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Tiger Woods Shoots New Commercial for Nike

3/26/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Tiger Woods shot a commercial for Nike yesterday ... in his own backyard.

Tiger Woods Shoots New Commercial for Nike

Sources say Tiger -- who was wearing his trademark black and red during at least part of the shoot -- shot the commercial on the Isleworth Country Club golf course in his neighborhood in Windermere, Florida Thursday morning.

We're told a Tiger stand-in was used Wednesday to set up the shots.

As for the shoot, we're told Tiger got in and out very quickly.

The photo on the left was taken Wednesday during the set up.

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No Avatar


No more Nike! I'm not putting $$ in Cheetah's pocket for his bimbo's and for his alimony........

1682 days ago


So bad... I was just going to new shoes... won't be that brand.

1682 days ago


I am still buying Nike this doesn't change a thing.

1682 days ago


Good for Tiger....let him be. He owes us nothing. His personal life is not anyone's business. Ye without sin...

1682 days ago


Buy New Balance American shoe company and a comfortable sneaker should be priced cheaper in my opinion but good shoes.

1682 days ago


I think Tiger is an awesome golfer, but his "indiscretions" are deplorable. It's too bad corporate sponsers still reward all the sports "heros" regardless of what happens. Take that money and donate it,
but I know you don't get anything from that.

1682 days ago

Bash a Pap    

So? What's your point TMZ?

1682 days ago

too bad it wasnt a bullet    

wont be buying any nikes soon......is this how they are going to advertise........"Tiger's Cheating Nikes" get them free if you got 14 mistresses! He's an embarassment, why have this loser advertise anything, if anything he should be the poster boy for "This is Not What You Do If You Don't Want Aids"....wonder if Elin made the idiot take an AIDS TEST, after looking at all the skans he's been with...yes Im talking about that HOOKER Rachel!

1682 days ago


Is he peeing on a woman in the commercial?

1682 days ago


okay TMZ, you almost destroyed his reputation by posting every
freaking negative story about him and now you are helping rebuilding
it by posting his positive side.....................that makes you a

1682 days ago


Tiger will need some fast nike shoes when elin see`s him with another white women!!!

1682 days ago

Once white trash always WT    

Hopefully it was like a scene from the Benny Hill show except it has Cheetah, I mean Tiger chasing lots of scantily clad women around the golf course in fast motion. Then his wife shows up with a club and chases Tiger and the women around! That would be great.

1682 days ago


Crouching coward, hidden tiger.

1682 days ago


Tiger is disgusting enough and his karma will come back on him and no amount of sponsor PR diversions will protect him. He's a serial user and abuser. That's what turns his crank.

1682 days ago


Who cares about Tiger Woods? He should join Amway, they also screw anything that moves, and have ripped off millions of people for several decades, to the tune of 10s of billions of dollars:

Amway is a scam, and here's why: Amway pays out as little money as they can get away with, so they support the higher level IBOs ripping off their downline via the tool scam.

As a result, about 99% of IBOs operate at a net loss, while the top 1% make several TIMES more from their Amway tool scam than from the Amway products. This was made illegal in the UK in 2008, but our FTC is unable to pull their heads out of their butts to stop it here.

Read about it on this website: http://thenetprofitgroup.yolasite.com and forward the information to everyone you know, so they don't get scammed.

1682 days ago
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