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MJ Fans Launch Aerial Attack on Doc Murray

3/31/2010 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's most loyal fans are taking to the skies in order to send a message to Doc Murray -- and the plan is set to take flight the next time Murray is set to appear in court.

MJ Fans Launch Aerial Attack on Doc Murray

A group of fans have raised $1,250 to fly an airplane banner over the L.A. County Superior Courthouse between 1-2pm on April 5 ... when Dr. Murray is next scheduled to show his face.

The sign will read "We demand justice for Michael Jackson" -- and the group is so fired up about it, they've already sent out a press release with a Photoshopped image of what they think the scene will look like (see above).

The same group of fans has already raised enough cash to buy Paris Jackson a birthday surprise ... she turns 12 next week.


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alright you go. we won,t be ignored or go away. no matter what you haters say . were world wide army of L.O.V.E on a mission for justice for Michael Jackson . so you're out numbered . get over it.long live the KING. we love HIM got it yet?

1670 days ago

I want ya back!    

Whether the scene turns out the way the fans think on April 5th or otherwise - thanks to photoshop the message is loud, clear and heartfelt.

1670 days ago


Why ruin Paris' birthday surprise? Sheesh. Bad stuff, TMZ. Would have meant someting epic to get something nice from her Dad's beloved fans. Them doing this would have made Michael so happy!

1670 days ago


Way to go! I'm sorry I wasn't able to participate...I'd love to in the future, if someone can point me in the right direction, but I'm stuck in stupid Brussels. Starting to think I should never have left California!!!

1670 days ago


It does suck that TMZ ruined this group's surprise for Katherine and Paris. BUT...the great thing is that this group just got free advertising! Can you imagine how many more people will see their press release because of this exposure???

This is AMAZING work by a group of dedicated MJ fans. I am thoroughly impressed and my faith is renewed in mankind. It's all for L.O.V.E.!!!!

1670 days ago


"22 million? they spent twice that swinging that jury"

First - that's just malevolent conjecture.

Second - it wouldn't be needed anyway. That case just crumbled and died. No evidence, unreliable witnesses, a snotty kid and a clearly mentally disturbed mother who snapped her fingers at the jury, no kid porn anywhere to be found (so the DA showed adult magazines to prove the defendant was a pedophile). Journalists in the courtroom, initially willing to believe MJ was guilty, changed their minds and thought the whole thing was an embarrassment - for the DA.

1670 days ago


@Ohwell, like Michael would say "GO TO HELL". JUSTICE 4 MICHAEL. Saturday 3 april History statue Best (Netherlands) 19u- 20u. All for justice al for L.O.V.E.

1670 days ago


Remember what they say people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, all you haters are just jealous of Michael. This is a great story about all the fan support. You guys are the best. Michael loved his fans because of stuff like this. He will be smiling on you all. I think Paris will be happy her daddy fans thought of her on her birthday even if the surprise is ruined. She may not see or hear about this site if they blocked all the sites that had to much bad stuff about her dad. I wouldn't let her read all the terrible things these vicious haters say about the daddy she loved. These haters here are just about the most vicious ones I have seen on any site. This would be a site I would block to protect those kids. I want to cry when I read some of this trash. Can you imagine a little girl who lost her beloved daddy reading this stuff? She would be broken hearted. All of you haters may think you are sitting behind your computer screen and no one knows who you are, but god knows the evil in your mind. What goes around comes around.

1670 days ago


I love it ,wish i could be there.

For Germany / Europe:
25.03.10 - 20:25

Der MALIBU Michael Jackson & Family Fan Club veranstaltet am 17. April 2010 die Demonstration 'JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON' in Berlin. Die Demo findet am Alexanderplatz statt! Malibu ruft ALLE FANS auf, sich an dieser Demo zu beteiligen!!! Für Gerechtigkeit. Für Respekt. FÜR MICHAEL!

Wann? 17. April 2010

Wo?Berlin Alexanderplatz

Uhrzeit? 13-18 Uhr

Die Ziele:

* Wir möchten der Welt zeigen, wie viel uns Michael bedeutet!
* Wir fordern ein Umdenken in den Köpfen der Menschen
* Michael soll nicht länger als 'der Freak' abgestempelt werden
* Wir klären über gängige Missverständnisse und Fehlinformationen auf
* Wir fordern einen fairen Prozess[tt_news]=1779&cHash=30491530bf5f980f7dca06898885b817


1670 days ago


Sweet! Michael has the most loyal fans.

1670 days ago


It's all for L.O.V.E. = Michael Jackson

1670 days ago


A group of fans have raised $1,250 to fly an airplane banner over the L.A. County Superior Courthouse between 1-2pm on April 5 ... when Dr. Murray is next scheduled to show his face.

Applause, excellent, great idea, thank you!

Michael Jackson fans, are persons with much love and a big heart, love you all !

Whatever happens, Michael, we are here for you!

ILYM :`(

1670 days ago


Why do the people who don't like MJ, come here everyday? It seems they have nothing better to do. You are sad.
MJ forever.

1670 days ago


What a nice idea

1670 days ago


I hope you are proud of yourselves TMZ for screwing this up for a innocent child, who has nothing to do with your sleaze, as if you did not do enough to her father, HOW LOW CAN YOU GO, Are you really this desperate? and you know what you did, "Sorry for spoiling the surprise" just note, i believe in Karma,

1670 days ago
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