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Jesse's Alleged Mistress #3 -- No Monkey Sex

3/31/2010 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James alleged mistress #3 Brigitte Daguerre wants to make one thing clear about her relationship with Jesse -- they never brought primates into the bedroom.

Jesse James' 'Mistress' #3: Click to watch

Besides discussing the rumored monkey sex, Daguerre also explains why she's not a homewrecker ... and you gotta hear the explanation...


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#7: I always wondered why a man does that and I heard the best answer ever on a talk radio show and it's not complex at all: Most (not all!) men just want a warm place to put it and don't care what that's attached to or what it's looks like. It's just as plain and simple as being horny and getting off.

1634 days ago


Good grief! This one looks straight out of the meth addiction center. Ick!

1634 days ago


#19 - Thank you! Men such as those, who bang these kind of pigs only see one thing - A HOLE! There is a guy here who is in a 2 year relationship, but will bang anything & everything he can. I asked him what his issue was and he simply said, "It's a hole", they are all holes. These pigs act like disposable's so they get treated like disposables!!

1634 days ago

Oval Beach old is she? She looks like a bad attempt at a Betty Page impersonation. She is indeed a homewrecker...along with all the other skanks Jessie messed around with AND along with Jessie himself...Just like all the skanks that Tiger bedded are homewreckers INCLUDING Tiger himself. Seems like to be the in thing to do these days huh...sleep with a sleezy married man.

1634 days ago


You know that old saying you are only as faithful as your options? If women did not allow themselves to be used by married men then married men would have no options! Thus it would force them to be honorable and respectful of their wives and to end one relationship before starting another. Food for thought ladies out there...

1634 days ago


She seems sweet but if she really wanted it to stay between her and Jesse why did she make this video?

1634 days ago


No monkeys were harmed during the filming of this video.

1634 days ago

Who's That?    

Sadly, we really have lost our sense of sin. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Simple rule: don't sleep with him unless YOU are married to him. There is a hell.

1634 days ago

Get OVer It    

#23: Very good post!

I do agree with her that only the couple in the marriage can wreck it. If both spouses love and respect each other, neither one would cheat no matter what was thrown at them. Obviously Jesse neither loved nor respected Sandra. I do think some blame should go on the women that chase married men, but the majority of the blame lies on the man's shoulders.

I do agree that this woman comes across as dimwitted, especially the claim of not knowing he was married, but she also seems to be the most humble & sincere of all these women that are coming out of the woodwork.

1634 days ago



1634 days ago


How old is this one? Does she still have her top teeth?

What is with these guys doing it raw and then going home to their wives?

1634 days ago

Jeff Phillips    

To the guy that wondered why all the women Jesse hangs out with looks like trash..the answer is simple Jesse is also trash but has money.
Sandra should have known better look at Jesse's first wife..a porn star..who marries a porn star?!!

1633 days ago


what an ignorant, ugly, MAJORLY STUPID SKANK...unless you live under a freaking rock how can you NOT know Jesse was married. She is so ugly too...damn Jesse, how desperate were you. This woman is pure nast....uggg...but that voice...YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WRECKING A HOME YOU DUMB SKANK....

1633 days ago


Well we can clearly tell that he wasn't after her for her brains.

1631 days ago


People who need to feel better about themselves love to hate on others. Clearly, she's very down to earth and sweet and is trying to keep her life private while clarifying some false accusations. You'd do the same.

1631 days ago
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