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Joe Jackson Gets Wrongful Death Ball Rolling

3/24/2010 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Joe Jackson will send Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer a notice next week that he will be filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the doc for the death of Michael Jackson.

Joe Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit

According to California law, the plaintiff in a medical malpractice, wrongful death suit must give 90 days notice before filing the case in court.

Brian Oxman, Joe Jackson's lawyer, tells TMZ the suit will ask punitive damages, economic support, loss of companionship and loss of consortium (deprivation of family relationship). It will seek an unspecified amount of money damages.

Oxman says the case will be filed in L.A. County Superior Court. So far, only Joe has signed up, but Oxman says he will add any family member who wants in as a plaintiff.

UPDATE: Ed Chernoff, Dr. Murray's lawyer, just reacted to Oxman's move by saying, "That's like throwing a bucket of water on a man drowning in the ocean." Translation -- good luck collecting anything.


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danger baby    

Oh, Ok, got it on the tapes. MJ was VERY security conscious, so I am surprised if there weren't security tapes. I know he had Neverland pretty much wired every which way -- he could listen in on all employees conversations, etc. So if there were no tapes, then it may have been because he was living in a rental, not his own home.

1611 days ago


clair..according to harvey there were not..he said there might have been some tapes from other than the house building nearby that might show coming and going of people but thats all i remember

1611 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

TMK there's nothing to back up who took the security tapes. DiLeo drove Michael Jackson home from rehearsals that night. Reportedly Randy J., Joe J. and Majestik were there that night as well. IMO, Thome removed the security tapes as well as the cash (which he returned to Branca/MJFT some weeks that Michael Jackson was saving towards purchasing the Prince of Brunei's "palace" in LV after the 02 gig). Thome "fired" all security personel at Holmby and at the MJ house in LV within 24 hours of June 25th...later conveniently citing financial reasons for having done so.

1611 days ago

danger baby    

I can't think of any father on the planet who would find it in his heart to laugh like that the day after his son had died. Jesse is laughing too though, but still, Joe is MJ's father. I tried to put myself in his shoes, and imagine how he would feel if he loved his son, and there is no way I could ever imagine busting out with that kind of grin. Unbelievable. Nice collection of photos/articles, btw, Tellit. Thanks.

1611 days ago


harvey also said again that when katherine passes, the money reverts back to mj kids..she , i guess can use the interest of the money mj left her but thats it according to harvey ..that cant settle well with the rest of the family

1611 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

160. tellit...thanks for the photos of joe .. i had fogotten what an absolute piece of garbage he is.. no wonder mj didnt leave him anything..i guess he stopped laughing when he read the will

Posted at 7:40PM on Mar 24th 2010 by nan

yw...can't you even imagine how fast JJ stopped laughing when he found out how MJ had things set up!...and he's been in court for one reason or another (or threatening to be) ever since.

1611 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

yw Romy

1611 days ago


He who eats too many prunes, sits on toilet many moons.

B O I N G !!!

B O I N G !!!

1611 days ago


Go Joe,,Dr Murrary deserve to be in prison for the rest of his life.

1611 days ago


Joe looking for easy money? Your kidding! There is a reason MJ left you nothing moron. This Low life will do anything to make a buck, especially off his son. He was just waiting in the wings licking his chops seeing how the Doctor's story unfolded until he filed this lawsuit. Lose the boner now Joe...

1611 days ago


oh goodness.........
I don't BeLIEve this...

1611 days ago


J O E:
G E T ....A....J O B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lack of companionship???? WTF they were not even speaking

1611 days ago


I'm supporting Joe. At least he's doing something. The estate offered him $15K/month...he could have taken this and left the whole thing alone. Murray has NO the civil lawsuit imo is only to badger Murray for the rest of his life, like Ron Goldman Sr. did to O.J.

1611 days ago


Well, part of me is glad he is doing this because it definitely needs to be done. However, that hideous display Joe gave us all at the BET awards the day after his sons death & the fact that he never seems to miss an opportunity to go to court after what he seems to believe is his rightful 'allowance' from MJ's estate make me questions his motives here. I'm SURE that the other family members would want to see a wrongful death suit filed as well so I'm wondering why Joe is charging ahead on his own without the whole family voicing their unity behind him if this ISN'T JUST ABOUT MONEY for him. It's a shame but I really question whether this is more about money or the loss of his son.

I thought that people usually file wrongful death suits AFTER a criminal trial?? Wouldn't the chances of a more successful outcome depend on this?

1611 days ago


Question Janalal,

How is it possible that MJ died with his eyes open if he was under anesthesia? Could you explain the possibilities here?

1610 days ago
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