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Conrad Murray - Michael Was Alive at UCLA

3/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned doctors who worked on Michael Jackson at the UCLA Medical Center ran two EKGs on the singer, and at least one doctor who interpreted the results claims there was heart rhythmic activity both times.

Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray
Furthermore, sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray insists he was able to restart Jackson's heart at the singer's home before paramedics arrived and then maintained heart activity in the ambulance.

Dr. Murray's evaluation contradicts paramedics at the scene who wanted to take Jackson to the morgue, not UCLA, because they believed he was dead.

It also contradicts Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, who tells TMZ he believes Jackson was dead even before paramedics arrived at the house. Oxman says the weak pulse detected at UCLA was in reaction to resuscitation efforts.

We're told the criminal case is shaping up as a legal war between medical experts, who will be interpreting medical tests and charts in various ways -- always confusing for a jury.


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22. They Should Give Dr. Conrad Murray
A Medal One Less Child Molster Is
A Great Thing

Posted at 3:27PM on Feb 2nd 2010 by OhWell


"Doctors prescribe medicine of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of which they know nothing."

Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

People try to express themselves with shallow witty thoughts with what I suppose you can describe as a touch of dark humor. If they really cared about child molestation, they will use these "witty words tainted with dark humor" to help the hundreds of children who were true victims of child molestation by those who hide behind church doors.

Michael Jackson was a easy target with the "bullseye" being the almighty dollar. Jackson was made this target by the fabricated mass media stories all were lead to believe.

The true child molesters still go unnoticed because it's not entertaining enough for us. There are no stories by TMZ regarding the secrets of the Vatican even though the Pope is known throughout the world.

Maybe because it will force us to come to terms with our own mortality and some wish death upon others this Easter weekend...OhWell

1669 days ago

wish mj was here    

ive been reading alot of these posts.first i wanna say we all are intilted to our own opinions like you are.some people believe michaels with us some thinks hes really dead.the bottom line is people none of us really knows what happened.we only know what we are hearing right just cuz some of us think hes alive that dont give any of you the reason to call that person names or insult them.let people believe what they as for the morons wishing death off on michael and there has been some in here.if i was you i would be real careful what you are wishing just might come back at you or a loved one.never wish death off on anyone.some of you in here have no manners or respect for others.this is something your parents should have taught you.hey teaching you this is free no charge.the cloning in here is a 2 year old child game .it will come out if michael is still here or gone.i could come in and tell you how i feel about this whole mess but why for you all to call names and insult way i will keep my thoughts to myself and let this unfold when its ready too.michael love ya.

1669 days ago


Well moron,maybe you should learn how to read. The person didn't say they were a nurse, so you STFU. What's wrong with people working at Jiffy Lube? A jobs and job, but I guess you wouldn't know that being on welfare right?

What a laugh!

Posted at 7:00AM on Apr 1st 2010 by Another Moron

Want to compare bank accounts, loser? And stop changing nics just to take up for yourself and your ignorant comments.

1669 days ago


Nanny Grace did it in the library with the candel stick...HEHE

1668 days ago


Am I stupid..or how can someone be pronounced dead in the ambulance but alive in the hospital? Shut up can we believe u if u already killed one of the best ppl on earth? If you have all this technical evidence now then why didnt you get technical with Michael when you told him the medicine you were giving him? huh?

1667 days ago

I'm making a fool of myself?

Let's hear YOUR facts then, since you know so damn much.

By the way, don't call me a fool. I have been keeping track of the MJ situation. Call yourself "an uptight little pr***" if you are a man. If you are a woman, call yourself an "uptight little b***h."

Leave me alone, and go take out your frustrations and your ignorance on Dr. Phil's website!

1667 days ago

I think YOU have been on this website TOO LONG!


I bet you are one of those who believe MJ is STILL alive.


1667 days ago


Oh please Dr. Murray, Michael was as brain dead as you are!

1671 days ago


That's nothing but arguing over whether the frog died at water temperature #1 or one minute later at water temperature #2. The problem is that someone put the F-ing frog in the water and put the lid on. That's what Propofol can do, and Murray made sure that's what happened, because it wasn't the Tooth Fairy that administered the stuff.

1671 days ago


yes...2nd to comment...this is "thrilling" of course michael was alive...he still is...
love you michael...xx

1671 days ago


GG Allin also overdosed:-(

1671 days ago


Agreed, he is most definitely alive. This whole thing hasn't made any sense from the get go. People who don't believe, it's worth sitting on youtube for an hr or two to see how well Michael has revealed his message to us. We Love you Michael, and we're waiting for the return of the king.

1671 days ago

MJ should have REMAINED a Jehovah's Witness. We would not even be having this discussion.

1671 days ago


Ok I could be wrong because I am not a dr but isn't possible to be brain dead and still have a faint pulse if medic's are trying to jump start your heart? and if it doesn't jump start on a regular beat when medic's stop trying the heart just fades out?

1671 days ago
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