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Donovan McNabb

Silver and Blacklists Himself

3/31/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback (for the moment) Donovan McNabb could be on his way out of town -- but TMZ has learned there's one place he's refusing to go ... Oakland.

Donovan McNabb

There have been multiple reports that the Oakland Raiders are the front-runners to acquire the Pro Bowl QB through a blockbuster trade -- but a source close to McNabb tells TMZ, "He does NOT want to play for the Raiders and would refuse the trade."

McNabb reportedly does not have a no-trade clause in his contract -- but according to Philly.com, he can refuse to negotiate a contract extension ... and most teams wouldn't trade away draft picks or players to get Donovan for the one measly year he has remaining on his current contract.

We're hearing McNabb could still end up in The Bay area ... playing for the team across the way ... The San Francisco 49ers.

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Dirt Burger    

It's actual football news? You mean he didn't get arrested or anything?

1676 days ago


Raiders are my favorite team, but I don't blame him. Until Al Davis kicks the bucket the team is going to be awful. Al was a master of the game from the 60s-early 80s, but he's been running the team into the ground for a good 25 years now.

1676 days ago


Won't happen; there would too much of an outcry from 49er fans. We're talking about liberal SF, so no way they would want a dog fighter heading the team once piloted by Montana and Young.

1676 days ago

los angeles guy    

Al Davis seems to get too much negativity sometimes. He had this team in the Superbowl but their pro bowl offensive lineman got roofied the night before the game, his team got screwed by the refs one year in the playoffs in New England, and he made it to the AFC championship game but lost to the destined Ray Lewis Ravens team. Not to mention the Superbowls they won in the past.

1676 days ago


raiders = n. korea of the nfl

1676 days ago


Mike Vick was the dog fighter not Mcnabb..so before you are condescending maybe you should know what you are talking about. =)

1675 days ago


TO #3 MCnabb is NOT a dogfighter you moron its Vick that is Pay ATTENTION

1675 days ago


Comedy Central's Ben Karlin: "I'm the Biggest Homophobe in Comedy"

1675 days ago


LMAO TMZ. Look at you trying to talk about sports. How cute.
Of course he doesn't wanna go to Oakland. My half-dead 96 yr old grandfather that lives in Asia knows that. It'll most likely be the Raiders OR the Bills that McNabb is traded too.

1675 days ago


Obama's doing such a bad job as prez that soon blacks will no longer be allowed to quarterback in the NFL.

1675 days ago


As a former Eagles fan, this guy should have left sooner than I did, years ago.

1675 days ago


...been an EAGLES' fan for 40 years, ~ I was 'hoping' when McNABB came to the organization, years ago, he'd bring a SUPER BOWL win to PHILLY...he didn't (and his playing is 'inconsistent', at best/he's had some brilliant moments and some lousy ones) - he's also NOT the team "rallier" he used to be either (not in the huddle/not on the sidelines/and not in the locker room). How many times does the camera have to pan to him sitting alone on the sidelines "sulking"/"feeling sorry for himself" (with a
towel over his head) instead of trying to bolster his teammates/spur some kind of 'comeback' (when they are losing)!? EAGLES main mistake, paying him TOO MUCH $$$ "before" he proved his worth. McNABB'S main mistake: letting his ego guide him instead of his playing! IF it's time for
him to move on, so beit...I wish him well...but it would be nice to see if another quarterback can take the EAGLES to where they want to go.
[OH...and p.s. ~ signing VICK irritated me
to no end...NOT a shining moment for the EAGLES' organization...and a true embarrassment as a fan!]

1675 days ago


"3. Won't happen; there would too much of an outcry from 49er fans. We're talking about liberal SF, so no way they would want a dog fighter heading the team once piloted by Montana and Young.

Posted at 1:54AM on Mar 31st 2010 by Paul"

this is part of the reason TMZ shouldn't try and do real sports stories. #1, a lot of their audience doesnt know much about sports or really care and #2 the TMZ staff doesnt appear to know much about sports since they constantly give wrong information on their show when talking about an athlete.

If you want to talk about the trouble sports stars get into thats fine but dont try and act like you do legitimate sports stories, leave that to ESPN & Fox Sports.

As pointed out by others, Vick was the dogfighter not McNabb. And McNabb doesnt have a no trade clause so he really has no say in where he goes. Yes he can refuse to negotiate a future contract which can either lower the price for him or turn some teams away but if the Raiders really want him, they'll do it. You're talking about an owner who took a guy as the 1st WR in the draft just because he ran the fastest 40 time at the combine for his position. And what a great pick that was since Heyward-Bay did nothing and was outperformed by Louis Murphy who was picked later on.

Besides, McNabb is getting up there in age, and is injury prone so i doubt any team is going to want to give him too long of a contract. The Eagles need to trade him though. They've got Kolb who they believe is their future so they need to find out if he is or isn't and McNabb is getting up there in age and although he is the better QB, he's prob the odd man out since he has much more value than Vick and Kolb is a guy they drafted to take over eventually. If they wait and don't trade anyone, then they most likely won't win a Super Bowl and then won't get anything back for McNabb since they most likely won't resign him anyway at the end of the year.

1675 days ago


I am also a Eagles fan. I think he is basically all around nice guy a family man, etc. He was not the dog fighter it was Vick. I think it might be time for him to move on, but I also think he has been a great QB and he is being treated unkindkly. ONLY ONE team can make it to the SB. he has brought the Eagles to play offs many a time. My hope for him is he goes elsewhere and ends up winning a SB in his time. The Chargers got rid of DREW and he won for the N.O Saints--that is my wish for Donnavan!!! That would be poetic justice!

1675 days ago


raiders need a qb get rid of jalard$ss russell but looser mcnabb is afraid to play in the black hole

1675 days ago
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