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MJ Fans Launch Aerial Attack on Doc Murray

3/31/2010 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's most loyal fans are taking to the skies in order to send a message to Doc Murray -- and the plan is set to take flight the next time Murray is set to appear in court.

MJ Fans Launch Aerial Attack on Doc Murray

A group of fans have raised $1,250 to fly an airplane banner over the L.A. County Superior Courthouse between 1-2pm on April 5 ... when Dr. Murray is next scheduled to show his face.

The sign will read "We demand justice for Michael Jackson" -- and the group is so fired up about it, they've already sent out a press release with a Photoshopped image of what they think the scene will look like (see above).

The same group of fans has already raised enough cash to buy Paris Jackson a birthday surprise ... she turns 12 next week.


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the greatest fans and greatest, sweetest event i have never seen before in fans of other idols, OMG, i am so excited with that.I believe that Michael could see wat we are doing for him and Smile. Wait to see that banner in sky :x:X 3> Michael and all of fans

1633 days ago


Michael Jackson fans.. what a bunch of bone heads!!

1633 days ago


michael jackson never hurt a child in his life, he was a kind, considerate person that people could not understand. maybe he took pain pills and propofol but look at you idiots with your medical pot and meth. never once did you hear about michael on pot. he had more sense then you jerks. we love michael forever and ever and justice is coming for murrary. their's a storm coming doctor!!

1633 days ago


tim your the only hater here. lmao. stop stalking our guy. he is ours, not your.

1633 days ago


Isn't that area considered a no fly zone?

1633 days ago


Love you Michael Jackson.!!Listen to your music every day..Conrad Murray Yes he needs to be held accountable but what about TOM SNEEDON and the rest of the vicious people who set out to destroy him including the lying tabloid/media? He's free from it all in heaven now!!

1633 days ago


to number # 31. If Michael Jackson had smoked pot instead of use powerful anesthesia, he would still be alive! He was such an idiot to let someone give him surgical anesthesia and be hooked up to an EKG. He went around to every doctor trying to get them to give him Propofol! He probably couldn't sleep at night because he had a guilty conscientious from molesting young boys!! Karma!!

1633 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

8. Just when you thought Mj fans couldn't get any more freakish...leave it alone already. Couldn't they find something more important to do with $1250? Lame.

Posted at 1:12AM on Mar 31st 2010 by Dannie

and the freaks might even be jumping out of the plane themselves wearing stilettos and screaming "murderer"!

1633 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

10. I'm with you guys!!!! You are amazing... that is REAL LOVE

Posted at 1:16AM on Mar 31st 2010 by MJF

the same kind of amazing love that caused him to kill himself you freaks

1633 days ago


WOW that's so sweet, TMA are you stalking MJ fans?

1633 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

17. what other artist you know has fans as loyal as michael jackson? I read somewhere that up to 18 of his fans committed suicide after hearing he passed..Now thats just crazy

Posted at 1:25AM on Mar 31st 2010 by

not as crazy as the lawsuits that those families will file if they find out that maybe michael jackson isn't dead

1633 days ago


24. Why is it so hard for people to accept the fact that their was never 1 single shred of evidence that Michael ever harmed a child? Michael Jackson was the victim of extortion and frivolous lawsuits by ignorant, greedy people,these are the same people who continue to call Michael a pedophile. Must be hard to be so jealous of such an amazing talent, and an amazing human being who gave so much to the world. A fool is born every minute. Long Live the King Of Pop in our hearts forever!
A devoted Michael Jackson for for Life!
Posted at 1:47AM on Mar 31st 2010 by Erin

I don't know about you guys but I could make evidence disappear with 22 million bucks!

1633 days ago

MJfan forever    

Thank you TMZ for wrecking our surprise!! Fans from all over the world including myself have donated to this and it was meant to be a surprise for Paris and Katherine on the weekend!


Justice for MJ im excited to see that banner fly but did you have tell everyone about our gift

RIP Michael

1633 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

40. I don't know about you guys but I could make evidence disappear with 22 million bucks!

Posted at 2:44AM on Mar 31st 2010 by Dannie

22 million? they spent twice that swinging that jury

1633 days ago


He wasn't hurting the stupid, fanatical Neverland kids, but they certainly got paid by MJ. Poor rich girl Katherine's so SHOCKED by her darling's death. When you try to please the fans in concerts, but a lethal hospital drug was your candy, don't cry when your kids'll get haunted by your funeral & their own guilty emotions. I can see his kids on TV interviews, talking about MJ, with the same facial expressions & manner of Janet Jackson--dazed.

1633 days ago
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