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Cops Also Worried About

Lindsay Lohan

3/29/2010 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops Fear for Lindsay Lohan's HealthThe people closest to Lindsay Lohan aren't the only ones who are alarmed at her condition -- some police officers who routinely come in contact with Lindsay tell TMZ they have thought seriously about forcing her to get help.

Cops who see Lindsay at her worst -- late nights and early mornings when she needs assistance avoiding the paparazzi -- tell TMZ they have been concerned about her "erratic behavior" and "attitude," which have grown progressively worse over the last few months.

We're told during one of Lindsay's crazier nights out recently, cops became so concerned they discussed taking her in for a 5150 evaluation.

Cops decided against it because she didn't meet all the criteria for a 5150 -- they felt she could still take care of herself, though feebly.

As we first reported, a professional who is extremely close to Lindsay fears she's going to die if she doesn't get help for substance abuse ... stat.


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What a vicious cycle she is on... As long as she is linked to drugs, she will never find respectable work... I am sure her being out of work, has caused her to be depressed and depend on drugs more. Maybe her family can intervine with a court order.

1677 days ago

Nancy "O"    

The girl needs a drink, a cigarette, another "fatty" and a sober coach.

1677 days ago


OMG she has a probation officer. She is on probation for DUI and drugs possession. It should not be this hard to bring her into custody. If the cops are so worried they should bring her in for suspicion of being under the influence of an illegal substance, she is on probation it is not that hard. She is not entitled to the same rights of privacy that a citizen who is not on probation is. If she was anyone else she would have been jailed and violated a long time ago.

Why is she not being subjected to random drug test? This celeb treatment is BS.

1677 days ago


Why isn't the family getting together and pulling a 'Britney Spears' on her the way Britney's family did? Lindsay WILL die and she's going to die soon if someone doesn't step in. As far as the cops NOT taking her in on a 5150? Well, that was just stupid. They should have. I guarantee you that if it were any of us just 'regular' people, LOL, we would have been taken in! I'm sick and tired of these celebrities being 'babied' all the time. Shame on the family and shame on the officers for not taking her in. If you're 'wondering' whether or not you should take her in, then she probably should have been taken in!

1677 days ago


send her to me and i can help her.

1677 days ago


So, let the skank die. She did us a favor by killing her career.

1677 days ago


Instead of everyone watching her do the death spiral, they should all take action.

I can't believe that all of America sits there watching and are going to just let this happen.

Whether you like her or not, she is a human being and she does not deserve to die.

Those around her should do something before it gets any worse.

1677 days ago


Not a fan of hers but I must say I have become concerned over her. I would not want to hear that she had died. Where are her friends and family. I know she probably doesn't speak to her family but her friends should try to help her. I also know she is probably really really hard to handle and may not let the right people into her life. so sad.

1677 days ago


Who cares!

1677 days ago


Let me honest....if she wants help she will get it.
If she doesn't want help and she dies, well she dies.

I am tired of the media making a big deal about Lindsay L and
making excuses for her. She has put herself in this situation. She is an adult.

If she lives, she lives and if she dies, she dies....

Can we move on now, to something else?

1677 days ago


This is pathetic! Scores-of-bored writing in their advice and concern over a Lindsay "Who-ma'am?" Unbelievable burger-flippers and daydreamers distracting from their little every day failures: Some even have the I.Q. of a donut!
The bag-lady on the corner deserves more attention than this!When does the "Stinkernet" come so that these people can smell celebrity-farts? And Vote,too! And, what's the latest on that bag of rice that fell over in China? "Lindsay's Lifeless."In a more sad state!

1677 days ago


Maybe the cops should stop responding when she calls for help. It is only enabling her to go out and do what she wants and it is wasting taxpayer's money. I don't see how she doesn't fit the criteria for a 5150.

1677 days ago


LL is interesting in a "Oh look at what your drunk pet monkey did now - LMFAO!!!" kind of way. I particularly enjoyed the shots of her falling in a hedge; but not sure if that was due to the eyes rolling around inside her empty head or the slack lipped potential for significant quantities of drool to leak out of her mouth before she barfs in her Hermes bag.

1677 days ago


I dont think the taxpayers are going to appreciate this. How about helping people that need it, like starving people in the streets.

1677 days ago


thats a purdy picture of her! doesn't look like she is dying to me! let the girl have some fun. we all do it. she is just in the spotlight.

1677 days ago
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