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Conrad Murray - Michael Was Alive at UCLA

3/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned doctors who worked on Michael Jackson at the UCLA Medical Center ran two EKGs on the singer, and at least one doctor who interpreted the results claims there was heart rhythmic activity both times.

Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray
Furthermore, sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray insists he was able to restart Jackson's heart at the singer's home before paramedics arrived and then maintained heart activity in the ambulance.

Dr. Murray's evaluation contradicts paramedics at the scene who wanted to take Jackson to the morgue, not UCLA, because they believed he was dead.

It also contradicts Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, who tells TMZ he believes Jackson was dead even before paramedics arrived at the house. Oxman says the weak pulse detected at UCLA was in reaction to resuscitation efforts.

We're told the criminal case is shaping up as a legal war between medical experts, who will be interpreting medical tests and charts in various ways -- always confusing for a jury.


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Then they say Murray was wrong for administering CPR on the bed. Bots say...

1613 days ago


so many questions..what is the real truth? Will we ever know?
so many things never made sense..still don't..ppl want me to believe in the murder theory but it doesnt add up...

Research it you'll see what I mean...

1613 days ago


@ Alyssa .. are you in a dreamland somewhere.. michael is not alive. ahhh. hello..wake up...
aside from that nonsence... do any of you know dr. conrad murray?.. do any of you know michael jackson? i mean personaly.. probably not... even michael's own family did not really know him.
or care about him until the day he died...then all of a sudden everyone jumped on the wagon... father ,... brothers .. sisters..
even the father now wants wrongful dealth suit.. wthell!! he can't even see straight and michael hated him.. so he has no clue here.
dr. murray always cooperated with police and all his truths were found to be just that... truth.. he has absolutely nothing to hide..
again.. he is a fine doctor.. he is not a "drug" doctor.. if anything.. he would have tried to wean michael jackson off of all the drugs that he was already on before dr. murray took him as a patient.. i know this doctor.. he would never ever ever put anyone in danger... he has saved so many lives.. including mine and many others.
it is a shame that he took on this task of trying to wean michael jackson down off of serious drugs .. when it was so far out of anyones control...michael was well aware of the effects could be from his addictions..
michael killed michael.. not dr. conrad murray..
and to anyone who would think of wishing any harm to dr. conrad murray.. shame on you....

1613 days ago


The Living End - Pt. 4
Just a quick addendum that sort of expanded. I'll try it in 3 parts so forgive if you get a repeat:
-#504: Yeah, I guess in his twisted world he may have been trying but I doubt it. I don't trust anything Klein says or does, not to mention the fact that I think most of what comes out of his mouth is purely for self-promotion/preservation. Especially since it has been pointed out that he was the one who may have introduced Michael to the Propofol to begin with. Again, I'm not totally confident that Michael was consistently using Propofol or if the whole thing is simply a ruse to explain why he died from it. The fact that Propofol was ADMINISTERED at the hands of another is a huge clue--BTW. But if he was willingly using it, riddle me this; where would Michael--an entertainer, get info about a drug like this? I'm sure he probably learned about it innocently enough through one of his surgery/procedures, but I think someone in the medical profession more likely would have had to introduce him to it as a sleep aid. Besides, Deb Rowe claims he was the one who introduced Michael to Demerol and other drugs. So as far as I'm concerned, they can go after Klein as soon as they put Murray and Tohme out of our misery.
#507: I have to admit, I don't know what to make of the Alvarez 'brue'. First, we heard nothing from him and the others, now everyday there's something new report on him? So confusing. I have a feeling the reason he got fired is because he gave out more info than the Jacksons wanted him to. If it's true that there are troubles in Paradise/Hayvenhurst, they're probably worried that he may do too much talking to the media...of course, now that he's fired, he may REALLY do some talking. I just hope he really was a true friend to Michael and not only an employee.
-#509,510, So we're on one of my favorite subjects again, are we? Honestly, I don't mean to always be on the attack with Grace--when I first heard of her back in the post-Deb Rowe days, I thought, "Cool, a strong, black woman to help Michael raise his children," I thought it was especially cool since people seemed so determined to pit him against Blacks. Then after trial and the Bahrain trip, Michael fired her and she gave out these nasty stories about him. Then after he died, in the midst of the controversy over the children she suddenly materialized and changed her tune, stating she was misquoted by the reporters...bah, humbug.
All I can say is, Thank God Katherine, Randy or whoever saw the light about Nanny Grace and got rid of her. She was probably only brought back to appease her into keeping her trap shut about Michael's business and to help ease the transition for MJ3. After all, she is a familiar face and Katherine probably needed the help--especially with Blanket since he's such a young boo. Problem is, once she got a foothold at Hayvenhurst, she more likely wreaked havoc on Katherine. Remember, she was there when all of the children were babies so in her mind, she was their Mother. She even admitted that Michael had a problem with her having the children call her Mother, and if Michael had a problem with it, I'm sure Katherine and the rest of the Jacksons did, too.
So hopefully she's gone for good. I don't think it's safe to have her in the children's lives. And because of her long standing maternal connection to them, there's no telling how much influence she may have over them and with her connection to the NOI and the above mentioned characters, MJ3 wouldn't stand a chance...
To be continued...

