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Fans to Jesse James: We Still Love You!

3/30/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' philandering may cost him his wife and time with his kids -- but his motorcycle-loving fans have his back ... taking to the streets in a show of support.

Jesse James
Members of the West Coast Choppers official website organized a ride to show support for Jesse. The plan is to meet up at Cisco Burgers (Jesse's Long Beach restaurant), grab a little breakfast and head out on a ride to "show a little positive support for Jesse and the crew."

If there's one person who appreciates a good ride ... it's Jesse James.


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funky1 you are sick pig loser. Go play with yourself.

1668 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

Wow! Endless hate for Tiger... and Jesse, who likely had much more women than Tiger, gets this.


Why don't they ride in support of Sandra?! She is the one who is absolutely devastated.

1668 days ago


sure i'm a sonya are you a fat chick that cant get laid??? i'm not going to play with myself cuz i will have more fun bashing you like your bashing my friend jesse! cuz i just bash people cuz i think its my bizz just like you!

1668 days ago


JESSE is as greasy as the burgers in his restaurant.

Somebody call the health department!

1668 days ago


Hi Jesse!

Sandy is going to hunt you down and ride over your ass with a low rider Toyota Prius. You might be safer in TJ than on the roads around LA. Be sure to have some tattooed tranny on the back of your bike so she knows where to look for you!

1668 days ago


Call out the law and have a real good Nazi roundup. You guys are sick and the reason you are in a gang is that no decent biker will associate with you. Jesse James the real American ZERO!!!!

1668 days ago

mike desent are you talking about the weekend wannabe's??????? every hell's angel in so cal will be ther to support jesse trust me(keep talkin trash) i'll let you go back to your tmz drama GET A LIFE YOU F*CKING DRAMA QUEENS

1668 days ago


funky1 what ever turns your crank and makes you feel better, oh yeah btw.... loser!

1668 days ago


Bikers stick together like white on rice. No matter what happens and what kind of jerk he is to people that actually have morals, you'll still get tons of bikes showing up in support of Jesse, and in support of the whores that were on his jock. You just have to look at the type of people who show up, and compare that to the type of person Sandy is, ther's no comparison. The lack of morals that Jesse has is typical in the hardcore biker crowd. They pass their trashy women around like they pass the tattoo gun around. No offense to the tattoo'd, I love them too. I just hope Jesse has one moral, and that's to make sure that Sandra stays safe and none of his reject friends take it upoon themselves to do something stupid thinking they are doing him a favor. I believe he knows how bad he f'd up, but I sure hope she isn't buying any crap from him. In his crowd, that's the expected way of behaving. The more the tougher. She really should have known what she was getting into marrying a biker with a huge following of bad ass bikers. I knew what I was getting into marrying my man. That's for sure.

1668 days ago

Greatful to be away, myself    

I just hope Jessie gets the AIDS and dies a slow painful death. He is such a closet homo. At least one of those side pieces he had was swinging a bat between his legs. Jesse doesn't care as long as it will suck his limp coked out willie. Gross.

1668 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

a loser fest ? oh right on

1668 days ago


yeah all from the same bunch. they probably all advocate this behavior and see nothing wrong with it. it's a disease and they're perpetuating the demoralization of the society. They probably don't even know what that means.

1668 days ago


At this point, I'm as equally sick of the Sandra sympathy as I am the Jesse bashing. Only because it has all gotten so out of control - nearly hysterical. You'd think he'd killed someone. Sandra Bullock is a sweetheart, we all get that. She didn't deserve this, and it sucks, big time. But, the "Married to a Monster" headlines and the vitriol spewed in countless comments, are SO over the top, it's actually making me feel a little sorry for the guy, when I NEVER would have otherwise. He royally f*cked up and is likely to pay a huge price for it. Enough with the public witch hunt, already. If his friends want to show support, that is their right. A little perspective, please. He's a cheat, a jerk, whatever... not a fricken serial killer.

1668 days ago


I hope everyone involved in this loser fest gets a flat tire

1668 days ago


It's horrible, it's unbelievable.
Jesse James might lose his family over a wannabe Kat Von D
look-a-like. She's not worth it.

1668 days ago
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