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Discrepancy Over Ben Roethlisberger Bar Video

3/25/2010 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger is smack in the middle of a brand new mystery -- one that involves the alleged disappearance of security footage shot at Capital City nightclub on the night he was accused of sexual assault.

A lawyer for Capital City told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review the footage has been erased -- and produced the following explanation: "The DVD system overwrote itself ... Had it just been deleted, they might have been able to save some of it."

But this information directly contradicts what bar owner Rocky Duncan repeatedly told TMZ in the wake of the alleged incident -- dude not only said he had video, but Duncan described the footage in great detail.

Duncan told TMZ the video clearly showed Ben and his 20-year-old accuser hanging out before the alleged incident and cops speaking with Ben afterward. Duncan was quick to point out that the video did not show Ben and his accuser going towards the bathroom where the alleged incident took place.

The lawyer for the club tells TMZ cops watched the video with Rocky "shortly" after the alleged incident -- but cops did not take the video with them at that time.

The lawyer tells us cops returned to collect the tape -- and that's when they noticed the footage had been erased.

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NUNJA Business    

WOW why is everyone picking on this Trish chic. read EVERYONE'S comments people they are all the freaking same..Not like she de only one out there who thinks he guilty..WOW you all don't be on a jury...you acuse right away!! OH MY !!!!!!

1671 days ago

Lorraine B    

The other thing I don't understand is why people are bashing her for drinking at a college bar. No doubt she was underage-but it isn't like that's an uncommon thing.
College kids-and high school kids for that matter-have always tried to get served underage. I'm not condoning it-but it happens all the time. That doesn't mean what she said happened didn't happen.

I think the question we should be asking is why Roethlisberger is doing a college bar crawl-and buying a bunch of young girls drinks.
Maybe he thinks it will be easier to get what he wants with young drunk college girls.

1671 days ago


When I was raped I did not speak for 4 years. When i spoke i only did so became i became aware of 5 other victims. I spoke to stop him from hurting them more. The legal was a bigger nightmare then the rape. Yes it was. I am still embarassed. It destroyed my life for many years.

I was 6. And when I was 12 I went on trial. I was the one whose life was dissected by the people in our town. Maybe she stopped talking becuase SHE is the one on trial here NOT Ben. I regret telling anyone at all, but i had to do something?...he eventually did go to jail and he was stopped....He went to jail for stealing a car.

If I was her I would stop talking too. Look at Roman Polanskis victim. What good did talking do her?

1671 days ago


Most security tape recorders record repeatedly over the same tape. It records to the end of the tape and then rewinds and records over the old footage. If there is an incident, the tape should be removed and stored in the safe and a new tape loaded in the machine. The original tape must have been put back in the machine after the officers viewed it. Pretty stupid.

1671 days ago


Okay..It makes twice he was ACCUSED, by nutcases..... not 4 or 5....Clearly if the tape had evidence of any kind on it the cops would have taken it right away...The authorities do not want his d.n.a. now..because NOTHING was found....The other case is clearly a nut job..with her bragging about sleeping with him and hoping she was pregnant by him and wanting to go to Pittsburgh to see him again afterwards...So the ones who think he is guilty read up on the cases before sounding like idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1671 days ago


My thing is what jackass cops dont take the evidence with them, i mean ur doing a rape investigation, These cops are so bad they couldn't catch a blind criminal, ass backwards GA. i'm a steelers fan but this is just bad business on both side

1671 days ago

Here's an idea    

Look at him. Please. In a bar would you accept a drink from a sports star?, absolutely! Get your picture taken with him? Sure, I'd smile too. Let that touch me anywhere privately? Heck NO! Bet I'm not alone.

1671 days ago


trish - Your comment about Ben should 'go gay' is so inappropriate and insulting. What, do you think gay men have lower standards and they would prefer this cement head over someone else? Think again, Ms. clueless, you are so wrong. I have friends and family who are gay and your degrading comment makes me sick. Ster - Famous people sometimes think they are above the law and can do whatever they wish, even force (yes, trish - it's 'force', not forse) themselves on someone in a public bathroom. He had all his buddies hanging with him. I don't know if he's guilty, but he certainly is terminally stupid for continuing the partying behavior give how many times he's been accused of inappropriate behavior. I saw an article where it was either the NFL or the Steelers organization wants to have a sit-down with him. He drags the team down with his behavior.

