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TMZ Live: Jesse James, Conrad Murray & Bieber

3/24/2010 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike took your questions on everything today -- including Joe Jackson's lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray, episodes canceled on "Two and Half Men," and Jesse James' sexual harassment settlement.

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Plus: Justin Bieber's manager turning himself in ... and did Tiger Woods' inner circle really know about his affairs?


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If you are in Canada and you think its so great, stay in Canada.

I always hear people in other countries say America is awful blah blah blah then stay in the country you are at. Don't come here.

Simple and goodbye

1644 days ago


If you have a chance I hope you see the Tami Show D.V.D.
Max on your show looks like Dennis Wilson so if someone makes
B.way show or movie about Beach Boys they should cast him (if he wants to)
Thanks to you and staff for all the fun.

1644 days ago


Hi, Recently Mike said that he thought Octomom should do the porn to save her home. He also said that would have no impact on her status as custodial parent. However, in the next breath, Mike indicates Jessie's Ex past porn participation (Janine)would be held against her. Which is it Mike?

1644 days ago


would not be suprised if jessy has an std or several like hiv

1644 days ago

Brian N. Everett    

Real hard hitting news...WOW! I'am going to soften some bannas for my lunch, and put on a dirty movie "Cry Baby".....hard news on TMZ, and wild times!....Oh what about all the "Crazy" can't be true stuff about Michael Jackson's life and death?...[don't go there, it's to to to, oh forget it! I just can't say the bad words, like "conspiracy"]....It is a good thing "We" have an Attorney, to filter things for us.

1644 days ago


Mike Walters ~

Maybe you should start to think before you speak because if you did you would analytically progress to a point where you would have to lambast your original thought.

Your thought in treating employment in porn as a viable option should a woman be short on funds is most assinine and destructive. You nearly crucified Tiger Woods for his own infidelity, and yet you would advise the mother of FOURTEEN kids to sell her body?!?!? Did you ever stop to think what kind of example she is setting for her children, let alone supremely victimizing herself?!?

So let's get this straight ~ Should you be unfortunate enough to lose your job and not get another one, and the pennies start to dwindle to just a few, you would have no qualm in tapping your wife on the shoulder to say, "Hey, Hon, it's time to become a doughnut" ?!?!?!?

Do not ever become a parent, and as a woman your wife should be utterly offended!!!!

Stick to the gossip.

1644 days ago


16. And Canada ~ Americans do not want to be Canada and you miss the point.

Americans are not revolted because there is an attempt to reform healthcare. Most Americans on every side of the aisle are eager for reform WHERE REALLY NEEDED. However, we really do not want to unfairly crucify the "successful", we do not want to additionally burden an already tenuous financial climate for everyone, and above all else do not want to be stripped of our free will and choice on such a personal issue.

Americans are revolted because no one in this Obama Administration respected the full definition of our citizenship enough to explain the facts, the forfeitures, the intricacies and the monumental financial burden and risk of this minefield before putting it up for a vote. And we get the uneasy feeling that they do not even know the true ramifications of this overhaul. We are left feeling no trust for this President and the future he has unconstitutionally dictated.

You have not had the "American" experience. It was never your birthright. Do not relegate the issue to only talking points on a legal pad. We do not want our American liberties and free will raped by a politician with an agenda probably far uglier than suspected. This American revolt is really not primarily about healthcare anymore. It is about the survival of our American spirit and it cuts deep.

Another faux pas of yours is in calling Harvey an "elitist" because he can assumably afford his own choice of healthcare with no problem, and in being able to do this you deem him as somehow removed from "regular people". The fact that you view yourself as "regular" is a greater problem for you than any healthcare system. Why on earth do you differentiate yourself from others based on money. Hopefully your Canadian healthcare includes a little free chat with a therapist. Get over it and realize that usually people have what they have by the sweat of their own brow, and stop insinuating that others who are presumed to have a little elbow room monetarily do not understand. Harvey Levin is a lawyer and has most probably researched cases and people from all walks of life, so I think he understands. And you forget that we all have passages in life which may have been totally different from what you see today.

It would be wonderful if America's healthcare could be made more affordable for everyone and be able to help those get healthcare who really cannot do it alone, but DO NOT take away my freedom of choice and DO NOT give me Big Brother breathing down my neck in the process.

And as to your last paragraph, tell the truth. How's the weather really doing in your neck of the woods?

1644 days ago
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