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'Little People' Kid -- Big Muscles

3/24/2010 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While out with his family in Hawaii on Monday, "Little People, Big World" son Jeremy Roloff, 19, showed off his shirtless ripped chest.

He's sure to get lei'd.


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Ripped chest?? seriously? That's a bird chest, but he'll fill out.
Kid was blessed with nice calves though.

1677 days ago


Jeremy suffers from "little man syndrome" by proxy to this particular stable of TMC midgits. He's working out hard because in due time he will come to the realization that he really is not a blood member of the family but really adopted. I anticipate that no longer then July he will have eaten every last one of them.

1677 days ago

jen newman    

i have been watching the Roloffs since the show started and really enjoy it. I have always wondered about something, although it sounds mean-spirited, but I will ask it anyway. I have never found Zach to be good looking at all and wonder if ihs facial features (braces included) are part of his dwarfism or if he just homely. I am 100% serious and feel bad for him.

Jen Newman

1677 days ago


Where is AMY???Where the smiles??? OH!Amy pouting w/ MATT....

1677 days ago


Matt is not a DRUNK!! Matt is the one holding the family together b/c of all the crap he takes from AMY& the spoiled kids.. I'm surprise that the kids haven't already beaten the crap out of their dad..

1677 days ago


why do they make lil wee man walk in the back..are they ashamed to walk next to him..why dont they put that midget kid on the rack and stretch him some,,he will straighten out hee hee heee ..whats with that frizzy hair the tall boy has,,, ,,I notice the midget dad has a beer in his hand,,driving drunk again!!!!!!

1677 days ago


In ancient mythology, a beloved character of many stories became one of the strongest beings in the world because he was given a lamb to care for as a small boy. He lifted this lamb several times each day, and as it grew in size, so did the boys muscles and strength.

How does this connect to this TMZ story? Well who the heck do you think lifts the dad up so he can pee? Or the mom up so she can look in the mirror and apply her makeup? My God, he'll look like Hercules just from helping his mom into the reverse cowboy position when his parents are feeling frisky!

1677 days ago


Zach has a different kind of dwarfism than his dad.
Matt has rather normal and proportional facial
features while Zach has the same kind of dwarfism
as his mom and has her disproportional facial

By the way, little people don't mind the term dwarf,
but they don't like the term midget.

1677 days ago


call them what they are.....freaks of nature or circus clowns,

1677 days ago


# 12, I so agree with you. If not for Matt, Amy would still be working 3 jobs and those spoiled brats would have to have jobs and help contribute to the household and not be driving fine cars and going on glorious vacations. Amy seems to think she invented motherhood and is not paying any attention to her marriage. If she wants a divorce, get it, but she and the kids look like ungrateful snots when they bad mouth Matt.

1677 days ago


Jeremy's hair is weird looking and he's not that cute anymore. It's like a child actors....they lose there cuteness when they grow up. How many good looking child actors grow up to be handsome men. And being on a reality show is acting!

1677 days ago


TO Jen Newman.. Dont feel bad I feel the exact same way. He is a homely looking dude and his personality makes him even WORSE. I cant stand that kid. He's lazy and dirty. Every time he is on camera he seems as if he walked right by the shower puts on 5 day old dirty shorts and eats with his mouth wide open. He is SO GROSS. So no Jen your not the only one.. *and yes I took it to another level.

1677 days ago


16. call them what they are.....freaks of nature or circus clowns,

Technically they are "freaks of nature" but no more so than other
human beings who are born with any number of genetic abnormalities.

For some the only jobs they can find are in the circus.

Matt is a computer consultant and a very successful business man
and entrepreneur.

There is another program on TLC about little people where the
wife is a doctor.

1677 days ago


Damn those kids are butt ugly...and why does the old guy in the back have such short legs.....

1677 days ago


I stopped watching the show. They seem like likable people, but they live like such dirty pigs, and feed their kids such garbage, that I just kept waiting for someone to call social services. Amy's issues with not taking help, even when needed, combined with her physical problems made her (frankly) inadequate at parenting. If they were a poor minority family, living in that filth and eating that crap--social services would have been all over them.

Oh, and the tall one? he isn't ripped. He's thin. There is a difference. Cute guy though. I hope someday he works out, eats well, and turns gay.

1677 days ago
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