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Elin Nordegren Just Does It

3/26/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' loving wife, Elin Nordegren, was spotted taking the kids to school today ... sporting her now traditional Nike garb.


As we first reported, Tiger shot a new Nike commercial yesterday at the Isleworth Country Club near his home.

They're just one big happy family.


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Michael J. Jackson Fan    

@52, Elin Norgran is a gold diggin snowbunny who only married Tiger for a free ride. Wasn't she a nanny or something like that prior to hooking up with Tiger.

Which is why her parents didnt dis own her pure white ass for being with a black man. Elin is probley sending her family a monthly allowance. Of course she's sticking with Tiger so that she can get more $$$$$.

Who are you fooling, you are probley Elin or someone close too her. (Enough)

Oh and by the way, SUCK A NUT!

1642 days ago


"Dawn" and "Yes I Said It", I totally agree with your assessments. Elin is just a glorified nanny who had the "privilege" of bearing kids for the low-life little prick, Tiger Eldrick Woods. Oh, and she was never a supermodel as the Tiger PR Machine claimed. She just did some second-rate bikini modeling "for fun." I have just about as much respect for her as I have for her silly, lying perverted husband, or whatever the hell he is. But I do feel sorry for the kids. They are innocent victims in this farce of farces.. or is it a flat out fraud?

1642 days ago


Everyone at the Masters is going to be imagining Tiger choking and pissing on naked hookers, not golfing. Then they'll imagine him having unannounced kids all over the place. Then they'll imagine how many MORE abortions than Joslyn Jame's went on because of him. Then they'll imagine how many MORE than the 16 or so already named sluts he had. Then they'll imagine how many sluts he has going currently. Then they'll imagine how Elin is supposed to cope raising two kids and left to deal with Tiger Woods with not 1/1000th the resources that he has available to his system of evil. Then they'll imagine him taking a daily dose of steroids. Then they'll imagine Tiger taking retribution and just start laughing hysterically. Then they'll imagine how they'll buy their next items of sportswear and ask around for the Puma or New Balance or Adidas outlets.

Elin, you have friends. You need to get out of the cocoon that Tiger wants around you. Breath deep and move on. Just move on.

1642 days ago

Disco Duck    

Have to agree with the majority of people using common sense, Elin has whored herself out.

I'm now believing that their marriage was nothing more than a business relationship.

BOYCOTT anything and everything Nike.

1641 days ago

Tia C    

She looks like she hasn't been eating. I hope she leaves his sorry ass, but if she hasn't yet, she probably won't. Whoever said she is a doormat is right.

1641 days ago


Tiger gave his soul to the devil in exchange for pleasures of the flesh. He may pay for this the rest of his life, more so if he looses Elin Nordegren and his children! I pray that whatever Elin decides to do work the best for her and her two precious children. My heart goes to them!

1640 days ago


Whites are just jealous and insecure...they are the inferior race are falling by the wayside...they are all inbred trailer trash who sit on the porch all day with becky..snorting coke and doing meth...they molest 4 yr olds..and they run kiddie porn sites...what a sad race...they judge others because they are so unhappy and insecure with themselves...they see a world they can no longer control and it makes them angry...they are all unemployed now and have nothing better to do than to take it out on message boards with hate...thats all they are good for now...trailer trash whites need to get a life and get reality check...quit committing suicide..quit the coke snorting..quit raping 4 year olds...quit committing suicide...quit inbreeding...most of all stop being a cracker...get a job...white trash cracker people..

1640 days ago


ummm. your crazy. you must of had that bottled up awhile. Bitterness is so ugly. Its obvious underneath that crazy half-witted rant lies jealousy and racism towards did not teach anyone anything with your dumb ass ghetto views. And yeah I did say ghetto who gives a damn, I will say what I want without anyone telling me what I can and cant say and dictating to me what is considered racist. Ill go back to my trailer park if you go back to the ghetto ass projects.

1635 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

If you look closely, you can see dark shadows under her eyes. I wonder if lecher Woods gave her AIDS or some other very serious sex disease. If she values her health and sanity, she should divorce the scumbag.

1635 days ago


Nobody here knows what is going on in there and no one can say what to do in her shoes. BACK THE F... OFF!!

1635 days ago


To the ones out there, that think she's not standing up for herself or her kids will disrespect her b/c everyone else treats her like a human doormat.. I believe when you get married, you vow- In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, 'til death do us part.. And I think thats how its supposed to be. America has the biggest divorce rate b/c ppl just bail and not try and work on something that is worth everything in the world. People need to think of that more! or dont get married!

1632 days ago


She is not spineless she left Tiger. If she is such a money hungery whore she would have stayed with him. Hillary

1605 days ago
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