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Ricky Martin --

'I Am a

Fortunate Homosexual'

3/29/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RickyRicky Martin
has revealed that he is a gay man.

Martin -- who has dodged questions of his sexuality for years -- just posted the following message on his official website: "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am."

Martin says the birth of his twin sons led to his decision to come out -- and according to the singer, "To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where [sic] born with."

Ricky's kids were born in August 2008.


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proud of you you still the best !good luck and enjoy your life!
love :)

1614 days ago


stay stong and be pround of who you are our comunity need more people like us who dont care abot what people think or say about us well am a lesbian am 18 191760...07354 call me if someone what to get to knw me from new york

1614 days ago


You people are stupid dumb asses. It's understood that god intended this and that. The bottomline is some of us dont choose to be gay we are just born that way. I was effen 3 yrs old when i realized that i did no like girls. Say all you want people. If i could be straight i would. However, thats not the cards that life has dealt me. Hence, i will not settle for being unhappy all my life. Same with Ricky what matters is that he is a great singer and a good looking guy. Better looking than some of you fellows commenting negative on here. What or whom he likes is his business. At least he has produce more albums that most of us will ever.

1601 days ago


I think its a wonderful thing for Ricky 2 have come out. ive always thought he was a great person. This makes him even closer 2 me as i am also a gay man. Ricky martin is one of my idols. so u haters/gay bashers. Shut the **** up. You will never be a good man unless ur an honest man. This is why gay people are good people we are honest with ourselfs. so ha

1578 days ago

Tony V    

Ricky Martin is fortunate. I was born gay, fell in love with a woman, married her, and experienced such hell on Earth that after the divorce, I also felt fortunate to be gay. Any man who would willingly put himself into a serious relationship or marriage with a woman is crazy. It's pure masochism. Woman are fun only for sex and to admire their beauty. Other than that, they are probably the most boring living creatures on the planet, I pity hetero men. You get so little in return for the money and work you put in. After women completely deplete you, they don't even want to have sex with you anymore. Longterm they are absolutely no fun. Two men can always figure out how to have good times and they have so much more in common. Why waste time on a woman who requires so much more work for so little reward. The sex may feel better physically at first with women, but men have a lot less hang-ups and are more creative. They are just more fun.

1575 days ago


who cares he's still so good anyways ... :)Its his life anyways he should decide what to do with it...

1561 days ago


Welcome to the Ohana Ricky!

1536 days ago


Really, who cares? I LOL at the attempt for attention. It's stupid. Congratulations on coming out, Ricky, but there's really no point. And Mara, who cares? The fact is, getting noticed like him is rare, of course. And the same to you. Stop trying to justify it. I have my own ways of living the world. And I will do what I like to achieve "living to the fullest". Many people live life to their fullest potential. We don't have to be famous. I don't hate on Ricky Martin, but please.

1526 days ago

rodney cooper    

To the lady that postedthe nasty comment about men putting there things up a mans s__hole. I am a homosexual male. I think what Ricky Martin did was amazing when he came out. You are a narrow minded person we have the right to love who we want. I also believe that god made us this way. If you have a problem with this then get over it we are here to stay.

1514 days ago

jim fornaro    

Ricky is my idol and inspiration. As a middle aged attractive gay man I had to live a lifetime of lies about my homosexuality. This man posses a courage that is only surpassed by his generosity to abused children. My brother and I were 2 of those children, adopted when I was 3 and than SEVERELY psychologicaly, physicaly and sexually abused. My younger brother did survive this tragedy and committed suicide at a young age. I was able to retire at a young age and have a lot of time to think and thank God for people like Ricky who has helped so many children! I would like to donate a gift to his foundation but cannot find an adress. My adress is 260...0 Santa Cruz Lane Apt 45, Odessa Texas 79763 Phone # 432-614-9452. I also have a child with a lesbian couple. For all these (so called) Chrisitan gay bashers, read your bible, "Judge NOT lest ye be judged" I want to be judged by my actions and the resposnsible and good life that I have lived, not on what Ricky and I do behind our bedroom doors! My brother and I were the victims of the worse atrocities a child could experience but yet I was able to forgive my abuser without hesitation! I still have nightmares and flash backs, BUT when I here about the Ricky Martins of the world it gives me hope when I know there are people in the world who care and are making a difference! As far as being handsome and good looking, I enjoyed that in my life but it did not make me a better person. I think being gay was the biggest attribute because for me it made me more sensitive. When I sit and meditate I never forget to thank God for giving the world 'Ricky Martin'! Even God has heroes here in our world and Ricky Martin is one of them. Thank you for making my life to accept and endure. My only regret is that I wish my brother had been able to know that people like you are out there, maybe he would still be alive today! Jim F

1510 days ago

Malte Brandt    

Malte Brandt wrote:

i understand the prejudice people show around homosexual people ^_^

1461 days ago


I wish we just stop being judgemental and we are all sinners in God's eyes. Jesus never condemned the adulterer woman , and said if anyone is flwaless , let him stone her.

We all need God's grace ....Homosexuals like anyone alse have yoke in their lives that can only be broken by God's power. No matter how this you came to place , it is a yoke that controls the person and leads him/her in different direction. I pray we learn how to love and accept other just as God loved and accepted us. We all need Jesus in our lives to set us free and fill our lives with meanigful missiion to be ready for his kingdom

God bless you all

1444 days ago


Most of the comments on here are really, really mean.. I'm sure that all of the people who posted them are "perfect" with no flaws..

Ignore them and I say good for you, Ricky !

1438 days ago

Allan Kleer    

Here in Miami Beach, he's been a generous contributor to the community & various charitable organizations. Bravo for Ricky!

1429 days ago


Hey Ricky I am straight but have a new and deep respect for you after seeing Oprah a show I never watched until you were on there. I am married and have two kids and a wife and hope that our kids shall have your love, and spirit for life. I never once questioned the gay life since I have always been very straight with a huge constrution company and now 35 years old I see that life and people are so screwed up with hate and anger. As, Trey Noran (writer and actor) on face book states we need to love one another and and let God take care of the correcting if needed. Never thought about being gay well maybe for a second and if I was I would feel honoured to have a great spirit and caring lover as you. Well, Rick my wife and you support you. Matt

1427 days ago
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