1613 days ago


The Living End - Pt. 5
-#513: My heart really goes out to you on this one and I share your feeling but most of what you mentioned doesn't appear to be strange at all. For instance, LaToya was probably just making sure Blanket was ok since he hadn't ever been seen in public and was probably in shock at being onstage in front of millions of strangers. As for the reason the family doesn't visit the mausoleum and Michael's name isn't on it, I ask you to just think about it for a minute. Consider what happens everytime any of them make a move outside of the house or inside for that matter. Do you really think they want to be mobbed when going to see their loved one? And maybe they haven't put his name on it yet because they're not ready to. Also, I don't know where you got it that Janet didn't want Paris to speak, if anything, she made sure of it and even stated that the mic was passed to her but Paris had said she wanted to speak. I was grateful she did let her because I don't think Janet was dealing with it too well at that point in time--as far as speaking to fans/supporters. Case in point, at the BET Awards she stated; "To you, MIchael was an icon, but to us, he was our brother...," and while I understood her grief, her words hurt a little and later when I discussed it with my brother, he said he felt as if she was trying to say we were just fans of his work, but not truly connected to him. I beg to differ with that. I may not be a family member, but I always felt close to Michael from the time I first saw him in the J-5. As someone stated, he was a part of our lives through elementary, jr.high, H.S., college and even into adulthood and he always will be. Janet made the mistake many people make when it comes to Michael; she underestimated his connection to his fans/supporters. Michael never failed to acknowledge his unconditional love and connection to those who are his true fans in everything he said and did--it's what made him the Mega-star icon he was and always will be...
-#517,518: My sentiments exactly. Nurse Cherilyn materialized out of nowhere claiming to be Michael's nutritionist. Conveniently enough, noone seems to have been around when she treated Michael so there was no corroboration of her story that I know of. If I'm wrong, please correct me. It's funny that she came out screaming 'Propofol' and became the hero of the day--well not exactly, at first, they did grill her a bit, I think Anderson Cooper and Larry KIng both had trouble swallowing her story. Also, Kai Chase stated she knew nothing about her. The question here is twofold:
1. Why would Michael hire a completely unknown person to handle his nutrition in a town full of top notch nutritionists at his disposal?
2. Even if she was his nutritionist, why would he ask her for Propofol--a drug clearly out of her area of expertise?
3. Why did she prescribe a drug for Michael under an alias?
Bottom line, I agree that there's something extremely rotten in Denmark when it comes to the nurse. Her story definitely has all the earmarks of a bad Hollywood script, and she was the 'D-list' actor they hired to portray it. It accomplished exactly what you stated, same as the hoax theories--distracting us from the real murder and ALL of the parties involved...
-#526: Kaitlynn, if you google The Beatles, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney you'll find just how much they were the end all of music during the 60's and 70's and their legacy continues to this day. My nieces are only 10 and 14 and they know the Beatles and enjoy them, too. I think it's all in the environment you're brought up in. And for the record, the Beatles are such an iconic group, their songs as a band and as individuals have been completely woven into the foundation of our lives--in commercials, films, TV,etc.--you probably enjoyed a few Beatles tunes during your fave show and didn't even know it. Furthermore, the Beatles albums took to the charts again in 2009-10 and they were second only to Michael, himself beating out all of yourso-called modern-day artists...I especially get a kick out of that: artists of today still can't catch up to Michael or the Beatles, even though they're no longer around...HE-HE-HE-EE!
#530,543: If you knew you're facts on Michael, you'd know that that wasn't enough to go double platinum with "Invincible". And no, it wasn't about greed...not for money at least, it was about ACHIEVEMENT. The main thing that seemed to drive Michael other than caring for children and supporting charities, was achievement--breaking records, topping charts,etc. I don't think he was happy unless he was the best of the best--a position that he had grown accustomed to. Being an overachiever myself, I see nothing wrong with that. Of course, it has it's downside, but the good outweighs the bad. Remember, Invincible was a comeback of sorts for Michael as it was his first full-fledged

