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Dr. Murray: Why Apologize? I Did Nothing Wrong

3/28/2010 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayTMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray has not reached out to Michael Jackson's family to apologize for the death of the singer. As for why Dr. Murray has not apologized ... he believes he did nothing improper that would have led to Jackson's death.

A source connected to Dr. Murray tells TMZ ... Dr. Murray does not believe the Propofol he administered to the singer killed him, not withstanding the L.A. County Coroner's conclusion that Jackson died from a lethal overdose of the anesthetic.

The source tells TMZ the reason Dr. Murray never told paramedics about administering Propofol is because he had no idea the drug was a factor in Jackson's demise.

As for allegedly hiding Propofol bottles in the closet at Jackson's house ... Dr. Murray's people note it was the doctor himself who informed LAPD detectives two days after Jackson's death that the bottles were in the closet.


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r.s first comment    

That charlatan did everything wrong.First he should have said "no thanks" to the deal as i read 5-6 doctors priorly did. No need to again repeat all wrongs, some were medical others destroying evidence and lying,lying. His best hope now is to follow lawyers adcice nr 3) Introduce as much confusion as possible.
He had practised gross, grand malpractice for too long to turn around and have Michael admitted to a hospital for needed tests
(SLE and lungfuction)He was too deep in,couldn´t turn around, and above all the money.His hope lies with the confusion and an OJSimpson jury.A lot of work for coroners, anaeshtelogists,addiction specialists do and be able to pesent this in a simple enough way.-insanity defence will not work
personaly disorder will not do. He was a psychopath with psychopahtic charm to go with it.

1624 days ago


Guys...can't you see what's going on? It's getting rediculous. MJ isn't dead. Nothing could be handled this way, ever.

People are blind!

1624 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

That idiotic doctor admitted to being the one to give MJ that shot that took his life, I have kept every story since MJ's death, so he is lying again, this guy would not know the truth if it ran up and bit him you know where. You want to talk about looks, look at this doctor, have you seen his face? When I first saw his pic in June, yeah when he tried to take off, he was always with that stupid grin on his face, well he isn't grinning now! Well he did take off to lawyer up. What about these security guards that spoke up, and how about that no mind calling MJ's 2 oldest kids up, have you read what they saw? Those kids will never forget the last time they saw their dad's face, and this is this cardiologist, how brilliant is he?NOT! And he has admitted on more than one occasion that he was the one who gave MJ the shot, now he changes his story again. Now if that was one of us we would have been charged, and convicted right away, handcuffed, dragged out in shackles, you name it, maybe trip a couple of times on the way to the jail accidently on purpose no doubt. I say quit pussy footing around this lying coward, and charge him already, and find that girlfriend too. Our MJ can not speak for himself so by gosh his family, and fans sure as hell will, and there are a lot more of us than there are our beautiful MJ, and we will not let him be tossed aside, or forgotten, together we will stand, hand in hand, and heart to heart.

1623 days ago


I don't blame him, I'd apologize but maybe he doesn't have to. Why is that? I've said it before and I'll write it again, Michael Jackson has wanted to die for a long time just like his hero Elvis and he finally did it. While Dr. Murray shares in the responsibility of his death, Michael knew the risks of such lethal drugs and pishposhed them much like many others before him have done and ended up taking "the dirt nap". In this case the "mausoleum nap". Dr. Murray will forever be hated and sneered at wherever he goes in the world for the rest of his life. He doesn't need a jail sentence. I think it would be more cruel to allow him to walk around free and hunted by every Michael Jackson impersonator and fanatic in the world. This man will receive instead of pleasent greetings, punches in the face. People will spit at him and strike at him with all of the hate they should save for the Scott Peterson's and Adolph Hitler's of the world. This man had no malice nor harmful intent while administering these lethal drugs to that drug addict on a self-indulgent trip, Michael Jackson. Dr. Murray will forever be the man you love to hate and the scourge of every MJ fan throughout the world. There is no place in this world that he can retire to in peace and quiet and safety. Yes, safety form the Michael Jackson crackpots of the world. I feel sorry for him. Who is/was the victim here, Michael "I wanna hang with Elvis" Jackson or Dr Conrad "This won't hurt a bit" Murray? Ask yourself that very same question, who is the victim? An even better question for all of you Dr. Murray haters out there, given the same circumstances, would you have said no to Michael "I've got all the money in the world" Jackson and walked away or stood there and sweetly asked him to roll up his sequin laiden sleeve. Be sure and remove the glove first.

