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Ricky Martin --

'I Am a

Fortunate Homosexual'

3/29/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

RickyRicky Martin
has revealed that he is a gay man.

Martin -- who has dodged questions of his sexuality for years -- just posted the following message on his official website: "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am."

Martin says the birth of his twin sons led to his decision to come out -- and according to the singer, "To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where [sic] born with."

Ricky's kids were born in August 2008.


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Fighting for Straight Rights!    

Ricky--Just make sure that the twins have females in their lives, to balance things out. Every child needs a Mother. Don't kid yourself. It's a natural thing. Hopefully Bio Mom is involved with the twins. It was fun playing with you when we were kids. Boricua Forever!

1668 days ago


are you next harvey?? id like to hear your outting on tmz live with eli roth.

1668 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

Who the heck cares ! Don't like you anyway, and am sick of the publicity homos get. Really sick of it !

1668 days ago

Mrs Patrick Campbell    

The last gasp grasp for attention of a dying career - La Vida Loquita!

1668 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

Gee. I'm stunned.


1668 days ago


Why is he just now stating the obvious? Oh yeah, it's because no one is asking anymore. My heart goes out to the kids.

1668 days ago


the real question here is who gives a f*ck?

1668 days ago


I LOVE him for this. You did well Ricky. Stay strong and proud.

1668 days ago


"8. God is not a fool. if he had intended for tow men to have sex he would have created another orrifice on the male anatomy. think people, let's take god out of the equation for now. do you think it makes sense for a man to put his genitals in another man's anus?
i am a woman, at times when i'm taking a shower, i so wht most females do,we put our finger ... to clean ourselves, at time i can feel a huge log of sh** just sitting there waiting to be released.
this is nasy people, God did not want man to put his genitals in a sh**hole. this is just plain nasty.
Posted at 4:58PM on Mar 29th 2010 by noooooooo"

So hilarious..I assume this is a joke? I myself am a white woman who fingerbangs herself every night in the shower. Sh*t comes shooting out in a spray then I just start spinning around in circles and it gets everywhere. It feels good. BAD GAY MAN!

1668 days ago


Ole Henriksen outed him years ago.

1668 days ago

Paul from Brooklyn    

If you have attractions to men and women, if you are functionaly able to make it work across biological and gender lines, then you - unfortunately - are not a homosexual.

BiSexuality exists. And it has been the trajectory of Ricky's sexual life. He should have come out as an "Accidental BiSexual"

His two sons will know better ;-)

1668 days ago


@32 - Jesus is a MADE-UP fairy story. Get over it - it isn't 1400AD any more....

1668 days ago


We All Knew That Ricky!

1668 days ago


Just reading through the comments here, I understand why he waited so long. Ricky is at a point in his life where he doesn't need anyone's acceptance. The joke is on every GAY BASHER/HATER- to all you HOMOPHOBES.... HA!!!!! I agree that at one point or another EVERYONE was on the Ricky Martin bandwagon. What a bunch of losers you all are trying to put the man down. This is obviously more about Ricky being true to Ricky than the rest of the world. His 'coming' out should not over shadow all that he has done. I'm happy for Ricky and glad that he's at a good place in life.

And guess what haters: No matter what you write on here or think to yourselves.... You will NEVER be half of what he has accomplished in his life. So keep hating! God don't ugly!

1668 days ago


Ummm, the birth of his kids made him come out.

They were born in August 2008.

Took his time then!

1668 days ago
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