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Gilbert Arenas Dodges Bullet in Sentencing

3/26/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert Arenas got a huge break today -- he won't be going to jail.

Arenas was just sentenced to 30 days in a halfway house for his gun-wielding locker room confrontation last year with one of his Washington Wizards teammates.

Arenas pled guilty on January 15 to one felony count of carrying a pistol without a license.

Prosecutors were gunning for three months in jail.

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David Stern, jewish commissioner for a nearly all black NBA, wants them all to run around in little bar mitzvah suits when they arent playing but are in public so they dont look like thugs, but never covered guns not allowed to be in the locker room with them.

Stern only wanted money for himself, the owners and his assistant whom he transferred to run the NHL, he's done so much to create a bad boy image for the NBA he himself should be up on charges. He's a disgrace to what he's allowed to happen under his watch--the cheating and betting refs, the fixed games, the owners in collusion with one another and the thugs that have taken over the game. Michael, Bird and Magic saved the game under his early watch, yet he let it become the convict league it is now.

And shame on a judicial system that lets a man walk on this charge..I hope if he ever pulls a gun on another human being, the other guy eliminates Arenas from us all.

Stern, please retire, you're old, not with it, far removed in a socio eco way from the employees of your eague and its truly a cesspool of men who glorify violence and berate women.

1673 days ago


So let me get this straight....

1. He brings a GUN to his place of employment.
2. Threatens to kill his co-worker.
3. Points the "loaded" weapon at his co-worker.
4. And gets "House Arrest"

Wow...its amazing what money can buy these days...good lawyers?
Gil...you're a disgrace to your sport and your fans! Grow up..Man up and learn from your mistakes! You should be ashamed of yourself!

1673 days ago


So Lil Wayne is in jail for a year for touching a gun on his own tour bus, and Gilbert gets 30 days in a halfway house for a worse crime!? Where is the justice?

1673 days ago


Whites are just jealous and insecure...they are the inferior race now..lol...they are falling by the wayside...they are all inbred trailer trash who sit on the porch all day with becky..snorting coke and doing meth...they molest 4 yr olds..and they run kiddie porn sites...what a sad race...they judge others because they are so unhappy and insecure with themselves...they see a world they can no longer control and it makes them angry...they are all unemployed now and have nothing better to do than to take it out on message boards with hate...thats all they are good for now...trailer trash whites need to get a life and get reality check...quit committing suicide..quit the coke snorting..quit raping 4 year olds...quit committing suicide...quit inbreeding...most of all stop being a cracker...go get a job and get out of the trailer park

1672 days ago

little old me    


He has moola and bought his way out. Another rich thug pos basketball player. Woopie friggin doo.

Any normal citizen would do a damn year in the pen easy.

The two sets of laws in the USA sucks ass.

Cops and rich people get away with more. Period.

1671 days ago
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