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Michael Lohan:

My Daughter

Needs Rehab

3/30/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan just made a public ultimatum for Lindsay Lohan to go into rehab for a prescription drug problem.

Michael Lohan: Click to watch
During the news conference, Michael said Lindsay was "not okay" and told all her enablers to "get the hell out of the way."

Michael said he doesn't want Lindsay to end up like Brittany Murphy or DJ AM and would like her to go to rehab on Long Island ... far from Hollywood.

We've learned that although Michael says he's made arrangements with Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley -- it's not true. Chapman Holley has told Mike that she reps Lindsay -- not him -- and will do as her client instructs.

Dina Lohan, who did not join in the news conference, tells TMZ that Lindsay is "fine."

After speaking with Dina, a TMZ producer asked Michael a question that made him totally go off.


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I think you should prove you are over 18 before you can post online. These shoot from the hip posters are such children. How many more Hollywood people have to die from Legal Prescription Drugs??? This is first time I like this dude. He is going public so those that enable Lindsay are scared off. He is letting what we all have known for years out of the bag. Look even TMZ refers to Lohan as "former actress" Lindsay Lohan. Its not over conservatorship he is trying to save his daughter's life much like britney Spears's Dad has done.

1613 days ago


And please keep Dr. Drew away from Lindsay. The more I watch him work on his reality shows the more I wonder if he's any help.

1613 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

What a two face creep all is is interested in is seeing what he can get out of it if he don't make something off it he won't do it he will set you up with his conning grilfriend and steal you blind run run far away he is a user!!!!

1613 days ago


This should be done in private, this guy is a joke and a main part - her mother is the other for the reason Lindsay is soooo messed up. Their should be a family intervention to save this girl but not publicly and the mother is an idiot stating her daughter has no problems when she obviously does. Their all media/fame whores. This girl will be dead you wait and see, they'll be trying to make money off of her then to. This is very sad!!!

1613 days ago


Oh please is there a need to embarrass her publicly like this, this is just so stupid and pointless, its laughable.

1613 days ago


TMZ...what is the point of carrying this stuff if you can not provide an adequate audio feed?

1613 days ago


Is Lindsay's Father a douche bag... yes.
Is he only in it for the press... probably.
Is what he saying about Lindsay true... YES.

I mean yea he isn’t father of the year material but no matter what his motives are he is right that she is really overboard at this point. Sure we all have been at that age where it was all about partying and having fun but most people have that limit where they say no more. She has shown time and time again that she will either hit rock bottom and then get help or she is going to die. Unless she changes her act I fully expect to see her pulling a River Phoenix.

1613 days ago


Lohan is as much of a douche as Obama- Oh that fraud is now kissing the frenchies a$$es. who next? Bin Laden for dinner at the White House?

1613 days ago

um, no thanks    

Someone needs to learn how to set the volume control on the camera. The knobs are in the door on the left hand side, there are two and they are probably both set on about three. You need to get them closer to six or seven.

1613 days ago


What a pompass ASS! Dude did you really have to have a LIVE STREAM? Please! You are such a LOSER!

1613 days ago


She won't talk to him or let him near her, that's why he's speaking out publicly? Her babysitters, the LAPD, are even worried about her so it isn't as though he's making this up. I don't usually like him but at least he's trying to help her, this stupid, entitled, drugged-out girl. It's really sad, she had so much talent.

1613 days ago


lmao, this is just so sad

1613 days ago


No wonder the poor girl is this messed up....look at her dad using her addiction to get this attention.

1613 days ago

who dat    

big shocker dr drew is trying to insert himself into this. He has become a famewhore.

just di e already lindsey, stop dragging this out

1613 days ago

Members of the Jackson family should have done this for MJ--he'd still be alive today.


1613 days ago
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