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NFL Star Joey Porter

Arrested for Assaulting Cop

3/27/2010 5:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter was arrested outside a Taco Bell this morning after officials say Porter put his hands on a cop.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Joey was driving in a Taco Bell parking lot in Bakersfield -- his home town -- when a friend of Joey's was stopped by police.

According to officials, Porter pulled up near the action -- too close apparently -- because a CHP officer rolled over to his car, where he detected the smell of alcohol coming from Porter's car.

Cops say the officer asked for Porter's driver's license, but he refused to hand it over. ... instead, officials say, the 33-year-old tried to roll up his window.

Cops say the officer tried to reach in the car to manually unlock the car -- and that's when Porter "slapped" the officer's hand away.

According to the CHP, the officer decided to grab Porter's arm -- and that's when things got crazy. Porter allegedly got out of his car "in a confrontational manner."

The officer claims he drew his pistol and ordered Porter to the ground, but he wouldn't comply -- though he did ultimately agree to place his hands behind his head.

Additional officers were called to the scene to aid in the arrest. Porter was eventually taken into custody and booked at a nearby jail. He was eventually charged with 3 misdemeanors -- DUI, resisting arrest and assault on a peace officer.

Porter recently signed a big fat contract with the Cardinals -- reportedly worth $17.5 million for 3 years.

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No Avatar


Sounds like a case of I'm black and the rules don't apply to me.

1670 days ago


we have a black president and we still have to deal with racist stupid police in america . I think that stupid police man should get fire and go to hell

1670 days ago


First of all: JOEY wasn't pulled over, his FRIEND was. Secondly: he wasn't HANGING out @ TB, he was driving by (yes it IS on his way home) & happened to notice his friend was pulled over. Third: what was Joey's BAL, the article doesn't state if he was given any sobriety tests. I'd love to hear the full story. We are only getting bits & pieces. Joey & his wife have always been great supporters & well respected members of the community.

1669 days ago

Dirt Burger    

The black athlete is violent by nature, the can't help it when their rage explodes in public off the field. Once their career ends, you basically just have a washed up angry black man on your hands.

1669 days ago


assault on a police officer, what a joke. Dam sissy cops.

1669 days ago


Roger Goodell will not like this

1673 days ago

John e. Wadd    

Sounds like a case of driving while black.

1673 days ago


The cop tried to run away...Porter missed that tackle as well

1673 days ago


Cops always use the old "smelled alcohol" excuse to harass and search cars...cops are harassers and historians...either bothering people or writing down happened.

1673 days ago


driving while black? or it could be shotty journalism and as we did not hear why his friend was being pulled over or if Porter had alcohol in his system. Either way when a cops ask you for your license and your in a car (specially CHP) dont let your money get in the way of your thinking process. Maybe you ment "driving while being a ****ER"?

1673 days ago


Cops are never wrong. (wink whink)

1673 days ago

Tom E. Lee    

Yo baby Yo! Its a "Barry World"! No accountability, da man keep me down! Little Malt, kicking it in my Cadillac, yo where are all the white women!!

1673 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

BAKERSFIELD......the armpit of California

1673 days ago


This just proves you can take the man out of the slum but you can't take the slum out of the man!

1673 days ago


What an idiot!!

1673 days ago
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