!!

1636 days ago

fairytale blue    

Just my opinion...

700K new what she was doing, and she got it. I think she participated outside of the emails in a flirty way so that he'd's that easy. Just refrain from doing it in emails. Funny, she kept all of them. Not saying it's unusual, but if his behavior was a problem the first time, you open your mouth...not open it to stick his manhood in it. I think that was an equal situation and she set it up to benefit. Why he wouldn't fight it, maybe it was cheaper to hush, and pay her off.

As for's sad to be humiliated publicly like that, no matter if you realize your husband is trash or not. Life inside a fishbowl has got to be difficult, especially when this happens.

Jesse James, I hate to say, I like the TV Jesse James, and truthfully, that is what he is. Off the tube, he seems to be a creep. Did anyone notice his TEARS at the Oscar's with Sandra's win and speech? Wonder if those tears were for himself as he had to know, this crap was fixing to hit the public. Anyone who cheats on their significant other should take a lesson from the "Tigers" of the world. If you date strippers and porn stars, there is gonna be game. Why on earth would you trust anyone anyway when you are a public figure? WHY STAY MARRIED WHEN YOU WANT TO BE WITH OTHER PEOPLE? Just be an honorable person and leave the marriage if you must because you can't control yourself. Now for a class cheating men should take:

When cheating is on your agenda 101:
Don't text, email or hell, even call your secret bang. Women are often vengeful when they are the other woman and have personal time invested in you. This will only be used against you in the future. If you are famous, you should REALLY make this a golden rule. It's only a matter of time before your good time ends, and the woman is hell bent on making you pay for all the pillow promises you did not keep. Out comes the shoebox paper trail, text evidence, emails and t-shirts with your jizz on it. (example-Monica Lewinsky)
Have you learned nothing from the fallen before you?

Sandra, it's time to go. No matter if you knew or not, it's apparently a situation that doesn't seem to be what you want, otherwise you'd have an open marriage.

Jesse, get some condoms and a an STD/AIDS Card. One where they can hole punch it, so your 6th visit is free. You will be needing to save money now, so be smart and frugal. Use those coupons.

To 700K, You really should have been 1 of 4 affairs he's had that have come out, if you were during the time he was committed to Sandra, if not, you are exempt. I beleive you played the player, which okay, I don't hate you for it, I am kinda thinking he deserves what he gets. But honey, money gets spent, and you live in California....didn't you see who is running for governor out there? ZSA ZSA'S Crazy hubby-Prince Von A**hole...Good luck on that money lasting. Everything in Cali is expensive. What you get for 700K in Cali, you could have 100 of here in the Hood, Houston Texas. Pack up and move to an affordable living community, no chop shop will hire you now.

Michelle Mcgee and the other alleged mistress...get lives ladies, of your own. People call you skanks because you don't say no to philandering trailer park trash like Jesse James. Have a little self respect...don't be your job, you can be better.


1636 days ago

Conversational Hypnosis    

What a post!

Aj - Conversational Hypnosis

1635 days ago


Yep!!! That's what happens when your balls get bigger than your bites!!!and it always turns on you!!

1635 days ago

64 XL GalXE    

I think SB shoulda been keepin her younger hunky hubby close. Been too busy making $$$$ and worryin about awards. He's a garage mechanic and he loves it. Give the guy a break. Dressin him up in a monkey suit and draggin him around like a boy toy. Who was Sandra Bullock before Jesse James anyway???

1635 days ago

Allen Ridak    

The special fluid was probably Tequila.

BTW, Norton is blocking this page

1637 days ago


Lawsuit or no lawsuit, how could he manage to keep a $750,000 settlement from his wife (SB) at the time? She must have known.

Good God Sandy...get far away from this piece of trash. Though it may hurt, dump any contact with his brats as well.

1637 days ago

Mark Proctor    

If it walks like a duck... talks like a duck... might be a duck.

1637 days ago


i know i do not have a job,and i live in my parents basement and lost my driver license and they reprocessed my car..but i love you,i will lose 100 lbs if you marry me...and i will color my purple mohawk back to brown if you marry me.and dont listen to your little sister,,i only gave her 1 beer and nothing happened,and as for the missing 200 dollors your dad said i stole..i didnt.

Posted at 9:30AM on Mar 24th 2010 by knucklehead

1637 days ago
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