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Discrepancy Over Ben Roethlisberger Bar Video

3/25/2010 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger is smack in the middle of a brand new mystery -- one that involves the alleged disappearance of security footage shot at Capital City nightclub on the night he was accused of sexual assault.

A lawyer for Capital City told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review the footage has been erased -- and produced the following explanation: "The DVD system overwrote itself ... Had it just been deleted, they might have been able to save some of it."

But this information directly contradicts what bar owner Rocky Duncan repeatedly told TMZ in the wake of the alleged incident -- dude not only said he had video, but Duncan described the footage in great detail.

Duncan told TMZ the video clearly showed Ben and his 20-year-old accuser hanging out before the alleged incident and cops speaking with Ben afterward. Duncan was quick to point out that the video did not show Ben and his accuser going towards the bathroom where the alleged incident took place.

The lawyer for the club tells TMZ cops watched the video with Rocky "shortly" after the alleged incident -- but cops did not take the video with them at that time.

The lawyer tells us cops returned to collect the tape -- and that's when they noticed the footage had been erased.

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Report: Warren Buffett Dead in Key Biscayne Yachting Accident

Key Biscayne, FL (March 25, 2010) – Omaha billionaire Warren Buffett drowned today off the shores of Key Biscayne , Florida, after accidentally plunging into the warm tropical waters of the bay while enjoying a much deserved respite aboard a secondhand yacht.

1675 days ago


Ben should get a hooker and no problems.

1675 days ago

who dat    

"and that's when they noticed the footage had been erased."

What a coincidence. Almost every business I am aware of saves security tapes for at least 30 days. Many more then that.

The bar gave Ben a handjob.

TMZ & others. STOP calling him "Big Ben". One is a fantastic historic clock located in the Palace of Westminster in London ....rich in history. It's an INSULT to the clock.


The other is a ugly athlete who is a rapist(allegedly)

BTW- Harvey ...you are one of the coolest MoFo's ever. Love the TMZ live question sessions at 1:30 p.m. PST (daily). Some of the BEST shi* on the net.

1675 days ago

Just Sayin    

Wonder how Rocky's spending that payoff loot?

1675 days ago



No Charges Yet

Seriously this girl could come out and say, "sorry I made it all up" and you idiots on here would still say Ben is guilty.

Why did all her sorority sisters take down their facebook pages?

Why didn't she run screaming from the bathroom if she had been assaulted?

1675 days ago


Something stinks here. I thought if you were a police officer investigating an incident. The owner offers you and shows you a video tape of the incident, then you take it with you. You do not go back and get it later. It can be tampered with, or lost.

1675 days ago


I'm not big fan of Ben, but I have to question why TMZ doesn't report things about this girl. Like the fact that you she has blown the cops off TWICE....that is shady business.

And why would she drop out of school just two days after the alleged incident?

It all sounds a little too shady.

Sure Ben is stupid for putting himself in this position, but there is alot of red flags surrounding this chick.

1675 days ago


The tape most likely showed something that was unflattering to the CLUB - serving underage alcohol, perhaps - and that's why it was mysteriously deleted. DVD's just don't overwrite themselves. Most likely the club served her that alcohol, or allowed patrons to, and they could get their license revoked. The simplest explanation is often the correct one. If DNA request has been pulled, the accuser is not meeting with cops, had a .20 blood alcohol AND a fake ID - then that explains everything. A hysterical drunk crying rape when nothing happened. Does anybody seriously think Ben would be surrounded by cops all night while a rape is going on? Use your brains people.

1675 days ago

Oval Beach    

I guess money does talk. Nice goin' there Ben...paid the club owner some Benjamins and the video got erased...very smart. I guess you are free and clear to go on off to some other venue and set yourself up for scandal yet again.

1675 days ago


Gina you are an idiot....wtf is your prob bitch? R U a Big Ben fan? Wtf ever I'm over you.move on.

1675 days ago


Top 6 stories this morning are all about sports OR sports figures and celebrity justice. Who cares?

1675 days ago


Wow, Trish! Don't ever serve on a jury where you actually have to examine and consider evidence. You just decide right away.

1675 days ago


Oops, our own cameras caught us serving minors.. Erase the tape!!

1675 days ago

Lorraine B    

People are wondering why this girl doesn't want to talk to cops?
1. He's got an entourage that includes two cops from local(Pa) police forces.

2. He hires one of the most prominent attorneys known for getting sports figures out of criminal charges that, chances are if it were any of us, we would have served time(ie, Pacman Jones, etc)

3.The cops,who posed for pictures with him earlier in the evening, don't do a thorough investigation that night. They don't even take the tapes from club.Everyone has to be recalled to be interviewed and Roethlisberger is never interviewed again.

4.Said tapes have all of a sudden become useless because of a malfunction-how convenient

This is just a small list of things this girl has to go up against-who would want to continue with this knowing what you're up against.

As far as DNA goes-they may just not have been able to retrieve a sample that could be used to test properly

Let's face it-money buys you justice.The more of it you have, the better chance you have of getting away with any crime

1675 days ago


Ok, new way to look at this. Ben is the victim! Yes I said it! This girl obviously knows who he is. He is already under the radar for a previous allegation, which was all over the news. This makes him a very easy target. She was sloshed - which as we all know causes us to make bad decisions. If she was sober she would have never made up her gold digging story. He probably (which nobody knows yet) messed around with her, came back out to the party where other VIP girls were hanging all over him and she didn't like it. So in her immature drunkin stuper cried wolf.

I'm not saying Ben is not a horn ball womanizer - but he and every other athlete/celebrity lives this lifestyle - He just happens to be an easier target due to former allegations.

1675 days ago
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