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Chaz Bono

Gender Reassignment Complete

3/29/2010 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of court documents in which a doctor states he performed "an irreversible surgical procedure for the purpose of altering Chaz Bono's sex characteristics from female to male."

Chaz Bono

According to the docs, on September 23, 2009, Dr. Michael Brownstein performed the operation.

The specifics of the procedure are not outlined, but the Dr. says, "Chaz Bono has completed his gender reassignment surgery."

In the "Petition for Change of Name and Gender" filed with the court, Chaz asks for a legal change from female to male.


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WOW. I don't know him but I do not think that he will be any happier now that the surgery has been completed. I agree with #6 in saying I hope you don't commit suicide.
I am sure that the number of boyfriends that Cher had has anything to do with such a drastic procedure.

1635 days ago


Half Breed, Thats what Cher meant with her hit song.
The Beat Go's On..........

1635 days ago


Has Playgirl made him an offer yet? LOL!

1635 days ago

Once white trash always WT    

From an ugly woman to an ugly man. Wow, some transformation. Wack job....

1635 days ago


This is what skank Jolie is trying to do to that poor
child Shiloh...always dressing her like a boy and giving her a boy's
haircut. Pitt has no b@lls to stand by and let that skank do that to
his daughter. Shame on him. It's not surprising that Jolie would do it to her though.

1635 days ago


Good luck to you, Chaz. I support you 100%. It's your life and your choice. God bless you! I know he does.

1635 days ago


Congrats on the new schlong...

1635 days ago


As a 44 year old FEMALE, I absolutely ADORE CHAZ! I think he seems like one of the absolute NICEST, most sincere, articulate, friendly and REAL men out there in the world. Instead of people making RUDE ass comments ask yourself how YOU would like to spend over 40 years TRAPPED IN THE WRONG BODY. I think it is truly wonderful and inspirational that Chaz has done this to make himself happy and it is obviously working as he now is beginning to feel complete, fulfilled and happy. I have loved Sonny & Cher since I was 5 but I actually admire Chaz much more. How I would love to speak or meet him to tell him just how much I admire him. I hope everyone gets off his back and shows some RESPECT fpr all the turmoil he has had to endure during his life and instead support him and ADMIRE him!

You go Chaz! I wish you only GOOD LUCK. A HUGE fan of yours!

Miranda, North Carolina

1635 days ago


I find it hilarious when people post things like "aren't there more important things we should be discussing?"

Answer: not when you're commenting on an article on

If you want to discuss more important things, go to CNN or MSNBC.

1635 days ago


I agree something really horrible must have happened to Chaz to make IT want to change from female to man. Nothing wrong with being a man but she was born a female. God put her as a female not a male. I have nothing agianst homosexuals but I do have something against individuals that change decides to change their gender. Don't give me this bull crap about not feeling right and being the wrong gender. NONE Of us are born incorrectly and wrong.

1635 days ago


I agree with "What is it?" But cha know what? You just can't fix UGLY! I'm sorry Chastity, Chaz, what ever you call yourself, you were ugly as a woman and you are ugly as a man.

1635 days ago


Hey, LISA K,

You are SUCH AN IDIOT! You said NO ONE is ever born the WRONG gender? HOW ignorant of a human being are you? You MUST live in a trailer, watch Jerry Springer, do drugs and be completetly and totally UNEDUCATED! MOST of us are not bron in the "wrong" gender..but planty of people are born in the WRONG BODY. Do you honestly believe anyone would choose, just for the HELL OF IT to CHANGE their gender and sex?? Attention TMZ readers: Watch out for dumb asses like Lisa K. They are the idiots and fools that also voted for OBAMA................

1635 days ago


Seriously dude.... dude.... dude

Lose some friggen weight now ! Holy hell OMG, son of a !

Have you called Jenny ? Cause ya need to !


1635 days ago


I'm an FTM and before you preach about how I won't be happy or I'm going against nature I stopped listening to you ppl.What I do have a problem with is while the rest of us struggle to afford surgeries, and hormone therapy who must have phsyche evaluations and jump through hoops- I knew someone so desperate they bought illegal hormones because the wait and the expense was too much. In UK surgeries are free and the hormone therapy is inexpensive, the whole process is easier.
Chaz only proves that because "he" has cash and can fast track his change, first of all you're suppose to lose weight before surgery (fat has estrogen) and he doesn't look like he has. In the US this is "cosmetic" and a procedure for the well off. Chas should have come out and brought more awareness to how much time and money this procedure takes but not in other countries.
And on an ending note 1 in 12 transgendered will end up murdered over it- so really the problem is not with us- it's with you who decided to hate us over what is our own private business- not yours.

1635 days ago


Good luck Chaz. God still loves you! I'm sure your mom does too.

1635 days ago
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