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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Approach the Bench

3/26/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray not only has a right to remain silent ... he's exercising it.

Dr. Conrad Murray

Murray was at a 24 Hour Fitness in Las Vegas last night at around 7:00 PM. He worked out for about an hour with a spotter at the ready.

As far as we know, she didn't leave his side to make a phone call.


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If he is so broke how did he pay the this?
(Posted at 2:07PM on Mar 26th 2010 by billy) GOOD ONE LOL
(Posted at 2:11PM on Mar 26th 2010 by cathclassica87) I agree.

1649 days ago


The only photo we need to see of this murderer is his MUG Shot. I'm still baffled that nobody has put a bullet in bad as it sounds I mean come on. He killed the most famous man on earth!

1649 days ago

MJ Fan    

Omg i hate this man so strong!!! He is responsible about MJ dead and he need to pay about it!! JUSTICE 4 MJ!

1649 days ago


Everybody makes mistakes, sometimes terrible ones, but the least he could do is come forward and admit his negligence and agree to take his punishment. That imo, would be the right and noble thing to do.

Posted at 2:11PM on Mar 26th 2010 by cathclassica87

EXACTLY! But all he thinks about is saving his old, sagging BUTT (which he obviously also is trying to trim.)
This man orphaned three children - no one should ever forget that.

He came to MJ´s house, where there were three KIDS, bringing his deadly remedies and sloppy attitude. It is like something straight out of a horror movie. And it is unforgivable.

1649 days ago


So he killed MJ. It isn't like any harm was done.

1649 days ago


How is this guy affording everything.. who is paying him with all his 700,000 dollars in debt.. WHo is supporting this guy financially.
There is a conspiracy somewhere and this guy is involved...

1649 days ago



1649 days ago


In prison Dr. Murray will have plenty of time to exercise.

1649 days ago

wish mj was here    

well here we go again tmz.another story on michael for some people to come in here and trash him makes me sick.tmz why are you posting something like this on him working out.why dont you wait and put something on him when hes being arrested for murdering michael.other than that i wouldnt waste my time on this piece of crap.makes me sick to see him happy and michael and his family close friends and the fans are feeling real sad cuz michael was taking from us in the hands of a quack . MICHAEL I LOVE YOU MORE.MISS YA ANGEL.WISH YOU WERE HERE SO WE CAN SEE YOU SING DANCE AND THAT GORGEOUS SMILE.

1649 days ago


I thought that Dr CM was MJ in disguise, according to some hoaxsters. Funny bunch of people - love reading their delusional "investigation" results when I need a good laugh.
I'm starting a "MJ for President" movement. In case he does come back, or even if he doesn't. Who's with me? Is Elvis too old to be VP? (Not sure if this is an original idea, I'm sure with all the wacko brotherhood out there, someone has already thought about it.)

1649 days ago


MJ got justice, Mj fan. That is why he croaked.

1649 days ago


Whiney bitches... you'd think you actually lost something with the passing of Michael Jackson.

MJ leveraged his celebrity to get drugs, all manner of drugs. Is Murray guilty? yes, but not of murder, hardly of manslaughter... malpractice? perhaps. Does it make him a bad doctor? What about a bad father? Could he have been a bad father, before MJ died?

Does any of it really matter now, to anyone but his children?

NO. Your just a bunch of whiners. How many of you ever stepped up to help MJ with his problems? You same pansy ass whiners all said "He's eccentric, a genius, you don't understand him, leave him alone" & your all as guilty of MJ's death as Murray is.

If he can be at peace, let him be.

Hell, your all as bad as his previously 'estranged' father.

1649 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

For a man almost broke and and a trial for murder in the back ...looks pretty relaxed..
I hate you Conrad Murray

1649 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Team Murray!!!

1649 days ago


If the good doctor is convicted, I want to get his mailing address so I can contribute weekly to his prison commissary account.

Wacko Jacko dead. LOL Good riddance to bad rubbage.

1649 days ago
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