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Drug Stash Found at Michael Jackson's

3/26/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A newly-released search warrant details what cops found at Michael Jackson's home in the wake of his death -- and the list is long. It includes:

- 3 - 10 mg/ml 1% lydocaine vials (2 empty, 1 3/4 full)
- 1 empty bottle propofol 200 mg
- 1 pulse monometer
- 1 empty vial lorazepam 4 mg
- 2 empty vials midazolam 10mg
- 1 empty vial propofol 1g/100ml
- 1 black nylon bag
- 1 dark blue costco bag
- 1 light blue canvas bag
- 1 pill bottle with 13 tablets containing 25 mg ephedrine, 200 mg caffeine, 80 mg aspirin
- 4 vials propofol 200mg/20ml
- 2 vials 5 mg flumazenil
- 1 vial lorazepam
- 1 vial lidocane
- 200mg vials of propofol (1 full, 1 1/4 full)
- 1 empty bag I.V. drip of sodium chloride with syringe
- 1 ziplock baggy containing 18 tubes of Benoquin

Note that one of the items seized was a canvas bag. Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez told cops Dr. Murray told him to put vials of propofol in a plastic bag and put that bag in a canvas bag.


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Watch Access Hollywood on Monday exclusive interview with Jaafar Jackson, Jermaine Jackson's. It's about the "famous Stun Gun episode".

1649 days ago


I believe MJ had vitiligo but I also believe he used it as an excuse to bleach himself. 18 tubes of bleaching cream??!?!?!? Please people, use your common sense! No one needs THAT much bleaching cream!

1649 days ago


Geez. There were drugs to get knock you out and drugs to wake you back up from overdosing. Scary, scary stuff.

1649 days ago


MJ must have been the energizer bunny because short of excedrin generic I do not see any upper type stuff or am I missing it? It is all to slow down, calm down and sleep.
I want to only need that at his age.

1649 days ago


. Its possible that the items Dr. Murray asked two women to bring to him was medicines he planned on using to make Michael Jackson look like he was on ALOT of drugs. He seemed to want to demonize the man character in order to get away with what many people believe amounts to Michael Jackson being Murdered!The dead can't talk or defend themselves. Why in the blank would anyone care about finding some skin lightener cream at Michael Jackson's home when he suffered from a skin disease
? Could be he wanted back in because he forgot to do something to aid in his cover up attempt of how the man really was killed. Hmmmm Think about it.
Michael Jackson was a neat freak. Why was his room torn apart? Why would he tear his own room apart? Who tore it apart? Why the cover up. I'm just saying. This isn't rocket science. Again my heart goes out to him mother, children and sisters. Michael tried to teach the world to "love in spite of." What a sad reward he reaped.

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1649 days ago


THIS MY FRIENDS is what TMZ sent ME AS CONFIRMATION of my "blog" checking back? seems something ELSE is in place... dont see/find...dang TMZ...can u s-p-e-l-l ENQUIRER? gave ya more than ya had comin...

45. GEEEEEZ-US-HCHRIST. Im a Pharmaceutical Chemist...this is a STRAIGHT-UP negligent cause of death situation. WHO filled these scripts... these are "GOV'T CONTROLLED" (sad to say I use term lightly, BUT there are steps...things required to dispense these kinda drugs, NOT being naive, thinking rules are followed) DRUGS! SHeeeeT! DANG. Doc Murray....he shouldnt be the ONLY ONE carry'n this cross....dayuuum.
Posted at 11:06PM on Mar 26th 2010 by TorenForbes

1649 days ago


I can't belive people think he took drugs on purpose!!!! His father called him and ugly black guy with a fat nose so he was sad so he got nose surgery and then that pepsi commercial, that made his head burn that's what started all the pain medications. This poor man was in pain all his life but he dedicated it to the chilren and human beings! ( No he did not molest people i am 100% sure the took tests and even a boy said he lied about so he could get money ) so do not belive that any more! I love you michael. he is not a freak and he had a disease vitiligo that is why his skin turned white that is how the one glove came out!

1649 days ago


micheal jackson is dead good ridens !! The world is in a better place. and kids are safe.

1649 days ago


52. I believe MJ had vitiligo but I also believe he used it as an excuse to bleach himself. 18 tubes of bleaching cream??!?!?!? Please people, use your common sense! No one needs THAT much bleaching cream! by T

Clearly you do not suffer from vitiligo and hell yes you want to bleach yourself. Where it strikes turns a translucent white and the patches spread. People began pulling their hands away when your reach out for something, stare at the blotches on your face and neck instead of looking you in the eye, avoid things you have touched because they think it is contagious. It sucks and if they had a vat of the crap I would buy it and bathe in it to make it go faster. The tubes are small and are made for drug companies to make money off of so they are not that big and they likely are set up for people with small areas to treat but when your whole body becomes involved you then have to tx your face, hands, arms, other parts if you are a shorts person.
The cream is not permanent, in fact I have had some areas go hyper pigment on me for a short time then fade but over time and with Lots of cream you can get an even skin tone.

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1649 days ago


MY TOTAL BAD...I can't believe I allowed myself to be sucked into such bs..

1649 days ago

Show biz    

I am a fan. Have been since for as long as I can remember. I am not shocked. He was very influential and I am not surprised that no one could get him to stop, money talks...blah blah blah. Just a sad situation he is missed!

1649 days ago


What they neglected to include was who was the prescribing doctor - from what I've read, most of them were from Conrad Murray (and Arnold Klein). This really is not as bad as list as it looks considering there were actual ailments/conditions that Michael was battling. He was under enormous pressures in the last years of his life, and especially the last five or so months prior to his death. It doesn't mean he was a prescription drug addict, he simply took medications that were prescribed to him by his (cough) doctors. Good grief, many of us know people that literally have a pharmacy in their medicine chests but they're not considered "addicts" (perhaps hypochondriacs but not addicts, LOL!).
Oh, and he wasn't a doped up father - from all accounts he was a doting, hands-on, attentive parent. If he relied on hired help, he's no different than any other "celebrity" parent with nannies and cooks and the rest. Give it a rest.

1649 days ago


That's it? There must be more somewhere, or Murray stocked up on a regular basis.

The ephedrine mix seems to be to stimulate the heart. Ephedrine is also an antihistamine. Note: There is no Demerol. Seems Michael managed to stay off that drug, at least for the time being. I don't know what Benoquin is.

1648 days ago


"Benoquin Cream 20% is indicated for final depigmentation in extensive Vitiligo."

Guess someone said that before, I haven't read the comments. It's early morning where I am.

1648 days ago
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