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Dr. Murray: Why Apologize? I Did Nothing Wrong

3/28/2010 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayTMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray has not reached out to Michael Jackson's family to apologize for the death of the singer. As for why Dr. Murray has not apologized ... he believes he did nothing improper that would have led to Jackson's death.

A source connected to Dr. Murray tells TMZ ... Dr. Murray does not believe the Propofol he administered to the singer killed him, not withstanding the L.A. County Coroner's conclusion that Jackson died from a lethal overdose of the anesthetic.

The source tells TMZ the reason Dr. Murray never told paramedics about administering Propofol is because he had no idea the drug was a factor in Jackson's demise.

As for allegedly hiding Propofol bottles in the closet at Jackson's house ... Dr. Murray's people note it was the doctor himself who informed LAPD detectives two days after Jackson's death that the bottles were in the closet.


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apologise?? whaaaatttt this mans a hero :) apologise????

1648 days ago

just an observation    

What happened here?

1648 days ago


Murray did so many things wrong! Giving propofol in a home,giving CPR on a bed,waiting to call 911,hidding evidence and list goes on and on! This should be murder2!

1648 days ago



Der MALIBU Michael Jackson & Family Fan Club veranstaltet am 17. April 2010 die Demonstration 'JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON' in Berlin. Die Demo findet am Alexanderplatz statt! Malibu ruft ALLE FANS auf, sich an dieser Demo zu beteiligen!!! Für Gerechtigkeit. Für Respekt. FÜR MICHAEL!

Wann? 17. April 2010

Wo?Berlin Alexanderplatz

Uhrzeit? 13-18 Uhr

Die Ziele:

* Wir möchten der Welt zeigen, wie viel uns Michael bedeutet!
* Wir fordern ein Umdenken in den Köpfen der Menschen
* Michael soll nicht länger als 'der Freak' abgestempelt werden
* Wir klären über gängige Missverständnisse und Fehlinformationen auf
* Wir fordern einen fairen Prozess

Wichtig: Es soll eine Demo FÜR MICHAEL und nicht gegen Murray sein!

Bastelt Banner, überlegt Euch Sprechchöre, überlegt Euch Aktionen für Michael.

Plakate wie zum Beispiel 'Kill Murray' oder ähnliches werden nicht unterstützt und dürfen nicht mitgebracht werden!

Zeigen wir allen Menschen, wie viel Spaß Michael bringen kann, wie viel er uns geben kann!

Das klappt aber nur, wenn auch wir deutschsprachigen Fans geschlossen hinter Michael stehen und durch eine große Anzahl an Demonstranten zeigen, wie wichtig uns Michael ist!

Großbritannien hat es geschafft.

Frankreich hat es geschafft.


Das ist UNSERE CHANCE, einem großen Publikum zu zeigen, wofür wir Michael lieben!

Was solltet ihr mitbringen?[tt_news]=1779&cHash=30491530bf5f980f7dca06898885b817

1648 days ago


...the reason Dr. Murray never told paramedics about administering Propofol is because he had no idea the drug was a factor in Jackson's demise...
A doctor had no idea that the drug he has been regularly administering could be a factor???? That's the most crazy statement I've ever heard. Maybe he's not a doctor at all?

1648 days ago


Someone replied to me saying that the coroner's report said MJ was 5'9 and 136 pounds. That is nonsense. 136 pounds is not that skinny for 5'9. The man was a walking skeleton. I know where the poster got his erroneous information from - the NY Times. Anybody can clearly see that MJ was no 136 pounds. Also, it is not possible to accurately measure the height of a corpse. He was in fact 5'10. Lay down on the floor and have someone try and measure your height. Lastly, it is absurd to think that Dr. Murray would administer a mega dose of propofol to MJ and then leave the room. I bet the moron detectives didn't look for fingerprints on the iv bag nor the vial.

Oh, and lastly.. MJ is dead! Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead! A lifetime of lies and drug abuse. Good riddance.

1648 days ago


Oh let us all be blessed by The One.
He was killed on a cross of bad drugs by Dr. Judas Murray so he could rise again. He is not dead. He has risen to show the true path to pedophiles. He has come to teach us high priced lawyers will lead them to the promise land. Michael shares with us the glory of peeing in coke bottle before children. Michael has told us about giving "Jesus Juice" to the young. Michael is the Trinity.
He is The One, The King, and The Greatest.
Come lets prepare for the Great service of the Michaelmas.

1648 days ago


Conrad Murray better watch his back!! He can lie all he wants-he'd better hope God is in a good mood when his day comes!!

1648 days ago



1648 days ago


Where are all the user names??? This is weird...


1648 days ago


Dear Doc, My mom always said "What you do in the dark will come to light." Looks like the spot light is on your DUMBASS!!!

1648 days ago


And the links??????

1648 days ago


OK one minute the nics show up and the next they do not. WTH?


1648 days ago


What? so you up-date the comment section and delete over half the thread. I wasn't being rude or mean to the people on this board and neither was some of the other poster's. We voiced our opinion on Murry. So some people can talk bad about MJ but we can't say what we think about the quack? Can you tell I don't like being censored.

1648 days ago



TMZ upgraded their system. But it seems there are a few bugs that need to be worked out.


1648 days ago
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