1613 days ago


The Living End - Pt. 6
Okay, so the Pontification finally ends here:
-#550: I can name your tune in 5 notes:
1. You're right, Dr. Murray didn't do anything to HARM Michael, he did something to KILL HIM!
2. 95% of the people on here don't want to know Murray, he is a doctor who prostitiuted his profession and lost a patient, and now doesn't even have the balls to admit it or apologize.
3.Murray doesn't have a heart, who are you kidding? He has left 3 beautiful children without their Dad and you call him kind?
4. Murray is caring--yeah, right, so much so that he won't even pay child support for the dozen of "street kids" he has.
5. You contradict yourself. You say Murray would've weaned MIchael off whatever drugs he was on, but then you say Michael played Russian Roulette and knew what he was doing--as his doctor, it was MURRAY'S JOB to advise his patient to stop taking anything as ludicrous as Propofol, not wean him off of it. Besides, how do you know Murray would do this, did he supposedly help 'wean' you off YOUR drugs? Is this why you're defending him so he'll be able to continue 'weaning' you off those drugs?
Sorry for the sarcasm but you've got to be kidding me if you think you'll be received with open arms on here. Face it. Your doctor murdered the biggest megastar on the planet and most of all, someone most of us here love unconditionally, so you won't get any sympathy for your doctor. He may not have been the only one involved in taking Michael from us, but he was definitely the one who pulled the trigger and you can believe he's going to pay for it. I admonish you to find another, ah, doctor to continue that weaning process you're on because Murray's days of malpractice are OVER...and that's the TROOT!!
-#558: I agree that it will come out that AEG actually did the hiring of Murray, probably at Tohme's request. The devil is in the details here. Remember how quick Randy Phillips was to explain that they didn't know Murray and wanted to hire a doctor, but not 24/7 and Michael told him he was the show and he needed a doctor to make sure all was well? Of course, his tale made us believe that Michael pushed for hiring Murray and that he had been already taking care of Michael but it turns out that wasn't true; it came out that Murray had only been treating Michael for a week leading up to June 25.
As for the 50 shows issue, I believe that Tohme AND AEG were both shady in this. Here's the thing, though--once Michael heard about the 50 shows and how they had sold out and that it would break records, I think he was ecstatic and kicked into high gear putting all of his effort into doing those shows. If you watch TII, you can see there are times when he has some animosity even towards Ortega and he tends to somewhat disregard him, but then there are lots of times when he's fully engaged and ready to do battle, happily. All performers go through these phases but I imagine on Michael's level, it's a roller coaster ride.
BTW: I've been meaning to address something someone said on another thread about Michael not wanting to have to perform anymore. They stated he only wanted to be in business and do films projects which I can understand and think he may have wanted that, too. But to give up performance--never. Even though he said he probably wouldn't still be performing at 60 or 70 like Sammy Davis,Jr. or James Brown, I doubt that would be the case. Remember, Michael only gave in to adulthood in the past decade when he fell in love with raising his children so in his mind he was probably only 30-35. Everyone who knew him, including Michael, himself said that he was only truly happy onstage. Well, I think he had been offstage for so long that he forgot his first love, then when the 02 Tour came calling and he got his second wind, he was off to the races again. I can feel it, he was gonna do it--take the world by the tail and leave us all breathless with a performance to end all performances...
No Peace till Justice!

