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Conrad Murray - Michael Was Alive at UCLA

3/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned doctors who worked on Michael Jackson at the UCLA Medical Center ran two EKGs on the singer, and at least one doctor who interpreted the results claims there was heart rhythmic activity both times.

Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray
Furthermore, sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray insists he was able to restart Jackson's heart at the singer's home before paramedics arrived and then maintained heart activity in the ambulance.

Dr. Murray's evaluation contradicts paramedics at the scene who wanted to take Jackson to the morgue, not UCLA, because they believed he was dead.

It also contradicts Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, who tells TMZ he believes Jackson was dead even before paramedics arrived at the house. Oxman says the weak pulse detected at UCLA was in reaction to resuscitation efforts.

We're told the criminal case is shaping up as a legal war between medical experts, who will be interpreting medical tests and charts in various ways -- always confusing for a jury.


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SINCE when does a Doctor take direction from a patient that is
heavily sedated ???????? It doesn't matter who the patient is!!!!!!!!!!!
It could have been "JOE BLOW" THINK ABOUT IT !!
And stopping CPR to stash propofol bottles and other drug
paraphernalia .
"Murray is guilty of second-degree murder"........

When he realized what he did he only thought about
saving himself .then blatantly concealing evidence
from both the paramedics and police .................
Not even having the common decency of expressing
some sort of condolence to the family,that is part of
his job as medical professional
This man is a disgrace to this profession and a COWARD!


1607 days ago

you just don't get it    

My beloved MJ was not a frog! How dare you suggest that. I hate you.

1607 days ago


I don't think this doctor will ever pay for what he did to Jackson.

1607 days ago


A study was done and investigators found that well over 98.529% of the time, when Jehovah goes by, nobody witnesses. Those door-knocking pickpockets don't have a clue what they're talking about, but they do want you to feel sorry for them, to make you feel like you have no self-esteem and that they are suddenly the ones who shall interpret your desperate evil and ignorant existence and for that you need to give them money for their 2-minute social service call. This type of psychological transaction they've practiced and practiced so that you can be made vulnerable through a series of trick questions. Nothing but a cesspool of trick questions. Gee, does any other organized religion do that?

1607 days ago


Mikeo Jacko Is Not Aliveo

1607 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

This is something off topic.

This is an excerpt from an article I read on the net:-

"Backerman explained his reasons for leaving Jackson's staff, saying: "I just felt it didn't make sense to become a front for the Nation of Islam. I felt this was not in Michael's interest to associate with a group like that and it turned out to be true." According to publicist Stuart Backerman, who left as Jackson's closest adviser when the group "took hold" of him.
Backerman said: "I quit because the Nation of Islam had infiltrated Michael's world. I was the only one who was left standing at that point because Michael wasn't in his right mind.

I wonder if this was the reason why Branca resigned in 2006.

1607 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

Gee, does any other organized religion do that?

Posted at 2:45AM on Mar 30th 2010 by PolarBear

Your comments are funny. Good nite.

1607 days ago


MJ's Music Died Ten Years Ago
He Just Caught Up To It.

1607 days ago


Ah this is a never ending story. Dr. Murray and MJ were both fully responsible for the outcome. The doc is reckless and useless and MJ was a dopehead. The dude is dead either way so why is it relevant now if he was dead before going to UCLA or alive when he got there? MJ's been dead for almost 10 months and people are and still treating the guy like a saint. Give it up, the guy was an entertainer. That's it. I can think of a ton more people that contributed to the planet and helped people more than MJ and when they died, no one gave a crap so give me break with this Michael Jackson crap!

1607 days ago



when will you people wake up and smell the coffee & its not that im a fan of his and i dont want to believe that he is dead..I KNOW he's alive you cant argue with the truth..Geez what will it take for you all to realize all of this is a hoax..the man said it out his own god damn mouth for crying out loud..over the yrs he warned us, its so sad how some people are so equipted to eating what the media feeds them without research..&nd im not saying that he is non human and cant die,because he is just like you and I, he will eventully die someday but i can tell you one thing it wasnt June 25,2009


1607 days ago


Mj Doesn't Look Like A Frog
A Toad Maybe But Not A Frog.

1607 days ago


I want to say only thing: there is no crime because MJ is alive, and he'll be come back soon...BAM DAY is soon!

1607 days ago




I used to beLIEve as they say, but sadly, Michael is gone. The sooner you accept it, the easier it will be.

TMZ does this on purpose, people.

1607 days ago


"We're told the criminal case is shaping up as a legal war between medical experts, who will be interpreting medical tests and charts in various ways -- always confusing for a jury."

Delightful! So, unless the jury is made up of medical experts this guy will get off scott free. UGHHHH.....

Yes, MJ is alive. He's doing all of this for $h*ts and giggles! I especially like the part where he's coming across so nicely in death, with nothing weird or terrible coming out about him. MJ you genius you did it again!!

I "beLIEve"!!


Rest In Peace.

1607 days ago

danger baby    

Daphne -- According to this, he resigned because MJ was 'surrounded', though he doesn't name NOI, one can assume ...


Branca says that in 1990, Jackson tearfully told him that he wanted to try different representation. The two were appart for only three years with Branca returning in 1993. But by 2006, Branca and Jackson's relationship was troubled as the singer was listening to an increasingly odd set of advisers — a revolving door of characters who Branca feared did not have Jackson's best interests at heart.

"He was surrounded and I had to resign. He did not ask me to stay. I resigned amicably."

But then, about a month before Jackson died, Branca got a phone call from Jackson's manager, Frank Delio. "Michael wants you to come back. He wants you to give some thought to what you can do for him, what kind of deals," Delio said.

So Branca drafted an agenda and met with Jackson on June 17 at the Forum in Los Angeles, where the King of Pop was rehearsing for his London gigs.

"I hadn't seen him in several years. We hugged each other. He said, 'John, you're back.' It was very emotional. I showed him the agenda."

Branca says the agenda was exactly what Jackson had wanted - including a concert movie, books and merchandising deals.

1607 days ago
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