1670 days ago


TMZ you have been played for the fool that you are. According to your statement from Rocky Duncan "Duncan told TMZ the video clearly showed Ben and his 20-year-old accuser hanging out before the alleged incident and cops speaking with Ben afterward. Duncan was quick to point out that the video did not show Ben and his accuser going towards the bathroom where the alleged incident took place.

Yet the same Rocky Duncan stated on ESPN "Throughout the night Rocky Duncan, the manager of Capital City bar in Milledgeville, Ga., observed Roethlisberger chatting with a woman, but admitted he never saw the accuser or knew what she looked like, according to ESPN."


1670 days ago


For #43.

Ben has not admitted to a sexual encounter with this girl. Check your facts. He admitted to being with her when she fell and hit her head.
Also, the cops and owner viewed the tape before it got erased and it showed nothing.

Also, the girl was not just just drinking under age, she was smashed. A level of 2.0 means your stupid drunk and you're probably going to fall down a few times.

Being wasted and underage is not a green light for anyone to be taken advantage of and it does not invalidate her claim, but without more evidence or another eye witness to back up her claim, one has good reason to question her. Those facts alone discredit her testimony.

1670 days ago


#44, how is Ben, at age 28, an "old fart hanging out at a college bar"? There are many people who are 28 and still in college - Masters students, etc. What is the problem?

Sorry but this is America - people are allowed to go into any bar they want to. Just because the bar is in a town with a college doesn't mean it's a "college bar." Even if it was, Ben admitted he'd never been to Milledgeville before that night. How is he supposed to know the ages of every person and the "type" of place every bar is?

1669 days ago

Here's an idea    

46 Check your fact. Ben has admitted to sexual CONTACT!

1668 days ago


I'm 19, female, here's my viewpoint: at the "5th Annual Vagina Monologue" held March 30-April 1 on GCSU campus, angry women openly present hatred of males in general,and mal-adjustment over their female bodyparts. It is from this anti-male environment the GA Woman and her gang get the solidarity to blatantly lie and destroy pertinent evidence.

Ben Roethlisberger is the only victim.

The GA Woman and her gang have earned criminal charges and ought to be prosecuted to the letter of the law.

The Capital Bar tape, inexplicably destroyed, benefits the GA Woman and her crime gang; Destruction of the tape obstructs justice for #7; as the tape shows the GA Woman receiving whisky shots from ZETA TAU ALPHA members, her cuddling with girls, then later cuddling with #7.

ZETA TAU ALPHA,who co- sponsors "The Vagina Monologue",and which Sorority by DEB ENSOR and J.SYRUS, and sorority members on GCSU property destroyed over a 1000 pieces of pertinent evidence-(Sexts, Texts, emails, records, webpages) just like ENRON; These same GCSU women, sounding off as if present in the VIP area, have a criminal agenda of victimizing a certain class of people: men whom they perceive as wealthy and privileged and lovers of women.

GA Woman is an excellant liar; can 4-5 women all lie about #7? yes, and they are.
Not every woman under 21 consumes alcohol- I don't.
Not every woman under 21 the Forges DL to get drunk or put bars at risk/damages- I don't.
Not every woman under 21 intentionally misleads males (I don't) as the GA Woman did with 4-5 other GCSU Women who planned on taking a valuable photo of #7; as part of a ZETA TAU ALPHA plan to degrade #7 with and utterly destroy his life and career.

The Krept-gang-style feminism rules at GCSU: even the Dean is afraid . Which is why for the past 5 years "The Vagina Monologue" event is hosted on campus; "The Vagina Monologue" is welcomed by GCSU when it is degrading of women;
It is degrading to women who actually uphold the GCSU Code of Honor (which the GA Woman has been in flagrant violation for the past 1.6 years and frightened Dean isn't going to hold her or any lesbo student to the Honor Code either; Authority isn't to make gender orientation bias as the GCSU Dean does and is.)).
(http://GCSU.edu go to student media click on The Colonade- school rag.)
They call it Freedom of Speech but the Dean and GCSU doesn't provide equal opprotunity any for counter points of view events. GCSU won't allow a counter event like "Guys and Dolls- Together!Yez!".

Finally the GA Woman and her weasel law firm failed to keep their latest appointment with the GBI- and it is the GBI who failed to secure the Capital bar video evidence.

1663 days ago
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