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NOFX Singer

Banned Over

Pee-Pee Stunt

3/27/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0326_fat_mike_ex_tmz_01Fat Mike from the band NOFX just learned a very important lesson: You can't piss where you play ... and expect to be invited back.

TMZ has learned the rocker has officially been banned from Emo's Annex in Texas where he recently pulled that whole "you think you're drinking tequila but it's actually my urine" stunt.

A rep for Emo's tells us "Emo's does not condone Fat Mike's actions, and we do not encourage or condone any acts of stupidity that Fat Mike may perform."

Think before you drink.


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Fat Mike is a true entertainer. If only we could get Carrie Underwood or Miley Cyrus to piss in shot glasses and hand them out to fans.

1581 days ago


NOFX! m/
NOFX is not anti-American, just anti-Bush.

1586 days ago


You do know this band supports and participates in animal sacrifice - correct? Research google, etc., and see how they promote dog torture. Purely sick - NOTHING is creative or talented about them. True idiots that can't make a mark on the world any other way.....just like serial killers and child molesterers, they have no courage to do anything good - only harm

Nice. So support the guy that tortures animals, agrees with child pornography and abuse. Yeah, what a talent. Extremely cool.

I'll hang with my dogs, write, listen to music, drink and be at peace - while you hurt others or sit in jail. yeah - that is IT!

1586 days ago



1586 days ago


I'm sure this news won't help his new restaurant when it opens in NYC.

Who even knows if the bottle he served was really that bottle or if he is just riding out the free press on a joke he pulled.

1586 days ago


One,two,one,two,three,i gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee gotta bladder works! I gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee....I gotta poop!!

1586 days ago


For anyone who doesn't know, Fat Mike is a very successful man. Surely a multi-millionaire, Fat Mike owns a record company, and has intentionally kept NOFX out of the limelight for many years. They also have a substantial sized fanbase the world over. This was a pretty sick thing to do for sure. The point is, to those who seem to not know...Fat Mike CAN easily afford antics like this and surely has excellent lawyers.

1585 days ago


It's Fat Mike. He doesn't care. And all of you judging him just makes him stronger. He's a punk, he feeds on hate. Plus, I doubt half of you even know who he is. I mean, he's done a lotta crazy crap in his lifetime. And really, if someone on Jackass or something stupid did this, you'd all be laughing. So stop.

1585 days ago


Haha! That's nothing. The singer from Dog Fashion Disco pooped on stage and threatened to launch it into the crowd when they opened for that horrible "band" Twizted. They started a riot. The riot police came and everything. It was great!

1585 days ago


I love love love NOFX!!!! They are the best band in the world!

1584 days ago


every punk knows you NEVER drink anything given out for free at a punk show!

1584 days ago

Punk On!    

Pfft! This really is nothing. Hasn't anyone heard of GG allen?

1576 days ago

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1571 days ago


You guys are idiots. Clearly Fat Mike is way smarter than all of you.

1526 days ago


"Benjamin 437 days ago

Personally, I'd consider it an honor to drink Fat Mike's piss. He's one of the few rockers alive that I respect and when he's actually sober is one of the most talented bassists alive."

Fat Mike is one of the least talented bassists alive. He is a joke when it comes to playing the bass. I better go tell Geddy Lee, Les Claypool & Chuck Dukowski that they better watch out because Fat Mike from NOFX is a better bassist than they are.

1147 days ago
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