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NFL Star Joey Porter

Arrested for Assaulting Cop

3/27/2010 5:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter was arrested outside a Taco Bell this morning after officials say Porter put his hands on a cop.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Joey was driving in a Taco Bell parking lot in Bakersfield -- his home town -- when a friend of Joey's was stopped by police.

According to officials, Porter pulled up near the action -- too close apparently -- because a CHP officer rolled over to his car, where he detected the smell of alcohol coming from Porter's car.

Cops say the officer asked for Porter's driver's license, but he refused to hand it over. ... instead, officials say, the 33-year-old tried to roll up his window.

Cops say the officer tried to reach in the car to manually unlock the car -- and that's when Porter "slapped" the officer's hand away.

According to the CHP, the officer decided to grab Porter's arm -- and that's when things got crazy. Porter allegedly got out of his car "in a confrontational manner."

The officer claims he drew his pistol and ordered Porter to the ground, but he wouldn't comply -- though he did ultimately agree to place his hands behind his head.

Additional officers were called to the scene to aid in the arrest. Porter was eventually taken into custody and booked at a nearby jail. He was eventually charged with 3 misdemeanors -- DUI, resisting arrest and assault on a peace officer.

Porter recently signed a big fat contract with the Cardinals -- reportedly worth $17.5 million for 3 years.

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Indrid Cold    

I don't think Canada would take you, D. Try further north. When you get to a pole, ask for "Santa" and don't stick your tongue on it while you wait. (I know you'll want to...)

1634 days ago


Ah the smell of alcohol, and its aftermath - www.CheerzHangover.com

1634 days ago


He was eventually charged with 3 misdemeanors -- DUI, resisting arrest and assault on a PEACE officer.

He assaulted a PEACE officer? Looks like high quality writing skills.
Maybe you need me to be the editor.

1634 days ago


Think about it.. You only hear about crooked cops in the news, because American society is hellbent on drama and bad publicity. You honestly think people would give a rats ass if they had news coverage of all the decent men in uniform who sacrificed their own lives to protect us?

Yes there are plenty of dirty cops, but their are plenty more heroic police officers of honor.

1634 days ago


2. John e. Wadd
You are a clueless loser and typical of the ignorance in this country.

1634 days ago

F. Attorneys    

A law enforcement officer is also called a "Peace Officer", John. Retarded douchebag.

1634 days ago


Why the hell does everything have to turn into a racial argument on here? Ignorance is not confined to one race. Stupidity is everywhere.

1634 days ago


This oppositionally defiant drunk had no business interfering with police and screw him. All this whitey has it in for the brothas is insane. What blacks do to each other is a shame and not news because it is so common. The normal blacks stay quiet because they will be vilified if they speak out against another black. You still worry about light skin and good hair and as long as you are preoccupied with that you will never deal with the real issues. Meanwhile a lot of the best looking blacks go outside their race to get away from it.

1634 days ago


What an IDIOT !

1634 days ago


R u really that stupid ? Using your logic, you can drive drunk in a mall, stadium parking lot etc. You are truely an idiot

1634 days ago


23215. The department may, but shall not be required to, provide patrol or enforce the provisions of Section 23152 for offenses which occur other than upon a highway.

1634 days ago


hey, roadside lawyers, read the section above.

1634 days ago


Are you ppl slow? He pressed up on a cop pulling his friend over....so close the cop smelled liquor on his dumbass.

He asked for his ID and he put up his window...OH WELL then i guess the cop should just forget it!! The he slaps his hand? Gets violent with a gun pointed at him?

If i was the cop i woulda put one between the 5's...but then again im a Phins fan.

The guys in jail should love Joeys mid drift shirts he wears...his belly button will turn them on.

1634 days ago


Lindsy Lohan was involved in this somehow.

1634 days ago


throw the book at him for whatever it's worth........these rich, immature fat slugs think they're better than the rest of us...they get spoiled with the big bucks too early in life

1634 days ago
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