1619 days ago


I'm sorry people but I cannot call Murray a doctor because doctors take an oath to do no harm.

Murray says he has nothing to apologize for even though:

(1.)Administered a potentially heart stopping drug in a patient without necessary medical equipment available that is needed to restart the patients heart

(2.) Failed to call 911 get the patient sufficient medical help that was only a few minutes away,
(3.) Failed to place the patients body on a hard surface to administer more efficient CPR, until he was told to do so.

(4.) Supposedly left a patient alone unsupervised, and unmonitored after he adminstered a potentially heartstopping drug, and possibly other sedation drugs in the patient.

(5.) Made several other telephone calls, during or after, the patient suffered cardiac arrest, but failed to call 911 for almost, or over an hour to get the patient sufficient medical help that could have saved the patients life.

(6.)Even though the coroner states the heart stopping drug was administered by a medical professional,and not my the patient, Murray blamed the sedated patient for self administering the potentially heart stopping drug that ended up killing the patient.

(7.)Failed to notify other medical professionals he'd administered a potential heart stopping drugs and other sedation drugs in the patient even though, he believed the patient was in cardiac arrest.

(8.)Falsely stated how much of the heart stopping drug he administerd in the patient. NOW HE HAS THE NERVE TO SAY HE HAS NOTHING TO APOLOGIZE ABOUT? In my opinion this man has no concious and is a reckless self serving individual who shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine on an animal. I'd hide stuffed animals from him

In my opinion, Murray not only broke the OATH he took TO DO NO HARM, it seems like he was working harder to make sure the patient died before calling 911 for help.

No wonder he wanted to MONITOR everything that happened to the patient while his body was in the ambulance and in the hospital.

Notice he didn't sign the death certificate... I could go on but a person would have to hate Michael Jackson or be living under a rock to conclude Michael killed himself.

I do however believe Michael did kill himself the minute he trusted Murray to take care of his health.

Murray and I can agree on one thing and that is, Dead men don't talk and tell what really happened to him.

I understand that to a degree, the coroner can help Michaels body tell some of what happened to him, but no one could tell it like Michael.

Now Murray is still allowed to practice on other patients and was only given a criminal charge that will amount to a slap on his hand, for the wrong he did to Michael Jackson.

It is more likely than not that, Murrays lawyer and he will use the trial as a means to write a book and get rich. Michael will still be dead and his poor mother, children and everyone who loves will still be in pain.

This is how we thank a man who went down in Guinea book of recors for giving more money to charities, the sick and dying than any other entertainer in history.

All I can say is, Thank GOD there is a GOD and Thank GOD for JESUS.

<--Mspaap>( Hater replys will be promptly deleted with a smile )

1607 days ago


Conrad Murray was the SUPPLIER therefore he was the killer. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out. Murray took the job because of his greed for money and he'd supply whatever requested in order to get the money.

1599 days ago

shine Holding    

I agree. I think people need to value the honesty of people and I am sick of the "victims" out there demanding apologies. I lose respect for someone who backtracks for the sake of political correctness.

1589 days ago

love Michael Jackson    

Michael Jackson didn't administer a dam thing! That so-called doctor should have had someone to watch Michael if he needed a break. Knowing that he was on such a powerful drug and it only puts him to sleep for 5-10 minutes if he was gone for two minutes then Michael still would have been sleep. He hid the drugs in the closet and left one to make his story look good. Did you put Michael; fingerprint on the bottle!! That was a set up like a dam play. You want to play tough like you did nothing and you refuse to apologize because it make you seem guilty and you are! You did it Doctor!! We put Doctors in jail too!! You left a patient who was on power medication unattended! This man put his life in your hands, he trusted you and you gave him a extra dose so you could talk on the phone to your girl-friend you deserve some prison time it was neglience !!!!! You killed Michael Doctor!!!!!! you deserve to do some time.

1456 days ago


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1230 days ago
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