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Elin Nordegren Just Does It

3/26/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' loving wife, Elin Nordegren, was spotted taking the kids to school today ... sporting her now traditional Nike garb.


As we first reported, Tiger shot a new Nike commercial yesterday at the Isleworth Country Club near his home.

They're just one big happy family.


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Jason Chambers    

8. Awe come on, Nike. You guys can't even get her a fitted hat

She looks like a cute little 6 3/4 so, suck it up and send her a case in assorted colors!

Posted at 3:08PM on Mar 26th 2010 by Slash



1636 days ago

Jason Chambers    

This is all your fault Elin! You ruined Tigers life! I hope he can pick up the pieces for whats hes worked his entire life for you passive aggressive slut!

1636 days ago


Wow your set for life and your children's children are too but yet your still whoring yourself. Swoosh!

1636 days ago

P Swell    

Seriously, the daily photo of Elin at daycare is obnoxious, at best. Please give that loser photog a better gig...maybe track Octo-pig on her every move for the next month. Hey Photog-guy, grow a pair and tell your boss you need some variety in your job.

1636 days ago


It's a fact (look it up if you want):

According to four studies also released at the National STD Prevention Conference on Tuesday, African-Americans are shouldering a heavy STD burden.

While African-Americans make up 12 percent of the U.S. population, that population accounts for nearly half of all reported syphilis and chlamydia cases, more than 70 percent of all reported gonorrhea cases and about half of all new HIV infections.

And, according to CDC experts, while African-American women and men are often unwilling to get tested, doctors are often reluctant to discuss sexual health with their patients -- particularly with black male patients.

No surprise there, but either way, Elin needs to get tested !!

1636 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

I have no respect for this woman. She will live a life of misery thinking about the skanks who slept with her husband over and over, at his insistence! She's got to be in it for the money? Or being pressured by Nike to stay with their role model? I don't know. God knows it cannot be for the love. Because if it was, she'd still have that stupid wedding on. Show some spine, Elin. You husband liked to have sex with lots of other women and wouldn't wear a condom. That's not going to change after "rehab."

1636 days ago


Hey, wait a minute! Aren't the kids a little young to be attending school? Or if it's daycare, why does Elin even need to drop her kids off at daycare? She doesn't work, and she has all the nanny/babysitter help she could want. This seems like some odd BS to me. Anyone agree?

1636 days ago


None of us know what their relationship is like!
There are lots of folks who have open marital arrangements.
She might have said 'Tiger leave me alone, I can't have sex 24/7!'
Heck, I think the Sweeds are a little more open minded about such things.
Anyway who cares? It's their marriage!! She can walk anytime she wants to, with truckloads of cash.
Clearly it's a sex addiction if there ever was such a thing!

1636 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

In my book Elin chalks up as no better than Tigers hos. She has continued to stay it in for the money plain and simple. And the same goes for that tiger looking mother of his. She babied that baby tiger all his life and continues to do so. Tiger is no only a husband and son he is their meal ticket.

1636 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

There's no way no man would dip it in even one of them and ever again in me or even the pretense to.

1636 days ago



1636 days ago

Jason Chambers    

This ho needs to take care of her kids. stop dropping them off to daycare so you can go to yoga pilates class. you don't work, you don't cook, the least you could do is have the kids while tiger is give you money to shop to your little hearts content. selfish bitc.

1636 days ago


SOMEBODY ANSWER ME THIS: Is she now living at the same house as Tiger? Last I heard, they were living in separate houses.

1636 days ago


She's classy, beautiful, intelligent, was a committed wife, and is a great Mother!

Obviously, the racists are on this blog...jealous of the fact that she is married to a billionaire man of mixed heritage, i.e. who doesn't think of himself as black but, rightfully, a Universal man?!

What she decides to do on behalf of the long-term wellbeing of their children is her business and nobody else's. You don't know what is in this woman's mind and heart though the one thing that is certain ~ had she been a golddigger she would have dumped him back on Thanksgiving Day.

Yes, both of her children are old enough to attend a part-time academic daycare where they socialize in a safe environment with other children while under the "professional" care and instruction of licensed adults who have received an appropriate security clearance.

Leave Elin Woods alone....

1636 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

44. Leave Elin Woods alone....

Posted at 4:35PM on Mar 26th 2010 by Enough

Whatever. Elin has been bought and paid for by Tiger Woods and Nike. She's been a walking Nike ad billboard for weeks now.

1636 days ago
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