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MJ Fans Launch Aerial Attack on Doc Murray

3/31/2010 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's most loyal fans are taking to the skies in order to send a message to Doc Murray -- and the plan is set to take flight the next time Murray is set to appear in court.

MJ Fans Launch Aerial Attack on Doc Murray

A group of fans have raised $1,250 to fly an airplane banner over the L.A. County Superior Courthouse between 1-2pm on April 5 ... when Dr. Murray is next scheduled to show his face.

The sign will read "We demand justice for Michael Jackson" -- and the group is so fired up about it, they've already sent out a press release with a Photoshopped image of what they think the scene will look like (see above).

The same group of fans has already raised enough cash to buy Paris Jackson a birthday surprise ... she turns 12 next week.


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Alice(from Romania)    

"The love we give away is the only love we keep." Elbert Hubbard

Thank you MJ fans from USA and all over the world for your nice gesture...God Bless You

L.O.V.E to MJ and MJ3

1645 days ago


That is so sweet. When he first died i was so upset for his kid and i wanted to send them something until i realised their address would not be public....

1645 days ago

Lee Lee    

Wish I had known about this sooner. I would have loved to have been able to contribute. Can I ask that next time, it is made public on these boards for the MJ fans that are here often.

I think its a lovely idea. I will be watching from Oz.

Justice for Michael...Amen.

1645 days ago


lee lee, that's sweet of you The response was instant. No sooner did the group notify their members of their suggestion for the aerial banner, than the donations started pouring in.
Congratulations to the organizers.....a great effort.

1645 days ago


MJ fans go harder than any other fans.Love Live The King. RIP MJ.Let there be justice or let there be hell

1645 days ago


Do you want to see who are the MJ's fanatics? Look at this,it is hilarious:

1645 days ago


HAHAHAHA I can't believe this bunch of morons!!!! Why not donate it to an organization who helps children instead on this nonsense. I guess they missed the memo that Michael is dead and does not care if they buy his kids and mother cr@@p.

1645 days ago

Lee Lee    

I hope more people turn up to the court house to support Michael, and his family. I was watching last time and was surprised that there weren't more fans there.
I wish I could be, but I'll be watching from the other side of the world. My thoughts love and support will be there with the fans that do turn up.

1645 days ago


TMZ I cant believe you spoiled our surprise.....CREEPS! Anything for ratings you disgust me!

1645 days ago


Yeah, lets get the drug addict's doctor. No one else to blame. The one to blame is dead and buried. It has nothing to do with"haters" MJ was a drug addict. Wy can't you get that through your heads?

1645 days ago


Soon, Michael Jackson will have been gone for one year. His hundreds of millions of fans around the world are working to ensure that the King of Pop will not only never be forgotten,
but more popular and revered than ever.

Thanks largely to social networking technology, fans around the world can come together and form a "MichaelNation" of sorts.

I t sometimes seems that virtually everybody in the world knows who Michael Jackson is. But the late King of Pop's most loyal fans, those that love the man as much as his music, have the means to connect now that was not there just a few years ago. And they are playing a huge role in the shaping of his memory and legacy.

The official Michael Jackson group on Facebook has over eleven million members. And while that is an impressive number, even more impressive is the sheer number of grass roots, fan administered Facebook groups, pages and causes being driven to achieve great things.

As the sad milestone of Jackson's passing approaches, his fans are using Facebook and to a lesser degree Twitter to organize tributes to him.

One example is the Facebook group, "One Million Michael Jackson Fans Pledged to Light a Candle On June 25, 2010".

This group's ambitious goal is to find, in the span of about ninety days, one million fans of Michael Jackson who will promise to light a candle on June 25, 2010 at 2:26 Pacific Daylight Time.

While in many ways, this type of tribute brings comfort to the ones participating, it is also meant as a symbol of the support that Michael Jackson has received after his passing and the changing attitudes that the world has displayed toward the King of Pop.

While in the later stages of his life Jackson was forced to fight against ultimately unfounded allegations and a media that seemed to interpret his 'uniqueness' as 'strangeness', his fans, empowered more than any other generation with their own media and their own voice, are taking a stand.

1645 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

68. Do you want to see who are the MJ's fanatics? Look at this,it is hilarious:

Posted at 7:39AM on Mar 31st 2010 by f

Read more:

Read more:

This is hilarous but stop it already... respect the fans! I get what you are saying but geez what is fan suppose to look like?

1645 days ago


7. the haters are always the first to make evil comments on mj, they sit and stalk his site 24/7 and they are always nasty, racist and all OF THEM ARE GUYS. JEALOUS BUNCH. I WONDER WHY THEY ONLY HAVE ONE THING IN THEIR MINDS. THEY ARE SICK GUYS. OBSESSED GUYS.

Posted at 1:05AM on Mar 31st 2010 by kali

I wonder too why most MJ fans are females. I wonder why THEY only have one thing in their minds. And that thing doesn't seem to be MJ's music or his dancing abilities. Check any fansite and you'll find a lot of women who have sexual fantasies about a dead man. I find it odd and grotesque.

1645 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

I heard about this on a Chicago radio station and I'm glad the fans are doing something NICE,actually Great! Good for you guys, hope to contribute next time.

Very Sweet !!!

1645 days ago


Its all about LOVE. L O V E.
Love and Miss you MJ

1645 days ago
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