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Jesse James Gets Personal During CHP Stop

3/30/2010 7:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse JamesTMZ has learned .... Jesse James was stopped by the California Highway Patrol four days ago, and the conversation Jesse had with the officer got very personal -- about his private woes involving Sandra Bullock.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ James was pulled over last Friday outside of Blythe, California on the 10 Freeway after a CHP officer noticed he didn't have a front license plate and was driving his black Mercedes with tinted windows.

We're told the officer had a 15 minute conversation with James that got very personal. We're told James discussed his marital problems with the officer, who eventually decided to let Jesse off the hook with a warning ... the first break he's caught in 2 weeks.

One source tells TMZ James said he was heading to Arizona to save his marriage, though the source would not elaborate.

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Reggie does not love Kim. Of the hundreds of photos I’ve seen of them, I have yet to see ONE where he was gazing at her with love or even admiration. He is ALWAYS staring straight into the camera and he looks stiff and uncomfortable. You can just tell by his body language that he is not that into herIt has been 1 years alrealdy since i retired from the military. I'm 27 ,rich but still single.It's hard to get a girlfriend in my town ,most of them like my money more than like me.Ijust want to find my true i uploaded my hot photos on Unifor m ed Ma t e .C0M under the name of sammy561.It's the best club for seek ing Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Police Force, and their admirers.if you girls see this comment,i hope you will check my photos out there.maybe you are the one who i'm looking for

1615 days ago


WHERE'S HE GOING ? Back to the skank-pit. Sandra had better see a doctor, after she changes the locks.

1615 days ago


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1615 days ago


Jesse gets a break? All Cycle Trash Jesse needs is his grill punched in for messing around on such a wonderful woman. If there is a next time I sure hope that she hooks up with a normal man. Go rot in hell Jesse...

1615 days ago


The kisser at the top turns me on. Her lips are so enticing. They turn me on. I don't care who they belong to. I just want them. I want to put my lower lip between those two lips and vclean her teath with my tongue,

1615 days ago


Jesse James just shed Crockodillian tears to get a break from the police. He should not have gotten any brea=k. I think the officer a feather in his cap when the husband of the Oscar winner just felt a feather in his cap when the guy opened up to him which was just a bluff. He was lying to this teeth and said superficially without any feeling for his wife. He got an undeserving break.

1615 days ago


Does he even know what a marriage is? Have they written the words "forsaking all others . . . . until death do you part" out of marriage vows today? He trashed his marriage. It appears there never was a marriage as far as he was concerned. SHE was married, but he was only on the license.

1615 days ago


His BMW is for sale on

1615 days ago


The BMW on is the one he bought for her as a gift for her awards/

1615 days ago

Jump up ... spin around ...    

Wait a minute ... Woes ? Plezzzzeee ... What does he tell his kids at dinner ? "No "Baked Alaska" until you have finished your "Lobster Thermadore" ... " We should ALL be burdened by woes similar to his ...

1615 days ago

Robert Jessee    

Did the CHP check the VIN?

1615 days ago

jake in texas    

I hope they work there marriage out to what is best for them not what we think.


Austin, TX

1615 days ago


Good luck Jesse I hope your doing the right thing.

1615 days ago


My husband performs marriage ceremonies. The bride and groom almost always customize their vows to reflect their wishes, some want no mention of God, NOBODY says obey anymore, some want to include their children, so to say that he took the vows to 'foresake all others' or anything is just guesswork on your part. Remember Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt agreed in their vows to split the difference on the thermometer? My husband did one ceremony where the bride agreed to allow the groom to play soccer every Sunday and never complain. Marriage vows are different, just like marriages - but he's still a rat in my book!

1615 days ago


How fame and money change a person. A friend of mine worked with Jesse many many moons ago. In a small California town at an auto body shop. I had a chance to meet him one day as I was over at the body shop. My friend introduced me to Jesse and when I found his name was Jesse James I thought it was made up. But no it was his real name. Anyway Jesse back then had a simpler life and just dreamed of one day having his own Bike shop where he would build and sell them.

I dont think he really thought hed get this famous. But the dream got too big and with it the hang out crowd became different. Rich and Famous people Celebrities etc. And a kinda Tiger Woods thing where you feel your invincible and nothing can touch you. Too bad Sandra was someone although famous herself I felt could keep him grounded. Im not defending what heppened, but I bet If you asked him if he could go back to that simpler time and just be Jesse James the kid who loved Bikes and worked in an auto body shop, you might be surprised to find he just might.

Jesses fame became so big when he would come to street vibrations in Reno Nevada and his group would go out for rides hed wear a bandana over his face so you didnt know it was him. But the giveaway was the custom new bikes and the 50 guys in the pack lol.

A lot of people think that fame and glory is great. But when they finally get it, most of them dont want it. The media gets into their private lives and cant leave them alone. I heard where one of the rag magazines called sandra and told her about jesse's affairs? How is that to get a call at home and be told from a gossip mag about your life? Its too bad though the fairy tale had a bad ending.

1615 days ago
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