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Speidi -- We've Given Ourselves Indian Names ...

3/31/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag has altered her identity yet again -- sans plastic surgery this time -- after she and Spencer Pratt decided to give themselves "true native-American names" in an effort to become more spiritual.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
So ... goodbye Heidi and Spencer ... hello White Wolf and Running Bear, respectively.

A rep for the couple tell us Spencer decided to give up his previous moniker, King Spencer, because it was "too much of a burden to have to carry the weight of royalty. "

Instead, Running Bear claims, he and Heidi "are getting more in-tune with our spirituality ... and will be known as the name our creator has given us – our true native-AMERICAN names."


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Kathy Hummel    

Not on the endangered list?? Can't wait for hunting season. Bye Bye!

1632 days ago

Leon Leader Charge    

Leon Leader Charge First you come to our homelands then you impose your language, beliefs and religion on us. Then you rape mother earth for profit ..after forced colonization through your "doctrine of discovery" you want to be lakota,have lakota names,and be part of the great Sicangu Nation (Rosebud Sioux Tribe), make a mockery of one o...f the seven of our most holy ceremonies of the sacered canupa for publicity gain without our consent..Those are great honorable names of Headmen (Chiefs)... Leon Leader Charge Sicangu Lakota ( legitimate Rosebud Sioux Tribal Member)

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Native American Backlash Over Speidi Names |
Running Bear and White Wolf aren't exactly being embraced by the community they hoped to join ... in fact, several Native American groups are lashing out ...

1632 days ago


To William Hawk

I grew up in South Dakota and saw first hand how most of the Sioux are prejudice against ALL races, and they constantly complain about how the 'Washichu' stole their land, killed their people, etc etc, and so they stay on the reservation, isolate themselves from EVERYONE, and live in crappy homes with no electricity. All because of their pride and because they think 'we' owe them something. But not everyone in America is the direct descendants of those murderous 'Washichus'. And NO, we do NOT think we are more superior than you. Have you considered the possibility that the reason it seems people treat you poorly is because YOU constantly put US down?

BTW, there are other Indian tribes who have kept their culture and became part of the American society. Are they true Native Americans or have they turned into 'apples'? Remember, you are not the only tribe. My daughter is part Cherokee and my grandchildren are Pascua Yaqui.

(to those who do not know: Washichu means honkey and most of the Sioux care not for them)

1632 days ago


The sure do smoke a lot of crack

1631 days ago


I guess "Sitting Douche Bag" was already taken then? So sorry to hear that Spencer.

1631 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

THIS IS BULLSHIT I feel like my culture is being mocked by some Ignorant white ass holes!!!!!!!You can't just take a Native name it must be given or EARNED!!!!!

1629 days ago


To Jgipp

I had said MOST of the Sioux (I still call them Sioux bc when I was there, there wasn't 3 names). Believe it or not, my best friends growing up WERE Sioux and they were constantly criticized for having a 'Washichu' as a friend (the AIM movement was huge back then), and my friends were called 'apples'. They were just as tired as I was hearing most of them go on and on about the 'white man'. In fact they embarrassed me many times by telling them to shut the fck up.

I am thrilled to hear that times have changed and more and more have become part of the American society. It just irritated me reading many of the posts here, seeing that there are still some who haven't let the past go. Yes of course the Sioux were screwed, but to constantly whinge about and not move on accomplishes nothing.

And believe it or not, I love the Indian culture - I just despise the hatred many have towards whites.

1629 days ago


I'm very appalled by the stupidity of these two being a Native American take offense when people can be so ignorant...I was given an Indian name and I didn't get to just choose what it would be. These two are showing just how dumb they are.

1628 days ago


To Shannon

Caucasians are from Caucasia which is near Russia. I am NOT Russian. I am white. American European if you want to get politically correct.

1626 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Wat da fxck brought this random shit on blondies? Were flattered u wannabees are so intrigued with us tru natives the real americans. Cant blame u though these dayz u white people r the minoritys then u fxcks become ashamed of your weak race & latch on to other cultures and become wat we label u as "wannabees",wether it be mexican,black shit even asians. But for sum reason us natives get stuck wit most of u white ppl...
and FYI u cant giv yourself indian names dumbfxcks
and ur not really Native so those arent tru indian names

1626 days ago


what a joke they are so sad I hope our children don't aspire to be like them

1622 days ago

Andy Bonnell    

They should caal themselves walking crow and walking hawk as they are so full of s**t they can't fly

1621 days ago


pathetic losers is what they are.

1619 days ago


if they were native they would know that you cant name your self!JACKA&^%$#!!!!!!!!!

1615 days ago


a native american indeed!how dare u use us for your stupidity!!!We as native americans will ban your show!!!

1597 days ago
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