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Chaz Bono

Gender Reassignment Complete

3/29/2010 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of court documents in which a doctor states he performed "an irreversible surgical procedure for the purpose of altering Chaz Bono's sex characteristics from female to male."

Chaz Bono

According to the docs, on September 23, 2009, Dr. Michael Brownstein performed the operation.

The specifics of the procedure are not outlined, but the Dr. says, "Chaz Bono has completed his gender reassignment surgery."

In the "Petition for Change of Name and Gender" filed with the court, Chaz asks for a legal change from female to male.


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chicken head    

guess she can pee standing up now

1634 days ago


There was a gal, all soft and gooey, who went and got herself a Louie. She was a she, but wanted to be, a manly man who was a he. So on the doctor sewed a d-ck, it looks just like a little stick, but what you did just ain't so slick, cuz dude, you know you're still a chick.

1634 days ago


I love this comment a poster made"

"we don't like these people!
Or some of you christians might like to beat Chaz with your bibles. As if your self righteous words are not enough. Lighten up people. It really is not about you."


LMAO!!! MOHAMED hahahaha

1634 days ago


If he would loose some weight, then perhaps get fit with a lot of push ups and jogging, Then a bit of plastic surgery to fix the ugly face, he then could possible go out and attract himself a nice hot gay fella.

1634 days ago


Will "Mr. Garrett" still have his/her period? In which case, all helshe has accomplished is a mutilated genetalia.

1634 days ago


So, How big is her penis?

1634 days ago


I guess I can only say that I hope this makes Chaz happy after fighting demons in her/his head for so many years. Personally I think it is a rather drastic step to take; happiness is usually something found from within the heart and soul not by outwardly appearances. How very bizarre that changing your sex is even an option. I have absolutely no problem with same sex marriages, gay pride, etc. etc.; who you love is your own personal right. But to think that mutilating your body will bring peace of mind, there's something not quite right there.
For all the children around the world that are born with deformities that they can never hope to repair due to cost and/or location, or that it cannot safely be done - and to think they will learn to cope and live their lives without intervention - having a sex change seems very selfish and trivial.

1634 days ago


So now that Chazz is a SHIM, is he a TOP or a BOTTOM?

1633 days ago


67. How sad. No matter which hormones she takes, no matter what body part she has surgically altered, no matter how she dresses, no matter what name she calls herself, every cell in her body will still always carry the two X chromosomes. In other words, she will always be a girl.

Posted at 7:43PM on Mar 29th 2010 by WiddoMouse


A major issue with the whole sex change thing is that how in the world does someone of one sex "KNOW" that they are born in the wrong body? How in the world does someone "KNOW" what is "SHOULD" feel like to be the opposite sex???

I feel like people who believe that they are trapped in the wrong body have a whole host of deeper issues, because there is NO WAY POSSIBLE to " KNOW" what it should feel like to BE in the other sex's body!

The only thing the is believed is the "imagined" sense of what one believes it should feel like, not necessarily how it is. It is all imagined.

How in the world can a man KNOW that he should be a woman, when all women DO NOT FEEL THE SAME! Each individual is just that, an individual.

How in the world does Chaz know that she should be a man? Not. There is some imagined fantasy that once that far reached goal is achieved, there will be relief, and some alleviation of deep seated misery, however it is my opinion that much of this is 'imagined' as no one can possibly KNOW what living life as the opposite gender should feel like.

No two people of the same gender feel the same way, we are all individuals. It's likely the wish that the current feelings of misery, self-loathing, and confusion will disappear once the gender change has occurred, but doubtful.

1633 days ago

SHE was born a WOMAN, SHE will always BE a WOMAN and SHE will die a WOMAN.

SHE was born with WOMAN parts, and SHE CAN NOT CHANGE matter how many damn surguries SHE gets. Quit calling this stupid b**** a man! SHE will NEVER be able to FATHER children!

So let's just change the subject, shall we?

Let's focus on Dr. Conman Murray's lying a**, and that civil suit Joe Jackson plans to file against him. I can't wait to find out what physical illnesses(I am sure there were many) MJ had.

1633 days ago


And see how happy "he" is? "He" only had to gain 200 lbs to really feel good about "his" new self. Really? DNA never lies. You'll always be a female, no matter what you sew onto yourself.

1633 days ago


brave, brave, brave///very few go that direction all the way///what pain he must've felt previously in that body

1633 days ago


The doctor should have done some gastric bypass surgery while he was at it...

1633 days ago


ANOTHER SIGN OF THE END TIMES WE LIVE IN. Thank you Holly wood very much.

1633 days ago

Jean Bruce    

Poor Cher...this is really effed up!!

1633 days ago
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