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Fans to Jesse James: We Still Love You!

3/30/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' philandering may cost him his wife and time with his kids -- but his motorcycle-loving fans have his back ... taking to the streets in a show of support.

Jesse James
Members of the West Coast Choppers official website organized a ride to show support for Jesse. The plan is to meet up at Cisco Burgers (Jesse's Long Beach restaurant), grab a little breakfast and head out on a ride to "show a little positive support for Jesse and the crew."

If there's one person who appreciates a good ride ... it's Jesse James.


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Sandra.... SAVE THE CHILDREN AND THE PETS FROM THIS HELLHOUND. The world doesn't know the half of it, but this man, Jesse James, has no soul. Save the innocent ones and don't waste another minute.

1671 days ago


So this group of bikers are going out to support Jesse? Which means they support cheating on your spouse. If Jesse really wants to gain some respect from the public, he would tell this group NOT to ride for him, because he f'd up and knows it. It would be a very, very small step to gaining some respect back.

1671 days ago


Supporting what? He is a liar and a cheater and his kids will probablly hate him. He brought this on himself.

1671 days ago


My husband is a professional man and owns and rides to Harleys. He is in a group that supports many good causes, and raises money for fallen police officers and families, Childrens hospitals, and the list goes on and on. It is narrow minded to clump all Bikers into a category of low lifers. I admit the days of old may have been that way but the Harley riders or today have a much different outlook. Jesse is a man with low morales, biker or not. it is just who he is as a person. I feel bad for SAndy but she should have known better! I hope she gets out.

1671 days ago


Wow...really guys? Support him in what...cheating? That sends a wonderful message. Not that any of you care about it of course, because I am sure that many of those supporting Mr. James don't give a crap about morals, integrity, honesty or fidelity. Which is your right I suppose, however twisted it may be. The fact is he was married, cheated, tried to cover it up.

IF YOU WANT VARIETY....DON'T GET MARRIED. It's really that simple. If you want to whore around (male or female)hey go for it, just don't get married, end of discussion, end of problem.

1671 days ago

juli seutter    

Jesse is nothing but a racist pig!!!!!!!!!!!!

1671 days ago


LOL A ride in show of support?? So they are going to spend money in his greasy spoon and then drive through town via parade route?? That is a JOKE!!! I've been riding for 24 years. I have been to numerous benefits runs, parties...etc. I would NEVER, EVER go to a run or rally or function that was to show support for an A@@hole who cheated on their spouse...regardless if it was for a man or a woman. And yes....some of us bikers have morals....even with all the tattoo's...there are still some everyday riders (not rubs) who actually do care about family.

1671 days ago


No disrespect, but ya's really think Jesse gives a hoot as to what anybody thinks? He made his bed...time to lay in it buddy. As for Sandra. Awesome actress! But (and a big butt) she knew what she was getting herself into. J left his pregnant wife for her? What does that tell ya? (please, come to your own conclusions)...

1671 days ago


The next time Cinnabun runs away (God willing), whoever finds her, save her. DO NOT return her to Jesse James. She is terrified. She is afraid she will be next.

1671 days ago


What, White Power brigade had a parade?

1671 days ago


support for what? yeah support for his wife leaving and him not to see his kids....hey west coast choppers....your real smart there..go back to your trailer parks.

1671 days ago


This is soooo sick. Just look at that logo for his business. Look at the real one, over his shop. If that does not scream "Nazi" to people, then they have their eyes closed. Which makes me wonder....Sandra Bullock MUST have known what he was and how he believed. She's been to that shop; she's seen that sign. And I'm sure that was not the only "sign". she stupid, or did she agree with his ideology? Because there is NO WAY she did not know.

1671 days ago


This makes me angry. What the hell is there to support? If my husband wanted to go anywhere to support this idiot, we would have a problem.

1671 days ago


Just shows how many morons there are in Long Beach? Goes to show it doesn't take much of an excuse to go on a ride. Yeah, Jessie is a real hero... LMAO. I think Sandra will wipe him out good. :-)

1671 days ago

Patty Pecora    

They can keep on riding off the cliff. The sooner we can get rid of these egotistic, low life, white trash riders - the better! Hope Jesse is leading the rat pak!

1671 days ago
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