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Jennifer Aniston

Nice Butler

3/29/2010 1:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official ... Jennifer Aniston has been Butlered.

As Gerard Butler and Jen struck poses from the front, an enterprising photog got the real story from behind.

The pics were taken on the Seine River in Paris, during their tour hawking "The Bounty Hunter."

Looks like the hunter caught his prey.


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RIP Michael    

"No, I just let my hemmorhoids hang out all the time so the fresh breeze circulating under my short mini skirt can reach full circulation potential. Thanks ever so much for asking!
Posted at 10:39PM on Mar 28th 2010 by Say what?"

Hemmorhoids are definitely the worst pain in the @ss and not funny for those who have them. Maybe he was applying some Preparation H to soothe her kind of him!

1565 days ago


Jennifer is nothing more than a common slut. She sleeps with every damn co star she appears in a movie with. I mean give me a break already. Even with all the millions she has, she still cant buy any class.

1565 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

Sexual foreplay, he got caught. You all might want to get your vag stroked secretly from behind. The finger slides along next to the naughty crack while others look on......Hot!
Don't knock hot sexual maneuver if you haven't tried them. Go spice it up!

1565 days ago


85. tp -

Get your fact straight, idiot. Tate Donovan and Sandra Bullock dated in the early '90s and were finito by mid 1994. TD then took up with a woman who was not a celebrity. IIRC she was a makeup artist or something like that. He then went to do a guest spot on Friends in early 1995 and hooked up with Aniston on the set. Aniston knew he had a pregnant girlfriend.
BTW, you don't even want to get me started on how Aniston then dumped Tate Donovan but didn't tell him. She got her agent to set her up on a blind date with Brad Pitt, slept with him the first night and moved him into her house a few days later. Tate Donovan found out from a paparazzi on the street that Aniston had moved Pitt into his spot in her bed. Aniston is a great big ho-bag and always has been. Or do you not know that the male writers on Friends used to brag about how Aniston would let them bang her if they'd give her a few extra lines per show or the best jokes. Go over to the Smoking Gun and check it out moron. It's all in a lawsuit filed by a former female writer.
Nobody would care about Butler doing Aniston if they hadn't spent the last 5 months pretending like they weren't doing it. They're adults and if they're too stupid to say they're friends with bennies, then at least do the public the courtesy of NOT lying like a rug everytime they flap their gums.

1565 days ago


Is it just me or do the men in Jennifer's life treat her poorly? I don't think this picture is a positive for Jen or the jerk with the hand.

1565 days ago

The Deal!    


He stole my move.

1565 days ago

Sing Sing    

Damn, so many self-righteous b-tches on this board tonight. First of all, both of them are young and sexy. Yes, YOUNG and SEXY. Anyone who is going to deny otherwise is obviously projecting insecurities and are quite pathetic. Second of all, what's wrong with two young and sexy people flirting in private? They didn't know someone was taking a pic of them from behind. It was obviously intended to be a private act. Any man who is a real man does crazy sh-t like that every once in a while. I like classy guys, but also guys who can be uncontrollable badasses every once in a while, too. If my man did that to me, I'd be turned on, but quickly swat his hand away at the same time. Maybe Jen didn't have enough time to swat it away, though, or maybe she was too focused on the picture, or she didn't want to call attention to it in front of others. Either way, it's NOT A BIG DEAL. Real mean do crazy sh-t sometimes and this does not reflect poorly on Jen at all (since she didn't invite the groping). And I don't think it reflects poorly on Gerry either. I think it proves that he's just like any other testosterone-driven manly man. Anyone who is hating is obviously jealous of either of the two. Go get lives and leave these two alone.

1565 days ago


Disgusting. I am very surprised she would allow a man to treat her in this way. Tmz forgot to put down the option that he's using her as she's hoping he is falling in love, because that is what it looks like from this angle. Even in long term relationships i would never allowed a man to do that. gross. really classless and crass.

1565 days ago


Jen Anus ton is desparate for a man and attention. Turning 40 only made her worse! She is trying to prove to Brad Pitt that he dumped what every other man wants. But he has better things to do like raise 6 kids, do tremendous humanitarian work and be in love with Angelina probably the most beautiful woman in the world. What has Jen ANUS ton stood for? what is her favorite cause?? HERSELF. And sleeping with Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, Gerard Butler and anyone she can hook for a quick romp. She is not pretty, she has a big chin and eyes too close together. She will not get prettier as she ages and she is desparate. She didnt want kids with Brad, now he has 6 kids, and she has had 6 men hitting her and disrespecting her. Her movies are pathetic, made for people with an IQ of 50. She is a big Anus Ton loser!

1565 days ago

Sing Sing    

Btw, any girl/woman who is all up in arms over this very minuscule act of flirting (which was intended to be private) better check on what their men are up to when they aren't around. You all sound like such prudes! Don't be surprised if your men end up in the arms of another girl who knows how to relax and have a little fun.

1565 days ago


Nice photog!
Oh, # 14. 'I would never let,....'; no worries no one's likely to want to bugger you I'd guess.
On the topic' it takes a sturdy hand to carry a lass like a bowling ball.

1565 days ago


He does some really strange things sometimes. When he and
Katherine were promoting the ugly truth, he was licking all
over her. I'd say it was disrespectful but I'm sure he is
going to be told about it. They are talking to the press so
if he is really doing something she could hardly hit him.
Knowing him, he may have just made it look that way to be funny.
He pulls stuff like that all the time.

1565 days ago


Aniston is like the Hollywood bicycle. Everyone gets a ride. Both of them are gross.

1565 days ago


167. Btw, any girl/woman who is all up in arms over this very minuscule act of flirting (which was intended to be private) better check on what their men are up to when they aren't around. You all sound like such prudes! Don't be surprised if your men end up in the arms of another girl who knows how to relax and have a little fun.

Posted at 11:48PM on Mar 28th 2010 by Sing Sing

Any woman who worries herself about something as stupid as what you said, should just kill herself immediately. Guess what, the world census states there's more than one man on earth. Imagine that?

And get this, any man who has to prove anything to anybody by digging up his girlfriend's butt in public is a disgusting slob who should only date barn animals and other men, who enjoy taking it up the butt. Skippy, how's that for ya?

1565 days ago


This is nasty, this guy is a jerk. I won't watch this junk.

1565 days ago
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