1613 days ago


*All I can say is, Thank God Katherine, Randy or whoever saw the light about Nanny Grace and got rid of her. She was probably only brought back to appease her into keeping her trap shut about Michael's business "

wow you got that.

"I don't trust anything Klein says or does, not to mention the fact that I think most of what comes out of his mouth is purely for self-promotion/preservation. Especially since it has been pointed out that he was the one who may have introduced Michael to the Propofol"

and this one! clap clap clap clap

the rest is garbage.

1613 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

564. Posted at 3:19AM on Apr 1st 2010 by Cher

565. Posted at 3:27AM on Apr 1st 2010 by Cher

566. Posted at 3:31AM on Apr 1st 2010 by Cher

I don't know what to say.
I'm breathless and speechless.
I can't stop laughing.

1613 days ago


Being an overachiever myself,

1613 days ago


The Living End in shorthand

The fact that Propofol was ADMINISTERED at the hands of another is a huge clue
Yes, a clue that you cannot dose yourself with it. Looks like milk in vial much like the milky white stuff found in the neverland raids.

Grace was let go by Michael, the family hired her back and then found out first hand why he fired her.

Nurse CHERilyn was a nutjob

The Jacksons cannot go to forest lawn w/o a riot of fans and press

The Beatles still make money, yes there are other artists included in that catalog so a good coup by Sony if they can pull it off.

His rage over Invincible was not over money but ego and double platinum was not enough for what he thought the public owed him

I hates me some Dr Murray

I think AEG and Tohme manipulated events that led up to Michaels death.

Michael was over the moon at 50 "sold out" concerts because again, ego ego ego.

I type with many words to answer all your questions in full please continue to query and I will return tomorrow to settle you all down.

1613 days ago


557. Another thing: The coroner's report said that there was also some yellow-tinted fluid left in some of the IV bags found at the scene.

Not saying *Murray* would ever do this but you can in a pinch repurpose a bag by funneling a urine cath into it. Not a permanent solution but again in a pinch.

For actual IV use there is a standard mix of saline, glucose and vit b mix with is tinted yellow in the bag.

1613 days ago


why? i'm waiting anxiously for The Living Dead Pt.7 (picture Michael coming out of Klein's office).

1613 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

I guess there's no way she could be persuaded to spare us that visit?

1613 days ago


Posted at 6:12AM on Apr 1st 2010 by CNA

wtf? why would dr.Murray add urine into his IV? Geeesh
BTW Michael was wearing condom catheter.something he could've taken very easily off.
so much for the intubation.

1613 days ago

Dip Sh*t    

I read alot here, but rarely post because of people like you. However, I did need to jump in here and say...STFU and pretend you're something more legit than a nurse; which we all know you aren' about Jiffy Lube? That suits you much better..moron.

Posted at 1:08PM on Mar 30th 2010 by LOL

Read more:

Well moron,maybe you should learn how to read. The person didn't say they were a nurse, so you STFU. What's wrong with people working at Jiffy Lube? A jobs and job, but I guess you wouldn't know that being on welfare right?

What a laugh!

1613 days ago
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