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Speidi -- We've Given Ourselves Indian Names ...

3/31/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag has altered her identity yet again -- sans plastic surgery this time -- after she and Spencer Pratt decided to give themselves "true native-American names" in an effort to become more spiritual.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
So ... goodbye Heidi and Spencer ... hello White Wolf and Running Bear, respectively.

A rep for the couple tell us Spencer decided to give up his previous moniker, King Spencer, because it was "too much of a burden to have to carry the weight of royalty. "

Instead, Running Bear claims, he and Heidi "are getting more in-tune with our spirituality ... and will be known as the name our creator has given us – our true native-AMERICAN names."


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Maniacal Zebra    

Still DESPERATELY trying to be relevant, eh?

1634 days ago


OMFG!! These two are sooo stupid. You cannot just give yourself and Indian Name. They need to go to one of them 5 hr sweat lodges non natives be having .LOL. Condolences to the families that lost their loved ones.

1634 days ago


lmao these fools think they are native american because they were born in america

1634 days ago


these two are so yesterday. who cares...freaks

1634 days ago


Whats the big deal..If they want stupid sounding names..I say go for it..Its not like the injuns are the brightest bunch around...I mean they did sell New York for some beads and a few blankets heh heh..and they love that fire water....

1634 days ago


Thanks TMZ......... I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

1634 days ago


What losers. Way to perpetuate stereotypes...And @custard're a moron too (same reason).

1634 days ago


I was born and raised on a reservation in NC. I'm as Native as Native can be and very proud of it. I am Cherokee. But, I'm not offended as I know what this act will result in. And it isn't good!

This pissed me off at first but you know what? It's SO worth it in the end!

Allow me to explain:

THIS will piss MANY people off. It will turn even more off. But more importantly, this will really screw them. Horrible things will come to them now.

You DONT mess with that which you have no business messing with... Culture, Heritage, and Religion. You'll end up dead or worse (yes, many conditions are worse than death).

This is blasphemy and they will pay BIG TIME.

This is the beginning of the end. That being said, I am so happy this occurred, as I know what is coming to them now and it isn't good.

Watch Y'all, out of no where - horrible things will come to these blasphemers. I know this in my heart. So this doesn't piss me off, it makes me happy!

You don't mess with that which you DO NOT know... it will bite you in the ass!!! This single act alone will ASSURE they never get what they truly want... to be taken seriously - even a little bit, in Hollywood.

Sweat Lodge now bitches! Get your ass in there. Until you have... you 'aint' done anything but make up two COWBOY AND INDIAN NAMES. And too dumb to even realize that which is much of why this doesn't bother me as much as it should.

You are both a joke and I can't wait to watch it all fall down around you. Trust me, it will. Offended Yes. But, I would rather they offend me today by cutting their own throats and be done with them. We will finally be free from these idiots so rejoice!

If either of you idiots are reading this... I assure you - *Im* not jealous. When people say y'all are a joke, its the truth. Your are both tools with air heads. I seriously doubt anyone would be jealous of 'that which you are'.

What exactly do we have to be jealous about, anyway? Hi - You ruined your face, you were cute. Spencer is the kind of guy you give your dog groomer's number, rather than your own - just to get him to go away.

Y'all aren't cute - your delusional. So please don't let yourself be convinced we are a bunch of haters... not true punkin... I was hotter than you before all of your work. I am certainly hotter than you now. Of course I can proof this or I wouldn't say this.

We would pity you before we 'hated' on you. Delusional people can't see themselves as everyone else views them, thus DELUSIONAL. You're an embarrassment to yourself and too stupid to even realize it. Again, THAT IS CALLED D E L U S I O N A L thinking.

1634 days ago


Oh, for the love of Pete. These two make my ass hurt.

1634 days ago


I'm married to a Native American and I find this highly offensive that they think they can just 'give themselves a name'. Idiots...God please recycle them now.

1634 days ago

Mark Brodeuer    

Can't these two just go away, they DO NOT DESERVE the attention they get and I don't think we even care. They do these stuipd a$$ things in an effort to gain attention, here's an idea, do something worthy of gaining attention. Until then, GO AWAY

1634 days ago


My blood almost boiled...then I thought about it:
Clearly an April Fools Joke being setup for tomorrow.

1634 days ago


I am canadian native who lives in Canada. I can see that these names have offended alot people like myself. In my culture, we earn our traditional names by being a example and high status in my community. i don't even have a name, what do they do to get their names. By looks of this picture, they are making a big joke out of the native american heritage and culture. It is so sad that people like this, they use whatever they can to make an A**H**** of themselves. I hope the people in the american native people stand up and say something. i find it offensive to me ,as a native person.

1634 days ago


Were I native American, I would be extremly offended by this. Why don't these two just go away and take Tila Tequilla with them?

1634 days ago


Was Chief Idiot & Princess Plastic taken?

1634 days ago
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