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Would You Bet Against Tiger Woods?

3/26/2010 12:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Golf is easy -- at least the oddsmakers in Las Vegas think so. Tiger Woods is the favorite to win the Masters, even though he hasn't played competitive golf in months.

Tiger Woods: Click to watch
Every single gambling website we found (no, we do NOT have a gambling problem!) shows Tiger as the clear favorite across the board, with odds ranging from 2/1 to 9/2.

Phil Mickelson -- who once took time off from the PGA Tour to be by his wife's side after she was diagnosed with breast cancer -- is picked to finish second.

BTW: The guy standing behind Tiger is his renowned golf instructor, Hank Haney.

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HAHAH omg im laughing at you as is a LOT of the world right now..

you keep telling yourself "men are men" for your excuse to be a pathetic loser who feels the need to cheat.

not 18, not 50.
clearly you are the idiot here, and i think less of you then i do of tiger bc you blame it on being "a man" REAL men dont cheat. Cheaters are weak, and think with their tiny head (sadly in your case im sure both are tiny and pea brained)

comparing life to a movie? good lord LMAO

1675 days ago


Dear Tiger Woods, I hate golf and always will so I personally dont give a ratz aszz about what you or anyone else the media or people with NO life feel or think, but since I cannot escape from the nonsense, I have a question, did you know that God make women with real body parts and have natural good looks? I'm thinking after the other page had a picture of some chick you had an affair with, boy...go get your eyes checked even the one in your pants cause you must have put the condom over your head, the one on your shoulders and left ole one eye to fend for himself.

1675 days ago


HAHAH The whole office is laughing now this is great!

1675 days ago


dear tazmorocks, the only thing you said that was true is that cheaters are weak people and that is why America is so jacked up cause white men who owned slaves and raped them are the ones who've got this country so messed up.

1675 days ago

London not England    


Well that's GOOD!!!!

Maybe one of them will date you!!!

As a Matter of fact, you should go for the Boss! Like YOUR Boy Letterman did...

But loose some weight first...Bosses generally don't GO for FAT CHICKS....
which are usually the one's wasting their company;s time by "blogging" all day long with Strangers!

1675 days ago


After reading these posts, now I am informed. Tiger Woods is an angel .... no, he's a saint. He did nothing wrong whatsoever. People are just picking on him because of his race. Got it! Thank you, posters.

1675 days ago

London not England    


Now, Now Alex....One Man's Meat is another man's Poison......

I wouldn't worry about tiger's meat.....it'll still have a LOT MORE $$BUCKS$$$ than you will at the end of the day!

but this back and forth that's going on about him on TMZ is very funny!

1675 days ago

London not England    


hmmmmmmmmm somebody got VERY quiet all the sudden.. ?
LOL well there goes that theory

1675 days ago


Tiger Woods is such a DOUCHEBAG!!

1675 days ago

brits ok    

Oh Brotha. LOL If you think all of us white folk have to do is put down black folk you really don't know a lot about us. Most of us don't care any more about someone's skin colour than their eye colour. Maybe you live in deep Mississippi somewhere skin colour seems to still matter. Fact is I don't give a damn about Tigers infidelities, that's between him and his wife. I do care however about some reverse klansman talking crap about what I as a white person thinks of African Americans. You don't obviously know any decent white folk so your opinion is based on ignorance and ill informed racism. The Tiger thing is about morality not race. You and others like you both black and white are the problem with this world. So do us all a favour, sit down, shut up and keep your eyes on the floor. Not because you're black but because you are intellectually challenged and a nuisance to yourself and society in general.

1675 days ago


im sorry what theory was that?

that you are just a racist??
yeah i think i proved that theory.

1675 days ago

London not England    

#62- Karlew
and Tazmoron....

Ahhh....the old "reverse racist" crap. They old stand by phrase of denying white people.....I guess you'd try to talk away Slavery wouldn't you?!?!?!

Well, I'm not going to spend all day trying to educate White people on the every day hypocritical racist double standard bull sh!t you all pull on everyone from the President on down,....how ever I will say that it has been fun playing with you lovely folks, but I have some better things to do...
however I will say that you're extremely DUMB if you think we don't see it.

And as for the Fat girl...Tazmoron, get a Man, and stop worrying about what a wealthy Pro Athlete are doing, Screwing, or otherwise.

just some advice..

1675 days ago

London not England    

You Let em know Brotha....

they would try to tell us "slavery never happened" if they could get away with it.....

funny.....but that's okay, we all know the deal.

1675 days ago


wow. you really have a prob with comprehension huh? Maybe you should refer back and re-read.

my beautiful and lovely co worker whom is not white is also laughing at what an ASS you just made of yourself.. good god!

1675 days ago


yay! What a funny way to blow an hour! FRIDAY! here i come

1675 days ago
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